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Weekly Question #5: Complete by October 18

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on October 18. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Answer ONE of these:

We spent a little time in class discussing the article Stupid Data Corruption Tricks.

  1. Have you ever made one of the mistakes listed in the article? Describe what happened.
  2. If you haven’t made one of those mistakes, which one of them do you think is the most important to avoid?

49 Responses to Weekly Question #5: Complete by October 18

  • I think the most important mistake to avoid is working on a database without doing a full backup first and to do a checkpoint save every hour or so. While I have never lost a file due to failure to back it up or save it first, this is pure luck because I typically will work for many hours before realizing that I have not saved a project. In working on databases, starting with a full backup would be especially important because you have the potential of losing progress, or worse, losing all your data.

  • I was once working on a project into the early morning hours. I wanted to get some rest so I turned off my laptop. Not realizing that I had not only not saved my work but I hadn’t even backed up numerous files, I scowled at the screen for a good remainder of the day.

  • Once a week for my stats class we have to work on excel spreadsheets and I usually do not save my work till I am done because only when I want to export it to an e-mail does it ask me to save. My laptop was low on battery and on the night the assignment was due, I transferred the information on excel to a pdf and exited out of the excel thinking I wouldn’t need it so I didn’t save. After I turned in the pdf, my laptop shut down. When my laptop came back on, my professor said that he needs the pdf and the excel sheet. So I rushed the assignment within an hour. Now I save after completing every step of the assignment.

  • I have never made one of these mistakes. However, I think the most important to avoid is clicking “yes” without carefully evaluating the message that says. Many of us can do this mistake when they are busy and try to finish their work for example. Sometimes the message is not specific so you actually make an error that can delete metadata and configurations, not just data.

  • I have entered data into Excel file with the wrong format. I was creating a spreadsheet that calculate the work hours of students and faculty members, but Excel kept changing the dates and time into integers. As a result, when I needed to look up the information, everything was out of order and did not match with the original data.

  • I myself never experienced corrupting data that lead to such a chaotic mistake. However, regarding what I faced so many times, it is “Click ‘yes’ without carefully evaluating the message that says ‘do you want to remove this from the server?.” I think that is the most important mistake we should avoid because many users get annoyed when the warning message shows up. They suddenly click “yes,” even though they don’t know what the message is about. The more they click without reading, the higher risk that the data is corrupted.

  • I’ve made the mistake of excitingly clicking “yes” while not reading the message behind it fully. The constant mistake of doing so has caused me to lose anywhere from essays, excel files, and even power points. Many of us can relate, and solution to this would make sure you understand the risk being clicking “yes.” However, many of the notifications aren’t as specific. Most of them through me off, and I assumed it would be another file but turns out to be the one I just did.

  • One of the major mistakes that I usually make is not intentionally save work until it is completely finished. For me, it is hard to remember that I should always click “save” when moving toward the end. After experiencing several times of losing work, I changed my habit and get used to click “save” periodically. Those moments are suffering, but the habit I get is meaningful. An efficient and stable way of processing data and doing work is to click “save” periodically and make extra copies.

  • The mistake I’ve made was clicking “yes” without evaluating the message. Sometimes I try to finish the work quickly and then I end up clicking “yes” way too quickly so I can get done earlier. This has caused me to lose important files like essays, and excel files. I usually don’t read the directions properly which causes me to get into this situation. I also get confused sometimes by what the directions are saying but this is something that throws me off and other people as well.

  • The mistake I made was start working on the database without doing a full backup first. When I was in middle school, I’m working on my essay at home, when I left my room about two minutes my younger cousin come in my room and close the essay that i was working on, then watching the YouTube. Since i didn’t save my work I need to rewrite my essay again.

  • One of the mistakes that I remembered I made before was “starting working on the database without doing a full backup first”. Sometimes I just totally concentrated on finishing my assignment with a good quality and quickly at the same time, so I just forgot to pay attention to keep my assignment in my laptop. Once my laptop was low on battery and it turned off automatically, it was so exhausted that I saw over half of my work disappeared. Therefore, I remember to click the “save” button after I make any change of my each assignment in order to avoid this thing happening again on me. Remembering to do a full backup firstly as always is a really important and necessary step for us.

