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Weekly Question #11: Complete by April 27, 2017

Leave your response to the question below as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on April 27, 2017. It only needs to be three or four sentences.

What was the most important takeaway (from your perspective) from this course? If you had to explain to a future MIS0855 scholar what this course was about, what would you say?

22 Responses to Weekly Question #11: Complete by April 27, 2017

  • Profile photo of Joane Dang

    Data is everywhere. Looking at raw data can be confusing and long, but it’s the process of using those raw data to make something out of it is actually fun. Using tableau for visualization is also very fun and will be useful for the future.
    This course is an introduction to MIS and you actually learn more from MIS0855 than MIS2101 in a sense of using data to understand it and make decisions. In MIS0855, you actually work with data.

  • Profile photo of Joseph Snedeker

    When thinking about the major takeaway from this course the first thing that comes to mind is the simple fact that data is incorporated everywhere and is extremely important to many aspects of life. If I had to explain this course to someone else I would tell them that it is about data and how to manage and transform it into visualizations. I would also tell them that working with data can help you understand it better and be more comfortable with big data. Overall, the introduction to MIS and data is shown to be very useful in the real world which is explained and showed throughout this course.

  • Profile photo of Grant R Harley

    The major thing which I have learned during my time enrolled in this course is how big of a deal data actually is. It is involved in practically everything that we do. In this class, we had been constantly working with data whether it be with our in class activities or our individual assignments. Observing and working with data is very important and there is a lot to be taken away from it. When we had discussed the concept in the beginning of the class that “data is everywhere”, that seems to certainly have been proven to be true.

  • One of the most important takeaways from this class for me was that data is everywhere in our lives, even if we don’t realize it. Also, another important takeaway is that we can use the data we have and make good use of it; for example, predictive analytics and association mining. If I had to explain to a student who may be taking this course next what it is about I would say this class is about learning where data comes from, cleaning data and putting it into a spreadsheet or database, and then using that data for analytical models or for data visualization. I would recommend this class to students because I learned valuable skills in this course that can be applied to the real world.

  • Profile photo of Jonathan Richman

    The most important takeaway from this course for me is that data is applicable to nearly everything you do. Data is everywhere, and ignoring the ability to use data in your life is irresponsible. It is an incredible asset to be able to know how to analyze and create data.

  • Profile photo of Anthony Joseph McMahon

    My biggest takeaway from this course is the knowledge and perspective I have learned about the importance of technology in every aspect of our society. There is data and technology behind everything that we do and it is one of the most important aspects of a business. This course has taught me many things and has opened my eyes to the world of data we live in.

  • Profile photo of Jackson C Marshall

    The most important thing I learned in this class was the importance and relavence of data in todays society. Before taking this course I understood how data worked, but not on the same level as what this course shows those who take it. Using Excel and Tableau has changed my perspective on the topic, as their are many different ways to interpret and analyze data. As technology and society keeps progressing, the ways to analyze data will become easier and more efficient. With that said, learning to use applications such as Excel and Tableau will come in handy throughout the future.

  • Profile photo of Julia Barbuto

    Leave your response to the question below as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on April 27, 2017. It only needs to be three or four sentences.

    What was the most important takeaway (from your perspective) from this course? If you had to explain to a future MIS0855 scholar what this course was about, what would you say?
    The most important thing I took from this course is learning about the practical application and meaning of data in the real world. By taking this class I have learned a lot more ways to use Excel, which could help me in the future. I also learned about Tableau, something that I had never heard of before, but could be equally as helpful as my newfound knowledge of Excel. From this class, I have learned the importance of knowing how to handle, fix, and apply data in the workforce with physical applications.

  • Profile photo of Noah Herman

    The key takeaway I received after taking this course was how to use the different variables and functions of Tableau in conjunction with Microsoft Excel. This includes the ability to understand how these functions work and why they work as well. The daily activities in class greatly helped me understand the principles taught in class since the exercises were very hands on. I know that I will be able to use Tableau in the future for data visualizations and developing info-graphics. If I had to explain to a scholar what this course was about, it would be described as being all about data. Data is the tool used in this course and in everything we do to gain information and knowledge.

