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  • It’s hard to balance your schoolwork and your internship.  Tell us how you are handling it and what tips you have for keeping it all together.

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  • For the powerpoint outline you may submit to me a one page word document basically listing what you will cover in your powerpoint.  Your draft then will be your rough slides in powerpoint.

    Let me know if you have […]

  • What are the most important skills (business/technical) and people that you have discovered in your internship?  Is there a skill that you didn’t have before but realize that you absolutely need?  Is there a […]

    • I would say the two skills that have proven to be effective (so far) have been really knowing how to use Excel and Outlook. At JPMorgan (and I’m sure at most offices), it seems like Outlook is the way business operates. You have to know how to request meetings, schedule meetings, and generally know to send proper e-mails. It may sound super simple, but I’m glad I have had experience using Outlook in my previous job. The biggest one, however, is Excel. Many people think that Excel is a spreadsheet application and that they have it down pretty easily. I’m really glad that I took the online Excel course here, because Excel is the gold standard for most projects. It is crucial you know your way around Excel, because with data analysis you will use it extensively. There is more technology that is internal to JPMC that I’m getting used to as well, but it seems to be pretty intuitive so far. I have taken after a consultant named Dan who sits near me. He has been super helpful on everything from setting up my phone to stepping me through some of the JPMC applications. I’ve already benefited tremendously from having him as a resource.

    • One the most important skills I have discovered in my internship thus far has to be communication. I am constantly emailing back and forth with other employees at TD or speaking with them over the phone. I remember my first week back in January one of the RVPs called my work phone and completely caught me off guard. He had questions about one of our future prospects, and I unfortunately did not have the answers to most of them seeing as I had just started. I was grateful that I had to handle customer complaints over the phone at my previous job because I felt I still came off professionally. Email can also be misleading sometimes if the person on the other side is not clear about what they want, therefore I have made it a point to always try making my emails as clear as possible. Someone who has helped me a tremendous amount is one of the VPs in the Marketing department. Although she isn’t familiar with my responsibilities she has been mentoring me on a professional and personal level for the past month. I highly suggest everyone reaching out and finding themselves a mentor; mine has been extremely supportive and has helped me to set goals for myself here at TD.

    • I work in end user services where technical skills are most important. We provide end users assistance with technical issues over the phone and in person. This includes maintenance, administration and resolving issues related to the technology the clients use. The most important ability I believe I have acquired during the internship is the use of soft skills. Having a strong work ethic, positive attitude and good communication is certainly a need in a customer service environment.

    • I work in Enterprise Systems Monitoring and we work on servers including: Unix, Linux, and Windows operating systems. I was not previously familiar with Unix or Linux, however I will need to master these OS’s in order to be effective in my role. Much of our work requires command line computing, which is another skill set that I was not entirely familiar with before starting at QVC. I will need to learn the basics of command line computing in order to make valuable contributions to my team.

    • Effective communication has definitely been one of the most apparent skills needed to succeed at my internship, and most likely any future job. Be it through email or face to face, concise communication will make office life easier and definitely pays off in the long run. Another skill that I was thankful to have before starting the internship was the general technical skills through MIS courses and computer knowledge I have gained over the years. One of my first tasks at Sielox was to image the harddrives of an appliance they sell called Sielox CLASS. The process required navigating an operating system’s BIOS screen and configuring hardware settings through there and, because of my past experience working with a computer’s BIOS, I was able to quickly learn and efficiently complete the task for the coming weeks after.

    • One of the most important skills that one must possess when working for a conglomerate business such as comcast is the ability to network effectly. Here, it is very easy for someone to seem like a small fish in a huge pond, so it is important to make the most out of your internship by meeting as many people as you can. Ive learned that 15 minute minute coffee sessions with the right people can go a long way, because you never know when your going to need someone in your corner in the future. The HR team here is always willing to assist the interns with meeting requests and getting in touch with the right people. Aside from the ability to network, I would say Excel and Outlook are the premiere business tools that every intern should master. 90% of my job is working in Excel, and outlook is a necessity that is used on a daily basis here.

    • The biggest skill that I have learned that is needed at Merck is the ability to work virtually. My group is a global group that requires us to meet at odd times over WebEx and also supports many locations through out the world. Working virtually is not the easiest because you are not able to see the body language and facial expressions of those you are trying to support. I believe this is going to be a skill that many graduates are going to need because it seems that many businesses are shifting to the virtual work space. The most important person I need on my side is a colleague of mine that is an expert in the software I’ve been tasked with using to support other locations. With out him, I would have no support when I have questions and would have other functions upset with me.

