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Weekly Question #10: Complete by April 20, 2017

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on April 20, 2017. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Here is the question:

Think about a data-driven service that you use regularly (i.e., Blackboard,, Facebook). Imagine you want to store the data for that service in a spreadsheet – what would each row in the spreadsheet represent? What would some of the data columns be?

(For example, stores restaurant reviews. A row would be an individual review, and some columns would be the name of the restaurant, the type of food they serve, the address, the star rating, and the name of the reviewer.)

56 Responses to Weekly Question #10: Complete by April 20, 2017

  • For Blackboard:
    Columns would be course, the semester, grade, professor
    Rows: the name of the course, SPR/FALL, A-F, name of professor

  • For Snapchat,
    The rows will be each person you snapchat.
    The columns can hold data relating to each person you snapchat, such as friend information (name, username, snap score, etc), friend emojis, and time stamps, etc.

  • For Facebook:
    The rows would be your friends
    The columns would be information about that person such as their latest postd, birthday, where they live, etc.

  • For the bank account,
    The row would be each transaction.
    The columns would be the place of the transaction, the amount of money in the transaction, the available amount of money left in the account.

  • For an Amazon purchase,
    The rows would be the name of the person the item is for
    The columns would be the transaction number, the address to send the item to, name of the item

  • For Instagram,
    The rows would be the individual’s profile
    The columns would be the followers and the people one is following

  • For Youtube,
    The rows would be the Video Name
    The column would be the description, how long the video is, and what kind of video it is.

  • For Twitter,
    The rows would be each individual’s Twitter name.
    The columns could include: how many that Twitter account follows, how many follow that Twitter account, how many tweets that Twitter account has, how many media tweets (images/videos) that Twitter account has, etc.

  • For Twitter:
    Rows: Individual names listed on person’s Twitter account
    Columns: Twitter handle, followers, location, tweets, etc.

  • For facebook,

    The Row would be the name of a user’s account

    The columns would be how many posts they have, how many likes they get, how often they post, how many friends they have, how often they comment on other posts, etc.

  • A data-driven service I use regularly is email. The rows of data would subject line and the columns would be recipient, whether or not there were attachments, length of the message, and date sent.

  • For Gmail,
    The rows would be the name of the person getting the mail
    The columns would be the subject, word count of the message, an average amount of how many emails sent, date sent

  • For a blog,
    The rows would be the blog entries.
    The columns could be entry name, date, word count, views/impressions, and number of comments.

  • For the Stock App on the iPhone,
    Rows: Stocks names,
    Columns: 52W high, 52W low, Current price, and whether it was positive or negative from the previous day.

  • For a news app
    Rows – Each individual story
    Columns – Topics/Categories for type of stories

  • For Uber or Lyft:
    Rows would be the customer IDs
    Columns would be Driver ID, Cost of Trip, Time of Pickup, Time of Dropoff, and the Rating of Trip out of 5 stars

  • For Seeking Alpha (Stock Market Application)

    Rows: Would include an individual security & what sector of the market it resides with. Could include possible competitors.
    Columns: This can include the current price per share, dividend payment, current return, cost basis, etc.

  • For WhatsApp Messenger (Messaging App):
    The rows would be your contacts/friends’ number
    The columns would be information about the chat history with that person, such as the time of the first and last message, number of photos and videos sent, how many group chats in common, number of voice notes sent in the conversation, etc.

  • For Blackboard:
    The columns would be:
    -Prior Feedback
    The rows would be:
    -Course name
    -Professor name
    -Student Feedback and Ratings
    -Prior semester assignments

  • For Blackboard, each row data would correspond to the column heading. The column headings would be: Course ID, Course Name, Professor, Course Grade.

  • A data source I use often is ESPN for golf.
    The rows would be the rankings.
    The columns are their names, age, events played, rounds played, cuts made.

  • A data source I use often is ESPN for statistics on players. For baseball players the rows would be the players names and the columns would be their statistics such as batting average, singles, doubles, triples, home runs, strikeouts, etc.

  • For the Weather app:
    The rows would be each day of the week
    The columns would be time of sunrise/sunset, chance of rain/humidity percentage, mph of wind (feels like), precipitation, pressure, visibility, uv index, and the high and low temperature prediction of the day.

  • For Youtube, the rows could be who you are subscribed to and the columns could be their video uploads, their number of subscribers, the amount of views they’ve had, and their specific playlists.

