Eagles vs Dolphins: 1st Half Notes


You See What Happen's Andy? You See What Happens When You Give Shady the Ball? (image via last.fm/Big Lebowski)

Eagles have an extremely small change of making the playoffs.  They can go one of two ways.   Win out and make their season (somewhat) respectable or lose and get a high draft pick.  In the first quarter the Eagles seemed comfortable with the latter.  Thankfully, despite some BONEHEADED plays, Eagles find themselves ahead.


The Good

  • Shady McCoy.  Shady has been one of the few bright spots this season.  He is clearly the best player on offense and needs more touches.
  • Brian Rolle and Casey Matthews each with their first sack of the season.
  • Brent Celek has finally reestablished himself as a weapon in this offense.  Completely trucked Vontae Davis.
  • Nice to see DJax with a TD grab.
  • The defense is playing the best they have in a long time.  Good for you Castillo.

The Bad

  • Vick talked about players safer.  However I’m sure sliding in the pocket wasn’t part of the plan.
  • Nnamdi, I would put this in the ugly, however it was a fantastic pass by Moore.  That being said, we are paying him to shut down his guy.
  • Eagles red-zone defense and offense remains to struggle.

The Ugly

  • Special Teams.  Punt block, DeSean fielding the ball in the 5 and whatever that was where DeSean threw the ball to Marsh for a fumble.
  • I have to list this again, the throw on the punt by Jackson.
  • Turnovers. More specifically turnovers on stupid plays.   Thankfully Miami has not been able to hold onto the ball either.

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