  • I hope everyone is learning a lot in your internship.  Here is question #2.  Please comment on this and feel free to respond to other’s comments as well.

    What are some of the important things that you had to find […]

    • During our first day we had a tour of the buildings so I was able to find the smaller stuff like bathrooms and coffee right away. However, I had to ask my co-worker where the fridge was to put my lunch. I also asked my manager where the best place would be to park around the facility and the best way to get there. Lastly, the thing I least expected to have ask was how to get to the gym on site because I never expected my company to even have gym. With regards to the company culture, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they are very flexible with their hours and attire. The company believes employees can come in and leave whenever they want as long as they complete their work and attain the necessary hours for a full week which for me is 37.5 hours. As for attire, the company has something called “Summer Hours”, which among other things, allows all employees to where jeans every single day from now until the summer ends.

    • On the first day of my internship I wore a suit. My manager quickly took me to the side and told me that the company was business casual, but if I wanted to wear a suit I could. As the day went on, I noticed the entire company wore business casual and I felt very awkward for the rest of that day. Needless to say I haven’t worn a suit to work since.

    • During my first few days, my manager gave me a complete tour of the building including bathrooms, kitchens, parking, the mailroom, and various entrances into the building. Before my first day, I had to email my manager about the dress-code, which I was informed would be business casual and on Fridays everyone wears green and jeans. TD also has certain months where we support certain causes, for example this month we will be wearing blue on Fridays in support of Autism awareness. I thought it was interesting that, like Jack, my weekly hours are also 37.5, (8:30-5) with an hour for lunch. Our group is also very flexible with hours, I have been informed that although they do not want to take hours away from me, it is fine if I need to take days off on short notice. Many of my coworkers on my team work from home 2-3 days each week, which I have found is beneficial for me because I feel I have more responsibility when I’m not directly sitting next to someone who I can ask questions to. Overall, it has been a very welcoming experience and I’m looking forward to learning more about the company and the role I will play.

      • It is great that you can work from home as an intern! Is this company using a Lync or Skype for Business, though? Would someone check on your status periodically? I found it very annoying that I had to keep the status Green at all time when I was working from home at one company before.

    • My first few weeks working for Penn I had to ask someone where every location is. There are many locations throughout University City and even in areas along Market street and 8th street. Each hospital also has various names for different buildings or even patient care areas that are referred to by a unique name. In addition to learning to navigate throughout the different locations there is also different acronyms used to identify them. So for example, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is referred to as HUP and Presbyterian Hospital is referred to as PPMC (Penn Presbyterian Medical Center). The staff is always willing to help and there are directories throughout the hospitals so it is much easier to navigate now.

    • On my first day, all of the summer interns gathered in a conference room where we did introductions and learned more about the company itself. After meeting, we took a tour of the building and where places are that we would need to be such as bathrooms, break room, conference room, etc. I found out that the attire is business casual by taking a look at the other employees when we were on a tour of the building. One thing that is difference is we are allowed to wear appropriate jeans on Friday’s. It was also interesting that the interns were allow to set up own hours for the week that fall between the office hours of 9am-6pm, which is awesome since I can work a shorter day on Friday. My fellow interns and co-workers are all great and want to help each other because we are a team and feel comfortable asking questions about things we are unsure about or don’t know.

    • Although I have yet to start my new internship for this summer, I know in my past internships I have a difficulties in learning the typical hours of the group I worked for. For example, typically most people would expect to work 8:30am-5pm or 9am-5:30pm, however, in a position I held last summer the group dealt with West Coast groups and need to make themselves available for late afternoon conferences. This was something that was kind of overlooked by my group members because it was built into their daily routine and didn’t think twice about it. Also, one of the biggest things I have notice one must ask for is how to schedule a conference room. In both my previous positions I was asked to set up meetings with other groups but had no idea how to book a room. Having that ability made things much easier in the future.

    • I have not started my internship yet but I have learned a few things about the company culture. After emailing back and forth with my manager, I was informed that everyone at the company went by their first name while I tended to address everyone formally (by their last name). My manager informed me that he would prefer I call everyone by their first name since the company was smaller and they wanted to keep a “family element” in the workplace. I also have been educated on appropriate dress for the position, being required to dress business casual and having Fridays to dress causal (shorts included). My direct manager has already made me feel extremely comfortable and I am highly anticipating my internship.