  • For Facebook:
    The rows would be the name of the users you are friends with, including their full name. While the columns would represent information about them such their posts, sex, date of birth, relationship status, their bio, family members and number of Facebook friends they have.

  • For your calendar
    The columns would be the numerical days
    The rows would be the days of the week

  • For Netflix

    The rows would be ratings (1-5)
    the columns would be all their movies on file and past movies and or tv shows they have removed

  • For
    The rows would be the particular items in stock.
    The columns would be item name, item ID, item cost, source location, shipping cost, item description

  • For Facebook, the columns can be what the user’s posts, how many things they share, how many posts they like and comment.
    The rows would be the user accounts.

  • For Draft Express (NBA Mock Draft Website)
    The rows would represent each draft pick
    The columns would represent the team, projected prospect, prospect physical attributes, and stats.

  • For NBA players’ statistics.
    The row would be players’ name.
    The colimns woud be PPG, RPG, APG, BPG, SPG, FGP, TPM, TPP and FPPG.

  • For Snapchat:

    Rows would be people that i snap chat or people thats on my contact list
    The columns would be the number of times i snap them in a week, month and year. Also some usfull information would be how long the average snap is to that specific person.

  • For Google Finance:

    Rows would be individual Companies
    Columns would be stock price, beta, P/E ratio, and other describing data and ratios that are given

  • For CNN:
    Rows would be the different news catogories
    Columns would be the different links and titles to the news articles

  • For WeChat (similar to iMessage),
    The rows would be each person’s photo and name.
    The columns would be the text, emojis, links, photos or video you sent to each other.

  • For Facebook:
    Columns can be number of posts, likes, comments, share in a certain term
    Rows can be userID, gender or ages.

  • For Instagram:
    Columns: Can be the number of posts, followers and the number of people a person follows.
    Rows: Can be the number of likes and comments on particular posts, DM’s (direct messages), and follow requests from individuals.

  • For ESPN sports app: (NBA)
    Rows will be name of teams.
    Columns will be total wins and losses, total points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks per game.

  • For Instagram,
    Columns: number of posts, number of followers, number of following
    Rows: Likes, comments; given and received, locations, tagged posts

  • For Gmail:
    Columns: Messages, time, attachments, word count
    Rows: Sender, receiver

  • For Facebook –

    Rows: name of the friend

    Columns: information related to the friend such as age, gender, date of birth, relationship status, number of friends, number of posts, number of photos/videos

  • For Blackboard,
    Columns: Courses, Grades, Calendar, etc.
    Row: Name of the course, specific grade A-F, due dates, etc.

  • Facebook
    Columns: Locations, Posts, Comments, Likes, Friends
    Rows: Name, age, address

  • For the app store
    Columns: Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing
    Rows: Categories, Top Charts, Updates, Featured

  • Twitter
    Row: Name of account
    Column: Tweets, followers, who you follow

  • eBay
    Row: categories of times selling and how many
    Columns: the products that are being sold

  • For Amazon
    Row: Customer who bought a product
    Columns: What product was bought, other products bought, how many products

    This data would help Amazon create recommended products for users and manage what products it needs.

  • A regular data driven software that I regularly use is Bloomberg.

    Some of the common column names that i would associate with the financial software are: Last Price, Price to Earnings Ratio, Enterprise Value, Debt to Equity Ratio, and Free Cash Flow.

    For the rows I would show the Date and its frequency, which would elaborate on the specific time period of the financial values.

  • For Facebook
    Row: User
    Columns: Age, Education, Job, Address, # of Friends.

  • For Instagram:
    Rows: username
    Columns: Amount of pictures posted, average likes on pictures, amount of followers, amount of people they are following.

  • Gmail
    Row: each separate email message
    Column:email address, name, time sent, email service, day opened

  • For meetings that are available for me to attend my support group:

    Filter – Days of the week
    Row: meeting names
    Columns: time – location – type – open/closed

  • For Magic Cards:
    Rows: Individual Cards
    Columns: Mana cost, type, Rules text, artist

  • For Facebook:
    The rows would be friends names
    The columns would be information about them (such as birthdays), new posts (such as pictures or status), their friendship with you (past pictures and posts), and other info on Facebook.

  • For Blackboard, the rows could be the courses you take(most likely separated by semester). The rows could probably be things like, your grade for each course, the content, the(each) syllabus, announcements, updates, pretty much every tab that each course shares.

  • For Amazon:
    The rows would be: Individual Items that I’ve bought.
    Columns: Date Bought, Price, Quantity

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