Eagles Dolphins 2nd Half Notes

Best Game of the Year for scrutinized DC Juan Castillo (Don Wright/AP)

Despite some very ugly plays, this was one of the best performances of the year.  Juan Castillo was finally able to figure it out and the defense flat-out dominated today.  The offense gave the Dolphins every opportunity to tie it up and the defense responded each time.  Castillo has been heavily scrutinized this season, so it’s only fair to point out when he succeeds.  Good job today Juan.


The Good

  • Derek Landri.  Out of all the big free agency pickups, the one that got the least amount of coverage was probably the (re)signing of Derek Landri.  Surprisingly, he has been one of the most productive of the free agents we signed.  He and Cullen Jenkins have completely dominated any attempt by Miami on short yardage situations.  He continues to make big plays.
  • Red Zone efficiency much improved this half.
  • Defensive line continues to dominate.
  • Andy Reid winning challenges this year! Who would have thought.

The Bad

  • We have the lead, yet still refuse to run the ball.    Shady, when given the chance, has proved to be a great closer (I write this as the 4th quarter starts, still have time to redeem themselves).
  • Vick looks rusty.  I guess that is to be expected after missing the past few weeks.
  • What happened to DeSean Jackson the explosive return man?  He claims his return ability should net him more money, yet he has 0 returns this year for TD’s.  He was given quite a few opportunities and did nothing in the return game.

The Ugly

  • Eagles offense gave the dolphins every chance to come back in this game.
  • Stupid penalties.

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