Interview II

While I was at my internship on Tuesday, I had the opportunity to briefly interview one of the GuestCounts Hospitality employees about working with social media. Celesia Hester said that her biggest trouble with social media is that everything is searchable. “When I am looking for a specific topic on a search engine whether it is related to GuestCounts or any unrelated topic, irrelevant information easily appears despite what search engine you are using. Search engines are sensitive and any SEO can be picked up and show information that is irrelevant. SEO specialists are working on this everyday, but once this gliches improve then my job will become more enjoyable.” Celesia is a Marketing Coordinator for the firm who relies heavily on social media to accurately do her job. “Social media is constantly evolving as well. Working in this field causes your work to follow you home. When you are in the office you are using social media to complete certain tasks, but if you do not go home and research what is new in social media then you are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage.”

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