    • One thing I am constantly asking about during my internship is where the meeting rooms are located. Campbell’s organizes it’s meeting rooms, not by numbers, but rather by it’s products’ names. I have not memorized where these rooms are located because of this naming convention, however, I am trying to memorize a handful of rooms a day. I have memorized the majority of where the rooms are in my building, but since the campus has numerous buildings I still rely on my teammates to point me in the right direction when I need to go to a meeting room in another building.

    • Although, I haven’t started my internship yet, I did email the HR as to who I was supposed to report, the office timings and the dress code for the office. Further, we continued our conversation about when the typical lunch breaks are and who else is going to supervise me. I was given the building tour in my second round of the interviews and I tried my best to remember necessary locations from the desk I was working from. I already had some idea about the company culture during my interviews, but I think that will be something I will try to figure out as soon as I start my internship.

    • One difficult task for me has been to remember the 10+ login credentials I need to have access to on a daily basis in order to work on critical IT operations materials. It has been tough to process and remember the information that I have been given, but I’m sure I will have a better grasp by the end of the summer.

    • On the first day of my internship it took me a while to find the company’s building since the company just moved to a new building and did not yet have any signs displaying the company name anywhere. During the first few days I also had to learn where all the conference rooms were for all the meetings I had to attend. Also after I was assigned to my desk I had to figure out where I could get supplies (stapler, folders, keys to lock my desk). The most important thing I had to figure out on my own was how to insert and submit my hours on my time sheet in the companies HR system, I had to track down the payroll employee to figure out how to correctly do it.

    • Tolt Solutions provides IT services to the companies in the Retail market. The client list include stores like Bed Beth & Beyond, Whole Foods, and Clarks, and the partner’s list includes companies like HP and Lenovo. Usually, the companies provide discounts for shopping at the clients/partners. I did not want to ask right away if I can get some good deals, so I had to research the SharePoint to find out if the company offered any discounts though clients or partners. Apparently, they don’t. I will ask around when I will get to know some people and earn some recognition in the company.

    • On orientation day I was made aware that in order to gain access to the building I would need to swipe my badge, then walk through an automatic revolving door. On the second day, I walked over to the revolving door, swiped my badge, heard a beep, and stepped into the doorway. I waited for about 1/2 a second before growing impatient and turning around. Just as I turned around and stepped into the opposing direction, the door began to move. After slamming my head into the door I spun myself around, but not before getting my bag lodged in the door jam. I ended up pulling my bag out and getting inside without injury, but I felt really embarrassed. Luckily no one seen it… Lesson of the story is to be patient, and that it is always better to ask than to assume.

    • On Orientation day I had to email my supervisor to ask what the dress code would be for my department as it varies from floor to floor. Some interns may be able to come into the office wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt, while others, like myself, needed to be dressed in fully business professional attire. However, on Fridays, we are able to take off the tie and wear kahkis if we please. Another thing I had to learn on my own was where to go and who to call to resolve technical issues. On my first day, I received a brand new laptop, but unbeknownst to me or my supervisor, the laptop needed to be reimaged, so i quickly learned the floor where technical issues such as this were handled and i discovered the number to call should other issues, such as website accessibility, arrive. Besides this, I also had to figure out where i could get office supplies for my desk and how to properly log my hours in the company’s system.

    • For me, the first day at the office went by in a flurry. My manager gave me a small tour of the building when I first came in in the morning and the Technology Program also had onboarding activities for the first day that included a more thorough tour as well as a deeper explanation of the line of business that we are in. What I found really difficult was definitely the acronyms. Everyone is just so used to say those in conversations/presentations so when my manager was explaining to me the group’s work and certain processes, I almost had to stop him after every sentence to clarify what the acronyms he had used mean. Luckily, the company intranet actually includes an acronym dictionary so hopefully I will catch on soon.

    • Walmart hosts a day-long orientation for its interns, so I was taught all about the company’s culture and values before I even had an opportunity to ask. In addition, the various tech groups within Walmart had their own separate orientation, so I was able to learn what each division does and how they come together to create Walmart’s technology unit. I quickly found out that Walmart is the king of acronyms, so whenever I’m in a meeting or reading training materials, I have to take notes and either do my own research or ask my co-workers what certain ones mean. I think I learn at least two new acronyms every day! I’ve also had to ask about the location of things throughout my building, such as the breakroom and meeting rooms. As the week has gone on however, I’ve tried to walk around a get a sense on my own of where things I need are located.

