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Gay marriage, what’s the big deal?

As a left-wing individual, I see no problem with gay marriage. Yes, it is not the traditional form of marriage; however, who is being harmed from it? Gay couples have fought for equal rights and it was finally established in New York. There are still these couples throughout the United States that are fighting for the same treatment. I found a meme on Tumblr illustrating my point and it seems that based on the popularity of it, many people agree that there is no harm in gay marriage and that there are more prevalent issues in our country that should be addressed by our politicians.


As the upcoming election is coming closer and closer it will be interesting to see the progression or regression of equality for gay couples.

Temple University Memes

The presence of internet memes has invaded Temple University! If you are friends with Temple students on Facebook, chances are your newsfeed has been flooded with Temple University memes. A lot of these are pretty hilarious and spot-on. The Facebook group Temple University Memes is a collaboration with a few current Temple students, I am unsure of their actual names at the moment. Most of these memes feature typical complaints that Temple students and staff have. A lot of the memes were also created to highlight the paradoxes that many people face when attending Temple. Here is the link to the Facebook group:

Temple University Memes

I am going to re-post some of the ones that I thought were the most creative.




Did you think these memes were funny and relevant to the Temple community? I personally enjoyed them and hope to see more posted.


Newly Added Plugins and Widgets

I decided to add some extra plugins and widgets to Memorable Memes.

New Plugins:

-WordTwit: I added this plugin so I can share my recent posts on my class twitter @socialmedia445

-Envolve Chat: I added this plugin so I can connect with more students in the class as well as in the major/minor.

-Viper’s Video Quicktag: I used this plugin before on my E-Portfolio and it made video sharing quick and easy.


New Widgets:

-Google Analytics Stats: I added this widget because I found that I am logged into WordPress much more than Analytics. With this widget, I can constantly see my stats and share them with my visitors.

-Search: Once more and more posts are added, it may be difficult for my visitors and myself to find a specific post. The search widget eliminates this problem.

-Who’s Online: This widget is another great way to connect with more classmates.

The Superbowl. Do people actually want to watch?

Most Americans tuned in on Sunday to watch the Giants and the Patriots in the Superbowl. Our society tends to like Superbowl Sundays because it offers much more than the sport itself. Food, booze, social get togethers are major components to Superbowl Sunday. During the weekend my boss asked me if I were going to watch the Superbowl and I honestly replied “probably not, I don’t really follow football.” My response seemed extremely abnormal to him and he was surprised I didn’t even have interest in watching it purely for the commercials. Is it a requirement of our society to watch the Superbowl or do people just feel as if they HAVE to? I stumbled upon this meme the other day featuring The Most Interesting Man in the World, which is a popular advertising campaign for Dos Equis. I took this meme as an interesting take on the Superbowl given that many people only watch for the commercials and because it is the ‘norm’ to do so. Take a look:


What do you think of this meme? Is it weird to not know about the Superbowl and see all of the commercials? I know from first hand experience, that people thought I was living under a rock when I had no clue that Madonna performed during the half-time show.


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Is racism still prevalent in the media?

Everyone is familiar with one of the most popular children’s shows of the 1990s-Power Rangers. There has been a lot of reminiscing in the blogosphere about the 90s since it is a decade that is so far away, yet seems so close. Our generation and generations before us are familiar with the time period and a lot of the imagery is still quite relevant. One question remains unanswered- was their subtle racism in the popular show Power Rangers. Here is a meme that I stumbled upon that has been popular on Tumblr and other sites.


The unintended racism is self-explanatory. Is is racism though? Are there still subtle racism in the media now? After doing some desk research, it seems that the producers of Power Rangers faced a lot of heat about their choices.


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