Taylor Hayes

  • I have heard about this technology recently and it is truly amazing. I think an innovation as radical as this would struggle against non-market barriers such as government regulation (requiring a driver to be present), etc. I think it is definitely an amazing innovation and the amount of miles these cars have been able to [...]

  • I agree with Victoria that this is an example of sustaining innovation targeting undershot customers. I would love to have this technology for my iPhone. I have the hardest time texting on it and if I felt boundaries on the keyboard that would be much better. Also, many people that do not like touchphones feel [...]

  • I also think this technology could be seen as a nonconsumer technology pertaining to its use in the court proceedings. While the technology itself has been seeing increasing popularity in various markets, this consumer base would be one in which it would reach a division of local government that is currently not using any sort [...]

  • ThumbnailA company called Square whose CEO was a co-founder of Twitter is proposing a change to the way we use our credit/debit cards.  The company starting off by asking the question, why can only companies accept credit cards and the everyday person such as the local food truck owner, craigslist seller, even your local girl scouts [...]

  • I agree that it is for undershot consumers but I do not agree with Skyla that it would compete with PS3 or Xbox because the Nintendo DS/3DS is comparable to an old hand held game boy. The 3DS would target customers who want more from their hand held gaming systems. The whole 3D phase is [...]