• While I agree that offering an iTunes Desktop for both the Mac and PC is a key success factor –I’m including both in my general reference to desktop synchronization- I disagree that iTunes gave customers a cheaper service. Competitive alternatives were/are available, but customers pay a premium for the unmatchable user experience Apple provides.

  • In the Harvard Business School case, Apple Inc. in 2010, Yoffie and Kim provide an evolutionary account of Apple’s transformation from a PC manufacturer to a mobile device company.  Apple enjoyed success as the industry leader in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s with the Apple II, but IBM’s entrance into the PC market in 1981 [...]

  • It is certainly one element of the governance framework. Other areas include firewall policies, patch management, intrusion detection, dataset separation across tenants, access control –both physical security and application, employee screening, business continuity management, risk management, legal and regulatory (HIPAA/PCI) compliance….to name a few.

  • A browser for the social web built on Chrome and around facebook, targeted for the “new” web user. Just might be a better mouse trap…

  • I agree control is a barrier, but suggest that the discomfort is more about having to relinquish control of data privacy and protection than the concern of downtime and outages. A security breach in the “cloud” is much harder to contain and manage than one on a private network.

  • The Harvard Business School case study on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by Huckman, Pisano, and Kind, outlines Amazon’s expansion into selling “cloud” services. In 2002, 8 years after Amazon appeared as an online retail bookstore, the company started exposing product data in a “developer-friendly” format to its affiliates via an application program…[Read more]

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    Group topic: Mobile workforce for the center for advocacy for the rights and interests of the elderly (CARIE)

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