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Weekly Question #7: Complete by March 23, 2017

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on March 23, 2017. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Here is the question:

Give an example of a KPI – some sort of metric for performance – that you use on a regular basis? Briefly discuss how it conforms to the SMART criteria.

(For example, my car tells me its average gas mileage. This is specific and measurable – gas mileage is a precise measure. It is achievable – I can alter my driving to try to get better mileage. It’s relevant – gas mileage has an impact on my costs! And it’s time-variant, I can look at gas mileage over a week, or a day, or a month.)

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  • My Virtual Wallet app for PNC tells me my balance.
    Specific and Measurable- it tells me how much money I have currently and that is a precise measure/amount.
    Achievable- I can deposit more money for a specific goal.
    Relevant- it determines whether or not I can withdraw money and whether or not I should deposit money if there isn’t enough funds.
    Time-variant – I can look at my balance over days, weeks, etc.

  • An example of a KPI that is especially relevant to students is calculating Grade Point Average (GPA). It is a medium used to measure the performance of a student in school/college. It is specific and measurable as it is measured on a 4.0 scale, and the average number is calculated by dividing the total grade points earned by the total number of class credits. It is achievable as students can perform according to their specific goal. It is relevant as GPA is directly linked to a student’s chances of getting a scholarship and a job – higher the GPA, higher the probability of getting a high scholarship and a good job. It is a time-variant as the student can keep track of his/her GPA over the course of the academic year.

  • I like to check my credit score through the Discover app that I have. It is not something that I use on a daily basis but I mostly go on there to see how I am doing. There are many factors that go into how the credit score is formed and they can be considered as the KPIs. According to the SMART criteria, Specific, Measurable, Relevant and Time-bound would relate to the KPI that form the credit score. Specific because the score lets you know where you stand on the scale, Measurable because they provide you the score every month, Relevant because credit scores are important to know since based on the score, you can tell if you are doing well or not and Time bound since the score changes every month.

  • GPA is the first KPI that came to mind. GPA is a measured used to determine the overall performance of a student by taking the grade points allocated for the grades achieved in a course load and dividing it by the total credit hours. It is achievable as a student can gauge what their target GPA is and the grade needed to achieve the goal. GPA is relevant because a higher GPA results in more job opportunities, college and graduate school scholarships. Time-variant because you can calculate your GPA at any point during the day, week, month and semester.

  • My body weight is a KPI for myself. It is specific as it pertains to me and only me. It is measurable by stepping on a scale and telling me the number of pounds I am. It is achievable by me able to stay within a certain range by exercising. It is relevant as it directly affects my health and body. It is time-variant as I can see the change in my weight over time and adjust accordingly.

  • A KPI or set of KPIs that’s relevant to me and other Temple students is their DARS score(s).
    S – It is a set of numbers that tell how many credits they need to complete their university requirements as well as major requirements.
    M – Total credits are measured out of 120, but students can earn more if they double major, minor, change major, etc. University credits are measured out of 34. I don’t believe that number may be exceeded. Major credits vary according to major, but are detailed in the report as well.
    A – As a student completes courses, the DARS report fills up. On the page there is a pie chart and several bar graphs that can be used to measure benchmarks.
    R – As a Temple student, the DARS determines whether or not a student has the necessary credits to graduate.
    T – Just like a student’s GPA, the DARS scores are affected over the course of time depending on the courses taken and are necessary to take.

  • The KPI that I use daily is the percentage of battery on my phone. The battery percentage tells me how often I use the phone or which applications require lots of battery such as video call. It is specific and measurable because battery percentage is precise. It is achievable because I can charge my phone for some certain cases in which I need to use lots of battery and could not charge later. It’s relevant because the battery percentage shows whether I’m spending too much time on my phone and I need to put it away to focus more on studying and real social life. And it’s time-variant because I can check the battery percentage anytime during the day to adjust my phone activity.

  • A relevant KPI is the contents of my online shopping cart.
    S- My shopping cart will be specific to what I choose to buy and it will be different from others. My budget is also likely to be different from others and helps me to determine what I can afford.
    M- Each item I select has a price, and the prices of the items add up to a total.
    A- I can look up the items I want on other websites to see if I can get them for a better price.
    R- I can view my totals to assure that I am staying within my set budget.
    T- I can keep track of my purchases over any period of time-per week, month, year, etc.

