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Holiday Hype

Every time a Holiday is approaching, most people seem to gravitate around it in conversation and in making plans. Easter has been the current buzz. It’s funny to think about why people like certain holidays so much. I admit I romanticize these holidays, as most members of society do, and ignore the initial purpose. People like Christmas because of caroling, ice skating, presents, cookies, and Santa Claus. Most people like Easter so much because of candy and the beginning of spring. Here is a meme I stumbled upon highlighting a romanticized perk of Easter:



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Photogenic Runner

There is a viral meme right now regarding a photo someone took during a race. The picture is funny/interesting because everyone in the picture looks tired and worn out from doing rigorous physical activity. The one guy photographed is participating in the race at what seems to be the same speed as everyone else but is picture perfect in the photo. This photo has been all over various social media platforms and has been turned into memes based on it. Here is a funny one I found with the photogenic runner in it:


The joke of the meme is that this guy is invincible and just a natural born winner. Have you seen as much presence as I have with this meme?


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The Demise of a Pop Culture Icon

It is terrifying to see what happens to child actors as they grow up in the limelight. Macaulay Culkin, Britney Spears, Danny Bonaduce, Brad Renfro, Todd Bridges, and Michael Jackson are all examples of child stars who were no longer in the limelight for their popularity but more so their controversy. No one takes the heat more so than Lindsay Lohan. I recently have been seeing this YouTube video highlighting her demise from the present back to when she was first featured in a film. It’s alarming to see the harm her body has undergone from drugs, eating disorders, and drinking. Take a look:





Liberals v. Conservatives

As a left-winded individual I found this meme funny regarding the upcoming election. Social media has been incorporated heavily into this election more so than any that has occurred in the past. Politicians have a heavy Twitter and Facebook presence and other social media users are getting involved as well. I found this meme on Tumblr highlighting a Liberal’s take on the politicians involved:

What is your take on these politicians?


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