• IT-enabled globalization is fundamentally different than the centralization or decentralization of companies with multiple divisions; however, they do share many common characteristics. In both cases of centralization and globalization there is an attempt to organize processes in a way so as to better share information throughout the organization…[Read more]

  • Rockmelt looks like it would definitely appeal tO the facEbook generation. I’d be curious to see what the privacy agreement entails and how it links to Facebook and other social media sites. If it’s something that you need to log in to, is the business mOdel selling advertisers the browsing Habits of individuals? AFter last [...]

  • While Amazon’s strategy ultimately ended up being disruptive, it doesn’t appear as if the company set out in that direction. Amazon was primarily focused on building the best possible infrastructure for its online retail service so that it could provide a high-quality experience to consumers and expand the scale of its offerings to third-party…[Read more]

  • Individual: Cloud computing
    Group: Mobile workforce for the center for advocacy for the rights and interests of the elderly
    Group members: Melissa Volin, scott campagna, mark onesky, david rosenberg, yogesh viroja