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  • I agree too. Nurturing young cyber talents is definitely a much better prospective then spending resources to hunt them down. As we heard from Mike Green’s presentation, the hacking community have their own culture. Young people who were drawn into hacking were immersed into the hacking culture. Most of these young hacker perform cyber attacks not…[Read more]

  • It is quite alarming how the large majority of the public willingly publicize their personal information online because they are are unaware of how the information they put out can be used against them. For example, as business school students, we know that our potential employers can easily look up our social media to have a glimpse of our…[Read more]

  • Thank you for sharing. That is interesting and useful indeed. However, the part about sharing your email address without permission may not be true. As we all know, whenever we sign up or register for something. There are always terms and condition that we agree to without reading. There may be something in the T&C that allows them to share your…[Read more]

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    The articles selected for this week are mostly focused on the soft skills required for our profession. After all, we are working with people, even thought we are IT Auditors. There are plenty of opinions regarding the so-called “Millennial” generation. This the generation you will most likely be working with as you mature in your career. How do…[Read more]

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    Based on Dr. Ed Glebstein, Ph.D. article “Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Auditor”, I believe that “The Bureaucrat” is the worst type from the standpoint of the auditee. The bureaucrat creates an illusion of work and activity being done but is in fact doing meaningless tasks that does not add value to the organization. Often times, the bur…[Read more]

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    Technology changes at mind-boggling speeds, and it greatly affects businesses and enterprises. What do you consider to be more important, depth of knowledge in technology, or its impact on the enterprise?

    From a cyber security perspective, I believe that depth of knowledge in technology is more important. In the world of cyber security,…[Read more]

  • Yes, that is true. In this day and age, there are just too much data out there. Organizations who intend to use data will need to be able to weed out the important information from all the noise and draw reasonable conclusion from the information they gather. They should also not mistake correlation and causation and draw false conclusions.

  • Great article Mengting! It is scary to think that hackers can put civilian lives in danger by hacking driverless cars and especially airplanes. I am glad to see that companies are taking initiative to hire hackers to hack and find vulnerabilities in their our system.

  • When it comes to cyber threats, we often hear lack awareness is one of the reasons why companies do not conduct proper cyber security measures. However, an article I read conducted a survey to find that a large […]

    • Companies have to walk the fine line between incurring expense and protection from cyber breaches. In-depth risk assessments should be conducted to provide corporations with information to be able to make sound strategic plans with respect to securing their information (and the information of their customers). The other challenge companies face is finding ways to implement controls without inconveniencing their customers while doing so. In this day and age of ecommerce, customers want security, but they also want applications that are easy to use and quick. Often, companies will compromise security if it means giving the customer what they want. What is ultimately being missed is the potential cost of a security breach. If IT security is not factored into corporate objectives, the long term impact of security breaches will not be assessed with respect to the company’s bottom line. The 2013 Target breach comes to mind… I am sure in retrospect, the executives at Target wish they had considered the potential impact of a cybersecurity breach…BEFORE 2013!

  • Great post!

    I also read an article that contradicts yours a little. The article I read conducted a survey and found out that a large percentage of companies are fully aware of cyber threats and its consequences but more than half of them are not prepared or invested enough is cyber security.

  • According to the Crime Survey of England and Wales, it was estimated that fraud and cyber security now account for close to half of all crime, making it more likely for citizens to be a victim of these crimes than […]

  • My name is Yang Li Kang. I am a second semester ITACS student concentrating on the IT auditing track. Prior to this program, I completed my undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science with a minor in MIS. I realized […]

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    How do OS’s bridge between virtual and physical? Be able to describe the process from end-to-end.

    I don’t understand what is this referring to. Could you please explain it. Thanks

  • Yang Li Kang posted a new activity comment 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi Patrick,

    Could you go over how a PC starts and how hardwares interact with each other?

    From my understanding, a PC starts when:

    Electricity from the wall goes into the power supply which transform the electricity into a level of voltage that wont fry the hardwares. Power is then sent to hardisk and motherboard which powers up the…[Read more]

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    Is the Common Credentials section of the exercise suppose to be answered? I have searched for and tried multiple common usernames and and passwords and I am unable to gain access.

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    I also read that this malware is specifically targeting higher level executives. This makes it even more important for organization to have cyber security awareness not only for lower level executives but higher level as well. They are the biggest vulnerability in terms of phishing.

  • Yang Li Kang posted a new activity comment 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    This is very true. Unfortunately, based on the article I read a few weeks ago, it seems that while a large percentage of business are aware of cyber attacks. A substantial percentage of do not practice even the most basic form of cyber security.

  • Yang Li Kang posted a new activity comment 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    This may be the result of all those malwares that steal customer bank information. It is good that the bank reacted quickly to the incident. It shows that they have some sort of disaster plan in place.

  • Yang Li Kang posted a new activity comment 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    It is alarming that government organizations can still so easily succumb to such a common breach technique. You would think that government sites would be the most secure.

  • Yang Li Kang posted a new activity comment 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Android Info-stealing Baddie Targets Almost 100 Banks

    According to Fortinet, an Android Malware is targeting customers of large banks, looking to steal login credentials from 94 different mobile banking apps. It has the ability to intercept SMS communications and bypass SMS-based two-factor authentication.

    After the malware is installed it…[Read more]

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