If the Season Ended Today: NFL Draft

If the season were to end today, here is how the NFL Draft order would look and some possible targets for the Eagles.

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What Needs to Go Right For the Eagles to Make the Playoffs

We Get It KC Joyner, You Own a Calculator

Early this year, I was intrigued when I gained access to ESPN “Insider” as part of my ESPN Magazine subscription. While Insider has proved to be a convenient resource for fantasy sports and rumors (although the same information can be found for free elsewhere), some of their “Insider” content is laughable. Case and point, KC Joyner, the so-called “Football-Scientist”.


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Eagles Dolphins 2nd Half Notes

Despite some very ugly plays, this was one of the best performances of the year.  Juan Castillo was finally able to figure it out and the defense flat-out dominated today.  The offense gave the Dolphins every opportunity to tie it up and the defense responded each time.  Castillo has been heavily scrutinized this season, so it’s only fair to point out when he succeeds.  Good job today Juan.


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Eagles vs Dolphins: 1st Half Notes

Eagles have an extremely small change of making the playoffs.  They can go one of two ways.   Win out and make their season (somewhat) respectable or lose and get a high draft pick.  In the first quarter the Eagles seemed comfortable with the latter.  Thankfully, despite some BONEHEADED plays, Eagles find themselves ahead.


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Eagles Draft Prospects Part I: Luke Kuechly

Although it’s WAAAAY too early to start projecting draft picks, writing about next April’s draft is much more exciting than anything shown by this team this year.  I will post about a few players who the Eagles could/should seriously consider for the 2012 NFL Draft.  I will start off by profiling Boston College junior middle linebacker Luke Kuechly, who recently won the Butkus award for the nations’ top college linebacker.

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Brian Dawkins Wallpaper

Since this season went from a failure to an embarrassment, I thought I’d share a graphic I made a few years back.   The Eagles have never replaced Dawkins talent at the safety position or the leadership he provided on defense.    One of the best safeties ever.


Looking Ahead (Since Looking Back Stinks)

While the Eagles have avoided significant injuries, almost every other thing that could have went wrong, has gone wrong.   Dropped passes, fumbles, blown-coverage, “run-pass options”, blown leads…  a very frustrating season for Eagles fans.

Today, ESPN predicted the Eagles to finish 8-8 and gave them only a 15.8 percent chance of making the playoffs (insider required).  I decided to look at the Eagles upcoming schedule myself and determine my prediction for the rest of the Eagles season ( more after the jump) Continue reading

Asante Samuel Wallpaper

Wallpaper,Eagles,NFL(Made a few years ago, Click For Full Size/Credits)

Jerome Harrison’s Life Saved by Nulled Trade

I was happy when the Eagles acquired Jerome Harrison for Ronnie Brown this past weekend  (I still can’t comprehend what Brown was thinking on that run-pass option) .  What seemed like a minor move for a proven backup running back ended up being a life changing event for Harrison.  During Jerome’s physical with the birds he complained of recurring headaches and a MRI was performed by Eagles doctors.   The MRI came back showing that Harrison had a brain tumor, something that would have gone unnoticed if not for the trade.   Because of the strange events that leaded to doctors discovering the tumor early, the prognosis for full recovery is very good one.  Harrison will miss football this season, but should go on to live a long and healthy life.  There are things bigger than football and I wish Jerome the best of luck with his recovery.