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    Within this E-Portfolio, you will discover the In’s and outs of myself and gain  information that you may not necessarily get from looking over my resume. To start off, […]

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  • Some skills that I have learned from my internship that I otherwise would have been unable to learn from a classroom or text book was with communication skills (for example using email, phone, instant messenger as channels for communication). Also Prioritizing your tasks and getting them completed in an efficient order and time span (could [...]

  • The SAP project from MIS 2101 has really helped me with my internship, and actually helped me get the internship. A lot of my daily tasks consist of me using SAP to extract Financial Data regarding internal projects. The experience I had from the SAP project in MIS 2101, made the learning curve a lot [...]

  • I found out that one of the most important skills that you need is communication. If you can not communicate efficiently with your team members/co-workers, tasks will not get done efficiently and effectively. The most important people that i discovered in my internship are the people you work with (Team). In order for you to [...]

  • Some important things I had to find out was where to park closest to my building. The facility is fairly big having several gates to enter and various areas to park. So I had to do a little exploring, and luckily I found a good parking area that’s only a 5 minute walk to my [...]

  • I will be working at Merck as a Service Management intern in the information Risk Management Compliance Department; which is in the Global Services Division. I will be using SAP to analyze budgets for projects within Merck, Facilitate meetings to gather information regarding projects various projects. I will also me managing the community website for [...]