  • One KPI I use daily is the Stocks app on my phone to know stock price changes and what to invest in.
    Specific and Measurable- The prices are always kept up to date and accurate.
    Achievable- I can set a goal of what I want to earn.
    Relevant- The money I invest is always changing.
    Time- I can look at past history to know the previous performance.

  • A KPI metric that I use for performance daily would be my personal weight scale. This is specific and measurable to me as I can see the fluctuation of my weight on a daily basis. It is is achievable in that I can maintain a weight that I seem fit and make sure I stay relatively in shape. This is relevant to me as I am able to understand if I am eating healthy or not. Time is determined by making sure on a yearly basis I maintain the same figure and weight. This is the most common KPI I use as a performance metric.

  • A KPI that I try to use on the daily basis to track my sleep is the the sleeping app on my iPhone. This is specific and measurable because it tells me how I sleep and also measures my sleep meaning if I move a lot or not. It is achievable because it would help me improve my sleeping in the future compared to how i currently sleep. It is also relevant because it helps me check if I have the right habits before I sleep or just sleep badly. Lastly, it is time-phased, I am able to check how I slept today compared to other days, weeks, etc.

  • A KPI that I use daily is checking my online banking on my phone.
    It is specific and measurable because I can see my exact balance and any pending charges.
    It is achievable because if there is a number I want to strive for than I can set that goal in mind while checking the account.
    It is relevant because my money is important to my everyday life and things I do.
    It is Time because it shows me my history dating back months and years.

  • A KPI that I use on a daily basis is my Diamond Dollars amount.
    Specific and Measurable- There is always a specific amount of Diamond Dollars in my account that I can monitor.
    Achievable- I can decide what I want to spend my Diamond Dollars on and if I want to deposit more money into my account.
    Relevant- It is relevant to me because I need to have money in my account to make purchases.
    Time- My account displays my purchase history and when I have deposited money into my account.

  • A KPI that I use daily is the amount of steps that I take each day, and a certain goal for a number of steps I should be taking to be considered “fully active”. It is specific and measurable as I can always see the exact number of steps I have taken not only today, but every day as it is estimated. It is achievable as it gives you a goal for the amount of steps you should be taking everyday. It is relevant because I believe it can motivate someone to be more active in what they do in a single day. It shows time in how many steps per day, hour, and average steps per week and month.

  • A KPI that I use daily is my phones battery percentage. It is specific and measurable by the percentage number of battery life I have left. It is achievable because I can charge/use my phone to gain or decrease battery percentage. It is relevant because when it is charged, it has an impact on my phone bill/how much I use my phone. Its time-varient is how long my phones battery lasts/where it is at throughout the day/week.

  • A KPI that I use daily is my calendar. It is specific and measurable, as i can see my events for any upcoming day. It is Achievable, because i set to complete all marked events on the calendar. It is relevant, because it has my work scheduled and class assignments/Exams that i need to be reminded of. Time- i can keep track of all past events and future events, over days, weeks & months.

  • A KPI that I use daily is the performance indicator on my Bloomberg terminal for the Owl Fund’s investment portfolio.
    Specific: Tells us how specific stocks and sectors have performed over a period of time
    Measurable: Performance is measured by including a benchmark for comparison, which is usually an index like the S&P 500
    Attainable: Holdings are replaced and added to the portfolio through various pitches by which the performance fluctuates
    Relevant: Allows us to see if our portfolio is beating the benchmark or not, which creates added value in an active management fund
    Time: Tracks the historical performance of the fund’s portfolio and can be customized for two specific dates

  • Amount of calories burned while running on Treadmill

    S: Tells me the exact number of calories I burned
    M: It’s measured by my putting in personal weight and age. Also, it’s measured by how fast I am going and how many miles I ran
    A: The number is displayed on the screen while and after I’m running. I can use it to track my process in weight loss.
    R: Allows me to determine how quickly I can loose weight or burn calories.
    T: The number of calories is dependent on how long I am on the treadmill. I can burn a certain amount of calories in this amount of time.