  • One of the biggest mistakes that I make all the time is “stating to work on a database without doing a full backup first”. I hate the fact that i make this mistake all the time, but sometimes I will start the assignment and I am so focused on finishing the assignment that I forget the most basic things. I basically have a heart attack every time that I remember to save my database. I think of all the outcomes that could have happen, like all my work getting deleted and me having to start all over again. Just the thought makes me sick because it has happened to me many times in the past. This is why this would be the most common mistake that i would make.

  • I haven’t used a lot of data sites or softwares, so I can’t say I have done many of these mistakes yet, in Excel. However, I have done things in Excel where I didn’t include all of the necessary columns and needed to add one. I have also accidentally clicked “yes” without looking at what I was clicking “yes” to. So, I have made many mistakes using a computer and Excel, just not necessarily through data spreadsheets like those we are working on in class. I think one of the biggest mistakes though is the one where you accidentally click “yes” to take something of your server. This is big because it could remove something completely off your device or make it extremely hard to find again.

  • The mistake I usually make is “clicking ‘yes’ without carefully evaluating the message”. One time I was working on my paper on a school computer and after clicking the print button, I closed it without saving. Somehow, the printer didn’t work so I had to retype the paper all over again. Ever since then, I started to email the document to myself or save it on my flash drive.

  • Perhaps the most common mistake I make is Number 3: not doing a full backup before starting to work on data. This has gotten me in trouble many times, but one instance was for a sociology data project due the night I decided to do it. I was under so much pressure to finish, I never did a backup, and ended up messing up so many things that starting over would’ve been impossible without having a full backup handy. In the end, I never turned the assignment in, as it was horribly incorrect, and received a zero.

  • I am guilty of the “starting work without doing a full backup first” trick mentioned in the article. Whenever I get an assignment having to do with excel or tableau, I always jump right in so I can finish the assignment in as little time as possible. Now that I am working with data software more often, I understand the importance of backing up the data since there are multiple ways for me to lose all the work I’ve done.

  • I have never made these mistakes. I think Click “yes” without carefully evaluating the message that says, “do you want to remove this from the server?” is the most important to avoid. Because it will remove all the data from your computer. If we want to use or recheck the data, it will cost time and effort to find the data again. In addition, this message is not very specific, it causes misunderstanding. So, people are easy to make this mistake.

  • I do not have much experience in sorting data. However after reading “Stupid Data Corruption Tricks,” I think the most important mistake to avoid would be “Clicking “yes” without carefully evaluating the message that says “do you want to remove this from the server?” This could happen within seconds just because you were in a rush and did not read the entire message. This results in a lot of time wasted, it would be frustrating after working on this data for an extended period of time for it all to be deleted from your device.

  • i made the mistake of the first place in Stupid Data Corruption which is “click Yes without reading what it is about.” There was a time when i was really tired and busy. I just want to finish my work as soon as possible. i was just finish my research paper and i though that i already save it. I turned it off and its appeared an announcement, which i was not take a look of it, called “are you sure want to delete all ?” I clicked yes without hesitate and when i realized of that stupid move. i had to write again my 10 pages research all the way from the beginning. In conclusion, this is a very stupid data corruption which will waste lots of your time and hard work.

  • I haven’t really worked with a database but a problem I did and might do in the future is “stating to work on a database without doing a full backup first”. This happened to me more than once, I usually write thousands of words on Word and dont save my work until I finish, and in many cases either my laptop freeze or my batter dies. This happened to my father before me when he was doing his thesis for graduate school, he worked all night writing and he lost his work and he still remember that moment. Now, I try to save my work whenever I remember and I hope I will always do in the future.

