Section 002, Instructor: Sezgin Ayabakan


I will list down the teams and their members here so that you can view who is available who is not.

Teams that says Temp should change their names. Those are randomly assigned names.

Team Name Member1 Member2 Member3 Member4 Member5 Member6
Fab Five Zack S. Subin L. Jack A. Sean F. Jake Z.
Team 1 Erin B. Will M. Zaur B. Vignesh S. Bafode K.  Kiba K.
The Mighty Ducks Kalen A. Brandon G. Paul O. Jose R.
404 Chengye H. Zihao P. Xiaohan S. Zhongzheng S.
C.A.S. Chavisa A. Amjad T. Sarah M.
TBD Philip M. Melissa N. Matt T. Shayna B. Christia E.
Datanova Hanyu S. Ziliang Z. Tianyun L.
Temple Elites Jinzhao Z. Zeiwei W. Yan C.
Four’s Company Ian B. Brandon M. William K.  Andrew K.
Chill Lihong R. Shuting H.  Khoa N.  Joshua M.
R&W Ryan N. Will B.
Poland Spring Christopher B. Dominic E. Nhi N. Hayden T. Minyoung O.
Sezgin’s Sauce Kieran B. Seth D. Janea J. Andrew K. Stanley L. Aislan L.
Temp: Gelato Fahmid A. Robert J. Kevin P.

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