  • A KPI that is regularly utilize is Robinhood, which is a stock application on my cell phone.

    Specific – Tells me the daily, weekly, and yearly performance of a specific security.

    Measurable – The stock is part of both a market and an index, such as S&P 500 and NASDAQ, and it can be compared with either of the options.

    Attainable- Based on certain metrics, such as PE ratio and other methods, I can assess which stock to hold in my portfolio, and when to sell the position.

    Relevant – Since stocks are infamous for their rapidly changing price due to an increase in high frequency trading, this app helps me stay on top of the market!

    Time Variant – As mentioned before, this KPI tracks the prices of stocks daily, weekly, and yearly, which allows me to track the performance for each security.

  • One different type of KPI I thought of is the overall rating of my Madden ultimate team.

    S – The rating is specific to the players in my lineup.
    M – The game uses a formula to measure team overall.
    A – I can acquire different players and put them into my team to achieve the overall I want.
    R – Team overall is relevant to the level of difficulty when I play against an opponent.
    T – The overall is time-variant, as better players get released over time.

  • A KPI that I use daily is the calorie counter.
    Specific: it shows the calories of each food, and calculates the needed calories based on my weight and height.
    Measurable: I can measure the calories by entering the food and its serving size.
    Achievable: I could adjust what I would consume in a day so that my calories would not exceed the necessary amount.
    Relevant: An adequate amount of calorie intake is essential to maintain my current weight.
    Time-phased: I can measure this daily, or as often as needed.

  • A KPI that I regularly utilize is my fitness app.
    S- the app is specific for me as I enter my personal information in
    M- it shows the amount of steps I take along with calories burned
    A- I can set a goal for how many steps and calories I want to burn
    R- It helps maintain my activity
    T- Tracks how long I am active for and I can set when to measure activity

  • A KPI that I use regularly is my Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app on my phone.
    S- The app is specific to me because it measures my sleep and has settings for my alarm set to my preferences
    M- It shows the exact time that is best for my body to wake up
    A- I can set the alarm or time range for what best works for me
    R- Helps keep my sleeping schedule in tact
    T-Is relevant to me on a daily basis for when I am supposed to wake up

  • A KPI I use regularly is my Fitbit Application.

    Specific – The app is personalized to my activities.
    Measurable – Measures how many steps I take in a day and throughout the week.
    Achievable – I am able to set weekly/daily goals for steps.
    Relevant – Step count has an impact on my health.
    Time-variant – I can check my steps for the day, and the entire week as well as my average steps.

  • A KPI that I use on a regular basis would be a weighing scale. It is specific and measurable because it is precise when telling me how many pounds I weigh. It is achievable because I can set my goal weight and try to reach that the weight whether I am trying to gain/lose pounds. It is relevant because weight has an impact on my health. And it is Time-variant because I can look at my weight over the course of days, weeks, months, etc.

  • A KPI I use on a regular basis is my PNC Virtual Wallet.
    Specific/measurable: It tells me my current balance and keeps track of my pending transactions.
    Achievable: It lets me know when I hit a certain balance and I can deposit more to reach a goal of rent, shopping, etc.
    Relevant: If I do not have enough money for rent, I can be evicted.
    Time-variant: It allows to me go back to previous account activity from weeks ago to see past bills I have paid or if I got charged multiple times for something.

  • A KPI that I use on a regular basis is (MPH) Miles per hour. I drive a hybrid so if I go over a certain amount my car starts to use gas. If I stay at the same miles per hour then I only use electric. This KPI helps me stay under the speed limit, therefore helps me not get tickets. It helps me track how long it’ll take me to get to a place as well.

  • An example of KPI that I use on a regular basis is how much battery life I have left on my phone.
    Specific and Measurable- it tells me the exact number at what my battery is at
    Achievable- I am able to get it fully charged
    Relevant- i can use my phone for a certain amount of time depending on how much battery I have.
    Time-variant- if its fully charged it will last a lot longer than it being on 40 or 50 percent

  • An example of a KPI that I use on a regular basis is my Fitbit App. It fits the SMART criteria because is:
    Specific: The app is personalized with my height, weight, calories intake and my daily activities.
    Measurable: It measures the number of steps I walked or climbed per day. Also measures for example, amount of calories burnt and sleep quality.
    Achievable: Because I can set goals for weight, steps, calories burnt and hours of sleep per day.
    Relevant: Fitbit App is relevant because since I have all my activities controlled (even considering a margin of error) I can feel the impact on my health and helps me maintain my daily activities.
    Time-variant: The app allows me to check on a daily, weekly or monthly basis my progress. Thus, I can measure my level of activities considering the period of time that better suits me.