  • I have made one of the mistakes stated in the article many times. I have a tendency to start working on a database without doing a full backup first. There have been times where i have gotten away with it without anything happening, but there have also been times where something would crash or restart or accidentally close out and all of my work would be gone and i would have to start from scratch. This actually happened in our class when i was working on assignment #2.

  • One thing I’ve been a victim of more than once is not backing up my data before I start. My excel sheet gets shut down one way or another, and all of that data is gone forever. I feel that this backup is the most important thing to have because if your worksheet gets shut down for some reason, all of that hard work won’t have been for nothing.

  • I frequently will click passed the pop-up options that appear on the screen when trying to leave a screen. Whether the option says “Save” or “Are you sure you want to leave this page?” I usually end up clicking cancel or hitting the red “x” on the pop-up tab. Unless I deliberately choose an option to save, I will almost always click out of those tabs rather than utilizing the pop-up options.

  • I have no experience in data area, but I think the most important to avoid is that Click “yes” without carefully evaluating the message that says “do you want to remove this from the server?” I may get impatient when I see lots of datas presented, then I will finish this work as soon as possible so that I easily click the “delete” button or forgot to save the document in the computer.

  • I think the most important thing to avoid is clicking yes without reading and/or understanding the entire message that popped up. I have noticed that when working on an assignment for a good amount of time, whether it be on excel or word, sometimes the software will slow down and stop working for a few moments. The most common message that appears on the tab is “Excel Not Responding.” After this, a message with multiple options will appear. So if a user clicks the wrong option, all of their hard work can be lost.

  • The mistake I usually make is that “Start working on the database without doing a full backup first.” If my friends call me to go out or something really interesting me, i always forgot i was writing an essay or doing some important work even ignore it. As a result, i should do it again. It is important that we need save it when we finish it or we have to leave for something.

  • I have not experience any type of data problems. I am not that experience with any data programs. I believe clicking yes without carefully evaluting the message that says “do you want to remove this from the server?” is the biggest problem. I have witness people do that. Also I believe Start working on the database without doing a full backup first is a huge issue because work can go missing if you dont.

  • I enter data without having to analyze the information with formulas, so pretty much the only mistake to be made is entering a “0” when I should have entered a “1”. However, sometimes when I copy and paste, or try to drag a column down to copy into a bunch of different rows at the same time by dragging down, a message will pop up that says something like, “are you sure you want to…”. I don’t read the whole message most of the time so I don’t know what it is, which is something I will definitely try to be more conscious of incase I accidentally entered information into a cell that is already filled.

  • I had made a mistake of number 3. On that time, I was helping teacher to make a statistics about the final grade of the whole class, there are hundreds of students on the list, I had to type the grade one by one. when I came to the middle of the work, there was a email, then i closed the Excel and checked email, when I back to work, I found that the grade list was empty, then I realized I didn’t click save and I didn’t have any backup. Thus, I had to finish the work from the beginning again.

  • I have not saved a copy of a database before working on it before. it has really screwed me up. Thankfully, I could download it again from my email. Secondly, I have opened CSV directly into excel. Apparently, this is bad for large integers, but I haven’t run into such issues.

  • I do a lot of marketing, so number one is my most made mistake. I deal a lot with .csv files when it comes to email marketing. Whenever, I need to import or export mailing lists, they automatically open in Excel. Unfortunately, it comes with a lot of excess data that I don’t need! I’m not aware of any other platforms to work with, so I just do the extra work. It doesn’t take much time just tedious.

  • The most common mistake that I make is number 6: miss the data type. Often time when using excel for my stat class I will forget to change the data type in the box. I will see that the result is obviously incorrect when I an trying to calculate something and it gives me a date or a percentage when I am trying to find a whole number. Luckily often times these mistakes are easy to correct as you often know what you are looking for before you get the result

  • I think that the most important mistake to avoid is starting work on the database without doing a full backup first. By forgetting to make up a backup file, you can just lose all of the progress that you made within seconds. I think it is very important to keep a backup file just in case you make a mistake and close out of the database, you can just upload the backup and continue working.

