Section 001, Instructor: Sezgin Ayabakan

Assignment 2: Analyze a Data Set Using Tableau NEW due Feb 27

Assignment 2 Due is delayed to Feb 27. Because our class is cancelled for tomorrow, we will start working on Tableau in class on Feb 13. I wanted to give you sufficient time to complete your assignment.

Assignment 2 guideline can be reached from this link.

And here is the data file you will need to complete the assignment [In-Class Exercise 2.1 – 2015 Car Fuel Econ [Start].xlsx].

You will submit two files: 1) Answer Worksheet as a docx or pdf file, and 2) Your finished Tableau file.

When your assignment is complete, you’re going to use Canvas to submit your work. Additional detail is provided in the guideline attached above.

Your assignment must be submitted by the start of class on Feb 27

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