  • An example of a KPI that could be used on a day to day basis could be heart rate. This KPI follows the SMART criteria:

    Specific: Your heart rate at any given moment has a specific number/measure which correlates to a specific state of health. Depending on what your heart rate is, you could be healthy or not healthy.
    Measurable: Your heart rate is a number that has value.
    Achievable: If your heart rate is at an at risk number, there could be goals to achieve a better and healthier rate.
    Relevant to success: Continuing to check your heart rate regularly and changing your lifestyle/diet can affect the actual change in the heart rate — potentially/ideally improving your health, a sign of success.
    Time-variant: If you keep a physical log yourself, you would be able to go back and check previous rates, or even some sort of app, you’d be able to do the same thing.

  • The KPI that I use are stocks I bought.
    S- How many shares stock I want to buy.
    M- How much money I have and what’s the price of the stock.
    A- Based on the market. choose different kind of stocks.
    R- Dose the profit achieve my goal.
    T- I have weekly goal, monthly goal and year’s goal.

  • The KPI i use in accounting on a regular basis is the asset turnover ratio. The ratio tells me how fast or slow it takes me to sell my entire inventory and have it refilled with brand new products. This is help full because if im not selling my inventory i habe zero cash flow and my inventory becomes one huge expense

  • A KPI that I use is the Wells Fargo app
    S & M- I can see what my balance is and also can see anything else that is on hold or pending.
    A- the app has some options where you can set monetary savings goals that you want to accomplish
    R- We use money for everything
    T- The statements show everything and every payment you’ve done

  • One example of a KPI I use is my credit card (Discover) account and my credit card score. My Discover card gives me a free credit score every month.

    Specific and Measurable- Tells me specifically how much money I need to pay off and the other financial activities that are still processing.
    Achievable- If I want a better credit score, I would use my credit card more often and pay my credit card bill immediately.
    Relevant- My credit score is relevant when taking out loans for school or for a car.
    Time Variant- I can look at the changes of my credit score every month online through Discover’s website.

  • One KPI I use on a daily basis is my Odometer app
    Specific- Keeps track of my distance I ran.
    Measurable- Measures the amount of kilometers and miles I ran and even keeps track of the time I ran.
    Achievable- Makes keeping track of my distance I ran much easier to identify.
    Relevant- I use this to help keep track of my distance and time I ran and use that to set goals to improve on my time for a certain distance.
    Time Variant- I can look at my past logs of distance and times anytime so I can see the improvements I made throughout.

  • Even if I do not use it on a daily basis, the bitcoin online wallet I created an year ago could be considered as a KPI. The wallet contains a specific amount of bitcoins, I am personally able to manage the bitcoins and exchange money into bitcoins, they are relevant to me because they allow me to take advantage of the rapid growth bitcoins have had in the recent years and their value is rapidly increasing the and finally, the account shows the transactions made in a specific period of time.

  • The first thing that came to my mind was my BMI (Body Mass Index) when I think about KPI’s. When I played soccer for my club, one of the key indicators of proving physical fitness for players was checking their BMI numbers, just to make sure if the players were not under or overweight. Based on the BMI findings, they were asked to consume customized diets to reach the optimum BMI level.
    The BMI conforms to the SMART criteria because:-
    1. Specific – It is specific because it is calculated using the body weight and height of the person, and the output (results) are computed using the standard procedure for everybody.
    2. Measurable – It is measurable because it has set criteria for declaring an individual underweight 18.5kg/m^2, normal 18.5 to 25, overweight 25-30 and obese 30 and above.
    3. Achievable – it is achievable because it helps achieve the evaluation of a individuals’ health
    4. Relevant – It is definitely relevant because it can be used by a whole host of users to understand health and weight related factors of a person.
    5. Time Variant – It is time variant because the BMI test can be taken at any time to analyze and evaluate results to see the progress or failure of a person trying to take control of their health.