  • I have never made any of these mistakes firsthand but if I were to, the mistake I could see myself making the most is number 1. Sometimes i find myself moving too fast without paying attention to what I am reading and this would be an exact time that this problem would come back and bite me.

  • The worst mistake I have made out of this reading is not backing up my work with a save. In the past I have lost a tremendous amount of work that took considerable time by not saving and then having a computer issue or my laptop running out of battery as I forgot to charge it. Luckily now technology helps as you can use document recovery, but I definitely always remember to same my work frequently despite the new technology.

  • One of the mistake that I have made is clicking “yes” without evaluating the message. We should be critical when we are working on data. Everything in the world is not a hundred percent correct, so we should be careful when we make a decision.

  • I have in the past sorted a spreadsheet but not included all of the columns. It is a mistake that is hard because it is not ovbious to fix so it makes you go search for the error, but I have not made the mistake since then.

  • I have made the mistake of clicking “yes” to a message that I have not carefully read. Although i was able to backtrack and undo the mistakes, it was a tedious and time consuming process that allowed more room for error. Keeping constant attention to detail would have allowed the process of completing my assignment to be more efficient and less troublesome.

  • The mistake I made when working with Microsoft Excel is I had forgotten to back up my work in another place which unfortunately meant that I lost all of the work that I had done after my laptop had hardware issues. This meant that I had to start my work all over again which in turn meant that I had not let myself enough time to complete the assignment and unfortunately missed points on that assignment.Until then I was very nonchalant about backing up my work in another place but having learned the lesson the hard way, that issues with the device I’m working on can happen at any time it would be best to backup my files at all times.

  • I have fallen victim to a few of these stupid data corruptions. Clicking yes without reading the warnings made me lose my work multiple times. Copying formulas using relative coordinates was a common one I did when I was takin my Business Calculus class. The program would stop working because I accidentally entered a wrong coordinate and an error screen kept popping up. I couldn’t finish my work.

  • I find often falling victim to not backing up or saving my work before I make changes to the worksheet. Often I would accidentally delete entries or copy in the wrong set of data or formula and it would past over the data already there and i would be gone. Also I would not back up my work and then proceed to use the wrong set of data and my pier work would be gone.

  • I did in fact happen to make one of the mistakes listed in the article. I remember one time I had a paper that was due and clicked “yes” without thinking which led to my entire paper getting deleted. Thankfully I was able to reload my computer and search through my hard drive which led me to discovering a saved copy of my paper. It’s mistakes like that which could lead you to pull hair off the top of your head.

  • I would say one of the most common problems and one that I have made is clicking “Yes” before making sure that is what I want to do because I can become easily impatient.

  • Yes I have made one of these common mistakes; multiple times I have done assignments but forgot to save the work I did before closing the program. Most recently on Assignment 2 I finished the assignment and thought I had successfully emailed my finished assignment in for grading, but it turns out the email did not successfully deliver and all my work was lost. As a result I had to redo almost the entire assignment in a two hour period before class.

  • There is a time that I clicked “yes” before full consideration. This is a really bad habit that do not think comprehensively before make that decision. And that time I did not save my document for my editing. So I lost some processes of my homework and I had to redo the homework from a very first draft.

  • If I have some problems on my assignments, I will look up for Internet, however, some websites covered by some advertisements, which is annoying so much, because I running time to do my homework, I do not want to spend time on these advertisements.

  • I have committed number 9 a few times while learning Excel. Copying formulas using relative cells is a difficult concept to grasp at first for some, but it is vitally important so you can save time and not use the wrong cells to calculate your formulas.

  • I think that one of the most common problems, one that I use to do regularly is clicking the “yes” button before seeing that it does because I don’t feel like reading it and it is a waste of time the majority of the time. I don’t do that now because I clicked that once and it downloaded a bunch of stuff and I ended up getting a virus; lesson learned.

  • Because I work with many different application and data formats, I always accidentally open unsupported data types on Excel and vice-versa. It is very difficult to keep an eye on the file formats but it has to be done. Lately I have started organizing files with their formats together.

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