    • I interned with Walmart last summer too, so I know the locations and layout of most of the Walmart buildings and the town. However, there have been a few changes that I needed to adjust to. For example, new turnstiles were installed at the Home Office and when I tried to leave work on the first day, I did not know how to use them. A lot of people had left already so I had to wait for someone else who was going home to show me how to use it. Additionally, Walmart uses a lot of acronyms. I remember some of them from last year but there are always more to learn and being on a new team this year means that there are even more to learn. Everyone at Walmart is very open and friendly, so it is not at all intimidating to ask questions when I am unsure about anything. I have a natural tendency to think that I am bothering people whenever I ask them questions, but no one at Walmart has ever made me feel like I am wasting their time.

    • My first week is coming to a close, and it has been hectic but fun. The hardest thing for me, personally, has been knowing the level of detail of reporting I need to do. I come with a military background, and we constantly had to update with status/op’s reports to our leaders. So, my manager quickly told me that I don’t need to send him daily reports. That has felt very foreign to me to not have consant supervision, albeit it has been very nice. Everything else has been pretty straight forward. I quickly got the lay of the land, and finding everything has been easy. When in doubt, just ask someone. I look forward to the next 9 weeks.

    • The office building I intern in is difficult to navigate. It’s very large and each floor look nearly identical. For this reason, I have gotten lost going to the bathroom the first several times I’ve tried to make the trip. Also, most employees I’ve spoken with or listened to have used an inordinate number of acronyms to explain concepts. I make sure I remember them and look them up in the company’s acronym database. Additionally, I figured out that the office I work in is fairly laid back. Employees can choose to work at various times of the day, depending on their preference. The only requirement is that they work 40 hours a week. This goes for interns as well. Furthermore, I found out last Friday that employees can wear jeans on Friday. Next Friday I will be sure to dress casually, so I do not stick out. Lastly, I found out that sending emails from one’s work account of his or her personal email account is strictly forbidden. An employee told me of another employee he knew that got escorted out of the office for sending code he was writing to his personal email account, so he could work on it later at home. I’m glad I learned of this because I’ve sent reminders to myself from my work email to my personal email account many times during past internships.

    • My first week was a bit slow. I was assigned several videos, each about an hour long, which kept me busy the first few days. Like Yinping, my company seems to use a lot of acronyms, too. I tried looking up these acronyms but had no idea what the applications and products did so I had to ask my supervisor. I could not find some acronyms online, and unfortunately, our company does not have an acronym dictionary. My internship location is one of the smaller locations so I had no problem finding where the cafeteria and bathrooms and other amenities were. Also, on Friday, I took my lunch a bit late and was unable to get lunch from the cafeteria as it was already closed. I thought I had to skip lunch day, but thankfully, someone I know in the company saw that I missed lunch and showed me a little area in the company, where employees could buy small snacks, including ramen. Additionally, I thought that being on time would be very important, but surprisingly, as long as I get in before 9 a.m. no one seemed to care. Finally, the person who communicates with the interns told us to wear formal clothing on our first day. I found out that that was not necessary and asked a cubicle-neighbor about the dress code, which I found was business casual.

    • Our first week was pretty hectic and full of orientation sessions, online training videos, and introductions to teams and projects. I had a quick introduction to Walmart culture through the shareholders meeting, which as informative, exciting, and full of surprises. Besides the company culture, I have had to figure out where the bathrooms are, where the best cafeterias are, and how to navigate between buildings. The parking here is not good, so I have learned I need to get to work earlier in order to walk to the building. I have also picked up on who on my team is genuinely interested in helping me and who is too busy to really be bothered.

  • I hope everyone is off to a good start at your internships.  We have a bunch of students doing internships this summer and participating in this forum.   Please feel free to respond to one another student here if […]

    • I am working on a project at Tolt Solutions, one of the leading technology providers in the retail market for the past 40 years. Tolt’s headquarters office is located in Greenville, SC. For this course, I will be working on a Sales Effectiveness Toolkit project. The goal of the project is to build a Website for the Sales Organization of the company to support the Sellers all throughout the selling cycle. First, I will be involved in discovering the requirements of the Sellers for this type of a Website, e.g. documents, Marketing Collateral, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) they would need to accompany them as they work with a client. The second step will be to collect all the information from the SMEs to build a taxonomy of the Website and gather the documents. Finally, I will be involved in building the Website. This will include working with the Website platform provider, learning the platform, and actually building out the pages of the Website. I am very excited because it sounds like I will be using a lot of knowledge acquired during the MIS 3504 course.