  • The one that I use on a regular basis would be my PNC app (Virtual Wallet).
    Specific and Measurable: it precisely tells me the amount of money that I have in my bank
    Achievable: I always try to put a goal on the amount that I want to keep in my bank and the app lets me know when I achieve to a certain amount. I can deposit more money if needed to continuously meet my goal.
    Relevant: It overlooks my entire funds and basically my livelihood.
    Time-Variant: I can look at my balance from the past and see my balance throughout the week.

  • A KPI I use on a daily basis is my fitness notebook
    It is specific and measurable since it measures the specific weights I lift for a specific exercise on a specific day
    It is attainable since I have goals to increase the weights I can lift which is possible when I am consistent with my work outs
    It is relevant since it is healthy and keeps me in shape.
    It is time variant since results from exercising do not always happen quickly but with my notebook I can see the progress I made over time

  • A KPI that came to my head instantly when I thought about a performance KPI is a speedometer.
    1.) Specific: It’s specific because it is showing you how fast you are going at a certain time and also when to shift your car if you have a manual.
    2.)Measurable: It is measurable because the speedometer is tracking the tires and seeing how many times they rotate on the road, they measure your miles per hour and display it on the odometer so you can follow the speed limits.
    3.)Achievable: You can notice the speed changes in different parts of the city.
    4.)Relevant: Speed has a huge impact on how we drive it determines if we get there faster by going faster other than going later on and driving slower.
    5.)Time Variant: Like I said before, the faster you go the faster you will arrive and the slower you drive the slower you will arrive to your destination.

  • Apple watch tells me how many steps and calculate the calories burns each day. According to the SMART criteria, I can check how many steps I walked and how many calories burn each day. If I sit too long and need more exercise to achieve the daily goal, it will alert me. Keep exercising is good to maintain health. I can check All history data Apple watch collects.

  • A KPI that I interact with on a daily basis is my move goal which is calculated on my watch. I have set my goal at 700 calories per day, requiring me to workout to make that goal. It covers the SMART criteria because:
    1) Specific: It measures exactly how many calories you have burned through activity in a day.
    2) Measurable: It is easily trackable and measures your activity based on movement throughout the day
    3) Achievable: You can tell when you have been more active and therefore more healthy in a day versus the amount of movement when you have been sitting all day.
    4) Relevant: The more I move the healthier I am. As a student, it is easy to be lazy and sit inside to study and go to class all day. Making a conscious effort to exercise and move makes me a healthier and happier person.
    5) Time Variant: You only have so many hours in a day to make your move goal and seeing how much time you have left motivates you.

  • A KPI that I use on a daily basis is my GPA. As I am applying to internships and jobs my GPA is a key indicator in my dedication to school. This is specific and measurable as the GPA is a specific number based on a 4.0 scale. It is achievable as I can do more, or less, to alter my GPA. Worse grades make it go down and better grades in my classes make my GPA go up. It’s relevant because my GPA could or could not get me a job. Lastly, it’s time-variant, I can look at a certain year, semester, my fox upper management course or lower, ect.

  • As a business student, a KPI that I use on a regular basis is stock prices. Stock prices definitely have SMART criteria. They are specific; they tell you how much money you need to buy one share of stock in a certain company. They are measurable: they are measured in dollars or other monetary units in other countries. They are achievable: companies can set and reach stock price goals in order to gain more shareholder and more money. They are relevant: stock prices going up are a good sign that the company is doing well while if the stock price is going down then it is an indicator that the company isn’t doing too well. They are time-phased: you can measure stock price hour-to-hour, day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, and year-to-year to see the state of the company.

  • GPA is one of the example of KPI.
    GPA is Specific with the value of the grade earned in the class. It is measurable since it is in number. getting better GPA is achievable goal by the students. it is relevant to success since it allows students get into better college/jobs. and it is time phased since GPA is based on semesters.

