State of the Team

What Needs to Go Right For the Eagles to Make the Playoffs

Looking Ahead (Since Looking Back Stinks)

While the Eagles have avoided significant injuries, almost every other thing that could have went wrong, has gone wrong.   Dropped passes, fumbles, blown-coverage, “run-pass options”, blown leads…  a very frustrating season for Eagles fans.

Today, ESPN predicted the Eagles to finish 8-8 and gave them only a 15.8 percent chance of making the playoffs (insider required).  I decided to look at the Eagles upcoming schedule myself and determine my prediction for the rest of the Eagles season ( more after the jump) Continue reading

Jerome Harrison’s Life Saved by Nulled Trade

I was happy when the Eagles acquired Jerome Harrison for Ronnie Brown this past weekend  (I still can’t comprehend what Brown was thinking on that run-pass option) .  What seemed like a minor move for a proven backup running back ended up being a life changing event for Harrison.  During Jerome’s physical with the birds he complained of recurring headaches and a MRI was performed by Eagles doctors.   The MRI came back showing that Harrison had a brain tumor, something that would have gone unnoticed if not for the trade.   Because of the strange events that leaded to doctors discovering the tumor early, the prognosis for full recovery is very good one.  Harrison will miss football this season, but should go on to live a long and healthy life.  There are things bigger than football and I wish Jerome the best of luck with his recovery.

Offensive MVP Pre-BYE Week

While it would be easy to pick (and deservedly so) LeSean McCoy as the MVP after the first six games of the year, I decided to to go with a player who plays a position(s) that doesn’t come with the fame, although it may be one of the most important positions of the field. While going largely unnoticed, Todd Herremans has proved to be one of our most valuable assets on offense. This may sound like a strange concept with the likes of Michael Vick, Shady(nasty) McCoy, Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, but without an efficient O-line, none of these weapons could function (just look at our offense in the preseason).


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It’s Do or Die for the Birds

Not since 2005 has an Eagles team been so difficult to watch.  At least back in 2005 I could attribute most of the team’s failure towards backup quarterback Mike McMahon,(which was the most pathetic display of quarterbacking I’ve ever from an Eagles QB) but this year health is not a major issue.   The Eagles provided one of the most entertaining off-seasons I’ve experienced as a fan, but as we’ve learned from numerous NFC East rivals you cannot build a team through free agency.  Not only is it tough to build chemistry when a team is made up of newly acquired free-agents and rookies, but it is especially tough when there is a shortened off-season due to a lockout and a defensive coordinator with no years of NFL defensive coaching experienced and no one on his staff that ever served as a defensive coordinator..   With that being said, the Eagles have an incredible amount of talent on their roster and at times they  have looked nothing short of dominant.  Unfortunately they’ve also made inexcusable mistakes that an inexperienced team would make costing them several games in the fourth quarter.  The talent is there and once the team meshes to the new players and system this could very well  be a scary team.  But if the Eagles find themselves 1-5, it may not make a difference if they get it together later in the season.   The Eagles already have their backs against the walls, something that in preseason I would have never guessed this early in the year.  Andy Reid has a track -record of fixing mistakes after the Bye week, if we can go into the bye with the win, it would be huge for us.  The road to the playoffs is going to be tough one, but it may very well be impossible if they lose this Sunday.

State of the Linebackers and Safeties Week 4

The Eagles made headlines today with the benching of Casey Matthews and Kurt Coleman in favor of rookie Brian Rolle and Nate Allen.  While there was a much needed change of scenery when it came to our linebackers and safeties, I cannot say that I feel more comfortable about this defense with a 6th round rookie at the weak-side and a free safety coming off a serious leg injury (although he looked very promising prior to injury).   While I hope  they succeed (they can’t do much worse), if the defense puts up a poor effort this weekend, additional changes must be made to this defense.  Whether those changes occur from additions through trades, free agency, reshuffling the depth chart or a change of scheme, we cannot reach our goal of winning a championship with play like the first three games.


After the jump, I will list a few ideas the Eagles could consider if they must make additional changes.


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