    • I will be interning in Prudential’s Dresher office and my internship starts on the 1st June. My role is Strategy Initiatives Intern, and as far as I could gather from the interviews and from the conversations that I had with my manager, I will be analyzing data in excel using macros and other excel tools. Further, along with making sense of the big data, I will be involved in the different projects that take place in the Group Insurance department and will use my experience that I have gained from classes like Digital Design and Innovation, to gather requirements, analyze different processes and make the processes better. I will keep everyone posted when I find out more about my position.

    • I will be interning with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) this summer and will be starting my position on June 15th. I will be a member of Data Protection and Privacy sub-team during my internship. The responsibilities of the Data Protection and Privacy team are related to data breaches, data privacy, and regulatory compliance. As far as I have been told, I will be working directly with the clients to meet their needs as it pertains to data privacy and helping other member of the team in the completion of their duties. The rest of the team deals with the implementation of technology and management of projects related to the security of the customers data. The teams evaluates the technical risk for the customer’s information including security and privacy and subsequently advises the customer on their risk, offering a tailored solution to the issues they are experiencing. I am really excited about this position because I feel like I can learn so much during my time with PwC and am really looking forward to actually interacting with clients. I wanted to get in to cyber security when I graduate so i feel like this position will give me great insight into that and provide me with more direction as I moved forward in my academic career. As soon as I know more about my position I will be sure to update you all on the progress and my responsibilities.

    • I am working at Sielox LLC, a small private company based in Runnemede, New Jersey. It is an Access Control Company, which focuses on the business of Security, but markets to all kinds of Industries, especially education and other security firms. I have been interning there full-time and part time, on and off, since May 2014; I will be working there full-time this summer. While I am a Marketing Associate by title, since it is a smaller company with 10-15 people in the office on a regular day, I often assist other areas of the business such as Finances, Product Manufacturing, and Technical Support. A typical day consists of marketing research and assisting with specific marketing campaigns for some of our products; I also often test and prepare our company’s main product, an access control board (latest model is AC-1700). Since I have been working on the technology side of things, and not only business functions, it has been a great learning experience for my MIS minor and I look forward to sharing these experiences with you all.

      Recently, I have been working with the Tech Support’s email database in order to compile a detailed list of contacts from the last quarter of 2013 to the present.

      If you’re interested in learning more about the company, here’s our website link:

    • I will be interning for a small company called “Cold Hard Cappers” (CHC). CHC has positioned me as their Webmaster and Database specialist. My current position entails me to be manage many different aspects of the business such as their entire website, multiple databases, professional emails to clients, and any other duties as requested. I will work as both a SME for all things technology based and business, giving insight to how the business should attempt to position itself within the current market. I will also be working as a general “help desk” consultant, assisting with technology based questions from mainly employees but also from clients. My start date is June 1st, 2015 and I cannot wait for this opportunity and to keep everyone in MIS 3581 updated on my experience with CHC.

    • I will be working at ReminderMedia in King of Prussia and I begin my internship on May 18th. My position is an Business Development Intern and some of my responsibilities that I know as of now consists of cleaning and reformatting lists of existing data, generating reports and statistical analyses, and gathering and inputting information from the web into their CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). I will be receiving more information regarding my responsibilities on the first day at the office.

    • I will be interning at the University of Pennsylvania Health System for the Information Services division. During this time I will work on various projects that implement new Electronic Medical Record systems. This will involve deploying new hardware throughout various entities along with different applications support. I will be part of the project IS team, working alongside the Project Management Office. Some of my responsibilities will be creating deployment checklists, deployment verifications, EMR testing, and resource management. During the next three months there are many projects that I will be involved with, including the new South Pavilion Expansion for the Perelman Center and the decommission of Penn Tower. Both of these projects involve a large number of devices that will be relocated and requires extensive planning and significant project management skills. Throughout the course of working on these projects I hope to become more familiar with network administration and project management for health care related industries.

    • I am currently interning at Campbell’s soup (today is my first work day). I will be working in End User Services and will be responsible for client care. My job will be to make sure employees are able to use company devices and work efficiently without interruption.