  • A KPI that I use on a regular basis would be my checking account balance. It is measurable by the amount that is in the account and can change with m spending more money or working more. Its relates to the SMART criteria because it is specific to a balance. It is measurable with money. It is achievable with my job and budgeting. It is relevant to my daily life, and its time variant is every month.

  • A KPI that I use on a regular basis is iPhone health app especially “sleep” features.
    Since I use it everyday, and it also meets the SMART criteria.
    Specific and Measurable: I can set an exact time, and it is also measurable that there is sleep analysis that tells me average sleep hours, and how many times did I wake up while sleeping.
    Achievable: I can set a time that how long am I want to sleep and also able to set a range of it.
    Relevant: It is relevant since it helps my daily conditions.
    Time-variant: It also indicate the time that how long did I sleep or will I sleep.

  • A KPI I use on a regular basis is attendance of club meetings for Temple University’s American Marketing Association. It is specific because it is the amount of people in attendance of a certain meeting, measurable because it’s possible to count the people in attendance at a meeting, achievable because we can affect attendance by email reminders and advertising events, relevant because meeting attendance contributes to our annual report and chapter ranking, and time-variant because we can look at attendance for one meeting or attendance for the whole year.

  • A KPI that I use every day is an app that tracks how many calories I eat each day. It’s specific because I am allowed to eat a specific amount of calories per day. It’s measurable because calories are a unit of measurement. It’s achievable because it is possible to eat the amount of calories per day that I assign for myself. It’s relevant because caloric intake is directly related to my health, which is important. It is also time bound because I’m measuring the calories on a daily basis, so every day I have a goal I’m trying to meet.

  • One KPI that i use on a daily basis is my pedometer app. It is measurable because it tracks my steps every day and I try to reach at least 10,000 steps. If i can achieve this goal of 10,000 steps it will motivate me for the next day. It is relevant because it affects my health and my cardiovascular system to keep me in shape.

  • A KPI that I tend to use frequently would be my online banking app. In order to see and keep up with my finances it’s vital that this type of KPI uses the SMART criteria.
    S: It’s specific in the way that it only pertains to my account number, therefore; my balance only.
    M: It’s measurable in the way that it tells me exactly how much I’ve spent and what I have left.
    A: it’s achievable in the way that I have a set-up limit in how far my balance can drop.
    R: It’s relevant because it automatically updates my account and balance one a transaction or deposit is made.
    T: It’s time-phased in the way that I can look at my spending history and how much I’ve spent since I’ve opened the account.

  • An example of a KPI in my daily life is my bank statement. It is constantly changing as I am spending money and it monitors how much money I have in my account. It also lets me know when I am close to having no money in my account and I can transfer money from my other account. It also measures how much money I spend on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, so I can see week to week or month to month when I am spending more or less money. This helps me spend less money altogether.

  • An example of a KPI that I use on a daily basis is the calorie counter on the MyFitnessPal app. I have a certain amount of calories that I want to reach but not pass everyday and I track what I eat throughout the day. It follows the SMART criteria because it is specific (only counting food/drink consumed), measurable (each item has a caloric amount attached to is), achievable (considering my activity level and the amount of energy I need), relevant (to my success of staying fit and in shape), and time-phased (I do the same process everyday).

  • A KPI i use in my everyday life is my Charles schwab brokerage account. It tells me how im preforming in my stock portfolio relative to the market. It follows the smart criteria because it is specific measurable, attainable, Relevant to real world, and time phased.

  • A KPI I use, and all students actually use, is the grade-book on Blackboard(also on the community site, but I don’t necessarily use this everyday). It’s Specific because it categorizes by class and each tab organizes by each specific assignment. It’s Measurable because there’s a scale of which the professor grades assignments. It’s Achievable, relatively(lol), because the teachers provide the tools to do well on the assignments. It’s Relevant because it is a course I’m taking, and it’s Time-Phased because it’s over the course of the semester.

  • One example of a KPI I use is my GPA.
    Specific: because it pertains to a specific class
    Measurable: because it is based off of either a 4.0 scale or out of 100%
    Achievable: because students set goals to have a certain GPA
    Relevant: because colleges, jobs, gradschools, scholarships use it for entry into their program
    Time Phased: over the course of a semester.

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