  • Profile photo of Younes Ibrahim

    The most important takeaway is that data is in everything we use. Mostly as students who are always on social media, data is also included in these websites. Also, another takeaway is Tableau, I honestly never knew what it was but now know have to create different types of infographs. Also, the “Filter Bubble” because many of us look up things then have to deal with seeing it all around the web. All of this is from something called “Filter Bubble” and if you want to search without that happening use

  • Profile photo of Paul William Weeks

    The most important takeaway I got from taking this class would be how data is everywhere and there are many ways you can interpret data. I learned how to examine data on excel sheets and visualize it in charts on Tableau. Some of the assignments were difficult but I learned a lot and how to use columns and rows in Tableau and gather information in one chart. Data is used everywhere and it is significant in many unique business practices.

  • Profile photo of Allen Lin

    In this course, I learned a great deal about what Big Data is and how is will affect me. Since Big Data is all around, one would need to be able to organize and analyze it in order to stay in the trend, and not get left behind. Something else to takeaway is the skill in Tableau. Excel may provide the basic graphs and charts, but Tableau has much more appealing and better suited graphs and charts.

  • Profile photo of Amer K Darwish

    In this course, the most important takeaway would be the importance of data in everything we do. Before I always thought data was useless and then after taking this class I learned that data can be very useful for everything. It can make a unsucessful business turn successful, it can help win an election, and many more. This class was primarily about the beginnings of data how to find it how to use filtered data and how the data can help you.

  • Profile photo of John E Pillar

    If I was recommending this course to someone else, I’d start by mentioning how the overall theme is about data and the numerous things it can do. We often overlook what data can actually do for us and how much of it is out there. We can transform, edit, fix, and create tons of different things with it, allowing people to understand things better in so many different aspects. From tableau to regular pictographs and excel spreadsheets, the amount of understanding in data is extremely enhanced and is the first stepping stone of developing more skills in business.

  • Profile photo of Joy Cato

    My most important takeaway from this course is that Data is everywhere. I was able to advance my skills in Excel and learn the basics of Tableau. Through four projects, this course helps you to recognize the data you see everyday and teaches you different ways to analyze/perceive/look at that data.

  • Profile photo of Carter Halligan

    The most important take-away from this course was realizing how important data science is. With exponential technological growth the online world and collect of data becomes more and more important. I also can recognize how data affects me everyday, and what I can do to use it for my benefit.

  • Profile photo of Andrew Mallee

    I had two major takeaways from this course. The first was the basic usage of excel and tableau that I will use for the rest of college and in the professional world. The other takeaway was the importance of data science in my everyday life. I never looked at data the way we looked at it in this class, and it interested me.

  • Profile photo of Ryan Harper-Kiesling

    The biggest takeaway I got from this class was the use of tableau. I have never used this software before, and it was a nice challenge to get used to. If I was to describe this class to someone I would say it has a lot to do with actually understanding quantitative data and how to find it using tableau and excel.

  • Profile photo of Shefali Deo

    The major takeaway from this course is that data is omnipresent and plays a vital role in daily practical applications. We overlook the importance of data in our day-to-day lives as there is so much we can learn from a simple data set. Through this course, I have learned how to analyze data with data tools such as Excel, and represent that data through visualizations by using Tableau. Additionally, you learn essential data analysis techniques such as data mining, KPIs, data integration approaches, and predictive analysis, to name a few.

  • Profile photo of Jay Patel

    One of the most imperative takeaways for me from this course was the beneficial skill of applying Tableau in the general business environment. For instance, even though Excel is great at creating various types of graphs, Tableau is the next advanced level from which one can depict the quantitative information in a feasible manner.

    Finally, I would tell a future MIS0855 scholar that this course is about analyzing data via a creative and innovative software called Tableau that helps one portray the numeric information in an easily digestible manner. Furthermore, the class also enhances one’s knowledge on the type of data that correlate with the type of charts in the software.

  • Profile photo of Yogi R. Patel

    One take away from this course is that data is every where and very important. Most companies have an assortment of data but do not know what to do with it. Learning how to analyze and make use of the data can be very beneficial for a student’s future and a company’s future.

  • Profile photo of Nikolas Adam Theodhosi

    The most important thing I took away from this course is that data is always present and it is imperative for people to look at it to better understand their business operations. It could be a slight oversight in the system or in the data that is costing your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. I would tell future students that this course is about the importance of data across all realms of business and learning about the ways we communicate data to each other.

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