    • I will spend the duration of my summer internship working for Campbell Soup Co. in Camden NJ. I am working in End User Services division of the company’s IT department. My main duties here include:

      Thoroughly documenting the steps of key IT processes using visual of textual tools (for use by IT staff)
      Instructing users how to use new technology
      Troubleshooting user issues

      Today is my second day on the job.

    • This summer I will be participating the AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals internship program as an IT intern in Wilmington Delaware. Specifically I will be working with MCAS to validate data, use SnapLogic to create/implement processes and procedures, assist in implementing Model N, assist with the implementation of Veeva Vault, and finally help with MAPS BAU. The internship started this week on Monday, May 18th and will run all the way into August 14th. During that time I will also be working with the other IT interns to create a presentation on a project that will be assigned at a later date and will presented to various managers.

    • This past spring (and this coming summer) I will be interning at TD bank in Cherry Hill as a Commercial Sales Delivery Analyst Intern. Myself and another business analyst are currently working on building out an Access database that we hope to begin utilizing within the next month. Aside from that I have been working with the Regional Vice Presidents to create prospecting lists and building out prospecting packages for our commercial and small business lenders. I have handled the past two quarterly reports so far and will be taking on new projects this summer. Lastly myself and the other 90 interns coming to TD will be working on a summer-long project that deals with Diversity and Inclusion; I will receive more details on this in the coming weeks.

    • This summer I am working at Campbell Soup Company’s World Headquarters in Camden, New Jersey. I will be working in the IT department and my title is “Emerging Technologies and SharePoint Inten”. Currently, I have been learning about the company, meeting employees and discovering how to use its systems; what I will be doing this summer is still undecided. My supervisors and team members have given me leeway in regards to choosing what type of projects I want to do and so far, we are trying to mix IT and Finance together to come up with a really interesting project for me. Within the next week or so, I should be assigned a project.

    • This summer I am working at Pep Boys as a web analyst intern. Pep Boys is one of the leader of full-service and tire automotive aftermarket chains. The internship started on May 11th and this week is my third week working for Pep Boys. My role at Pep Boys is focusing around the use of web based analytics tools and the development of statistically based reports. I am responsible for tracking user engagement, user flows and reporting on user fallouts. I also partner with the Web Analytics and Digital Marketing teams to review web and digital marketing campaign performances. From that, I create focused Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting with actionable data driven recommendations for improvement. As far as it goes, I really enjoy my first two weeks at Pep Boys. I started working on some big projects and I will keep update about how the project go in my next posts.

    • This summer I will be interning at JPMorgan Chase in Newark, DE. My official start date is Monday, June 1st. Unfortunately, I have not been given too many details on what my work will be like, but I do know that I will be in the business unit that is associated with community and consumer banking. I look forward to starting next week, and updating everyone with my role and responsibilities!

    • I will be interning with Merck & Co., Inc. in West Point, PA and will begin on Monday June 1st. My position is with a group called Manufacturing Execution Systems – Centre of Excellence but I have yet to be informed about the specifics of my role. From interviewing with my group members, it would seem that the group is a global IT group that utilize IT enabled systems to increase the efficiency of production automation. I am extremely excited about learning more about position and sharing it with you all.

    • I am interning at QVC in IT Operations & Support Department located in West Chester, PA. My internship began on May 26th and will last until late August. I am a member of the ESM (Enterprise Systems Monitoring) team, which is in charge of monitoring all servers in order to ensure near 100% up-time for global operations on internally and from external customers.

    • I am interning at QVC in West Chester, PA on the IT Operations & Support department. I am a member of the ESM (Enterprise Systems Monitoring) team, which is in charge of ensuring near 100% up-time for global servers. We monitor server performance using various ESM tools such as Patrol and DynaTrace.

    • I am interning at PPL Energy Supply in Allentown, PA, soon to become Talen Energy Supply on June 1st. PPL Energy Supply engages in the generation and marketing of electricity primarily in the northeastern and northwestern United States. The company generates electricity using nuclear, oil/gas, coal, hydro, and renewable sources. I will be working in the IT Solutions department, more specifically I will be working very closely with the HR department to transition the current process to a new ERP system called Workday.

