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Cat v. Dog

Our society tends to divide itself between being considered a ‘cat person’ or ‘dog person.’ Although I identify with being a ‘cat person,’ I find that there is almost a stigma attached with it. ‘Cat people’ are misfits, eccentric, lonely, non-convention, etc.-these are the stereotypes I face and other ‘cat people’ face. For decades the American Dream has been pictured as a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence and golden retriever running around in the front lawn. The cat has never fit in with this conventional idea.


There are positive attributes to being a pet-owner of a cat. We get to witness all of the funny things cats do daily. A meme I recently found on had a great one that only an owner of a cat would understand.

Is cat humor completely off the wall? Was this meme created for a particular segment of internet browsers? Either way I thoroughly enjoyed it.



It seems that everyone on the internet is concerned about how SOPA will effect them, primarily in the digital world. It’s easy to see how the concern should be taken lightly, yet are there other issues that are more prevalent? I have seen this meme several times on tumblr this week highlighting the issue.

It seems true that more people talk about how SOPA or the supposed end of the world could affect them, yet is the ACTA more pertinent to our lives?


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I have dedicated this blog to showcase some of the best memes I have found on the internet and how they relate to our society. Many people are not familiar with the word ‘meme,’ yet are surrounded by them daily on the internet. Memes is an idea or opinion that goes viral on the internet in form or picture, video, graph, twitter hashtags, or hyperlink in itself. Memes are everywhere on Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and various other social networking devices. I hope for this blog to be fun as well as informative and offer lots of visuals of relevant internet memes that are occurring each week.


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