    • This summer, I will be working for Comcast Cable Corporation as a Procurement shared Services Intern. As an analyst working in the fleet management sector of procurement, I will be responsible for analyzing and reporting on fuel and maintenance cost, in relation to Comcast’s 35,000+ vehicles, by pulling weekly reports from database created by Comcast’s fleet management service provider. In addition to this, I will be expected to maintain an active inventory count on the amount of vehicles in our possession, being able to manipulate excel sheets containing hundred’s of thousand’s of cells using pivot tables, vlookup functions, and descriptive statistics. Aside from my work in fleet management, I will assist other team members in procurement in a variety of areas including contract management, using the Sharepoint database, and product management, using the object-relational database, Oracle 12i.

      I hope to further my development and enrichment in areas such as database management, data analytics, and information management, as this is closely related to my coursework as an MIS major. I believe the decision to intern with procurement for a second time will tremendously increase my suitability for a future position in procurement!

    • Hello everyone! I just started my internship at J.P.Morgan Chase yesterday (Monday was orientation so it doesn’t really count). I am part of the Technology Program and will be working as a Business Systems Analyst for the next 10 weeks. I was assigned to the Consumer and Community Banking line of business and the team I joined is currently working on a sizable project so I will be assisting them as they get ready for the project to go live in the fall.

    • This week I started my 10-week internship at Walmart’s corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. I’ll be working in the Business Intelligence team of Walmart’s Global Back Office Solutions division. One of my biggest projects will be analyzing the usage of various reports in SAP throughout the company, creating dashboards, and making recommendations on the continued use or decommission of certain reports. I’ll also be responsible for understanding the new system for purchasing Goods Not For Resale, and proposing changes to make it more appealing to various divisions across Walmart. I’m very excited to get a lot of hands-on experience with a variety of softwares, including SAP and Tableau, and gain a better understanding of how a company as big as Walmart operates.

    • This summer, I am working in Walmart’s Global Audit Services department. I am on a team called “walDAT,” which is the Data Analytics team. The team supports other teams in audit by performing any analysis that other team’s cannot handle due to the complicated nature of the data or the amount of data. Over the summer I will work on a variety of different projects for different teams within audit. One of the projects that I will work on throughout the whole summer is a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) project. My team will be analyzing data from a variety of international markets to ensure compliance with the FCPA. This week I have been building a database and loading data into the Greenplum environment. Right now I am working with data from Central America and later this summer I will likely work with data from Canada. I will also work on other smaller projects over the course of the summer. I am hoping to sharpen my SQL skills and learn how to use Tableau.

      Additionally, all of the Global Audit Services interns participate in a case competition that involves a solving a real problem that Walmart is facing today. I will begin work on this project about halfway through the summer when the case is released. Last summer I also interned with Walmart and I took second place. I am hoping to do even better this year!

    • I will be working at Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas, in the Global Back Office Solutions department on the Business Intelligence team. In my role, I will get the chance to interview stakeholders and subject matter experts in order to elicit the requirements for my projects. My main project involves Travel expenses and my other project involves the goods not for resale catalog. I will be using Tableau, SAP Lumira, and other data visualization tools to analyze data and create dashboards. Also, my team uses the “agile” methodology for project planning, and I am very excited to gain experience in it.

    • I am working as a Business Technology Analyst Intern at J.P.Morgan Chase within the Mortgage Banking Department. Specifically, within mortgage banking, I’m on the Mortgage Banking Integrated Services Team. This team handles the development of middleware applications. Middleware applications provide services for services. Such applications usually retrieve data from backend systems or databases for client facing applications. As a business analyst on this team, my role centers on helping the department switch from a software development methodology of waterfall to agile. Also, I will have to work as a liaison between mortgage banking subject matter experts and the software developers on my team in order to foster the development of middleware applications.

    • I am interning at UnitedHealth Group/Optum as a Technology Development Program Intern. I am not completely sure what I will be doing yet as the first week was mostly just getting used to the environment and new employee training. However, I will most likely be assisting with projects in different technology-related fields. Additionally, my internship requires all interns all over the United States to participates in their own team-projects.

  • Summer 2015

    Instructor: Laurel Miller


    Grade of C- or better in MIS2101.

    Course Objectives

    Integrate your internship with your school requirements. Apply your work experience this […]

  • I’m going to have to change my office hours for Thursday, April 23, 2015.

    Instead of 10:00 – 11:00, I will be holding office hours from 3:00 – 4:00 that same day.

    Of course, I am always available by appointment.

  • I’m going to have to change my office hours for Thursday, April 23, 2015.

    Instead of 10:00 – 11:00, I will be holding office hours from 3:00 – 4:00 that same day.

    Of course, I am always available by appointment.

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