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Weekly Question #6: Complete by October 25

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on October 25. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Here is the question:

Give an example of a KPI – some sort of metric for performance – that you use on a regular basis? Briefly discuss how it conforms to the SMART criteria.

(For example, my car tells me its average gas mileage. This is specific and measurable – gas mileage is a precise measure. It is achievable – I can alter my driving to try to get better mileage. It’s relevant – gas mileage has an impact on my costs! And it’s time-variant, I can look at gas mileage over a week, or a day, or a month.)

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  • A KPI I use everyday would be how much battery my phone has. It is specific and measurable because it lets me know when my phone is going to die. It is achievable because I can close apps and dim the light if I need to preserve more battery life. It is relevant to me because I need my phone to text, talk, look up schedules, and much more. It is timely because I know when to charge my phone after it decreases to a certain percentage.

  • The KPI that is use on a daily is my PNC online banking App. It is Specific because it tell me the amount of money that are in my bank account, how much is withdrawn, how much has been deposited. It is Measurable because it lets me know when i need to put money in the account in order to not overdraw money from it, therefore i do not get charged by my bank. It is Achievable because it help with financial management so that i can be financially organized and responsible. It is Relevant to me because i need money for rent, food, and other expenses. It is Timely because i am alerted as soon as a transaction that i am not aware of is made, it tell me if theres a charge on credit card that need to be repaid and by when.

  • The KPI that I use almost everyday is my timer/ clock app. It is specific and measurable because it lets me know when to wake up/ go get some rest. It is achievable because I can set up alarms if I need to get a task done or step away from a task. It is relevant because I need to manage my time well if I want some leisure. It is timely because well, it is my time lol.

  • The KPI that I use daily is the Social Media Metrics that measures and analyzes the performances of Temple Consulting Club since I am the one who runs the club’s Facebook page. It is specific and measurable because I can see the exact number of likes and number of people reached by our posts. From those numbers and datas, I can know which posts are more attractive and easier to get people’s attention. It is achievable because we can draft our social marketing plans based on the results of our performances in the past. It is relevant because we want to promote our club, which is established recently, to Temple students, especially students in Fox. It is timely because we have the data from a period of time and can predict the trend in near future.

  • The KPI I usually use in my daily life is checking the weather application every day, so I can select the right outfits to wear on that day. It is specific and measurable because I specifically look for the temperature in which is measured in the actual number. It is also achievable and relevant. For example, the application also shows the percent chance of raining; that makes me know that I need to bring my umbrella. Finally, it is time phased because the weather will be reported in a one-day period, which is a relevant period.

  • A KPI that I use on a daily basis is the time and mph on the elliptical at the gym. I use the mph to determine how fast I am moving and correlate that with the time being shown on the timer. As I continue to go to the gym, I use these measurements as a way to track how much I approve my stamina and health. The faster I can run a mile shows improvement and by the next time I go to the gym I try to beat my time that I had the previous day. Luckily, this gives me motivation as well to keep pushing myself.

  • The KPI I use is my Wells Fargo online banking app. It is specific and measurable because it tells me the details of how much money I left in my account, how much I withdrew and how much I deposited. It also will tell me when I have too much money in my account or too less amount. It is achievable because it helps me with my financial status. It is relevant, because I need the money for my daily life. It is timely because it gives me notifications if anything goes wrong or a notification for something else.

  • The KPI I use the most is either my USAA banking app, or the digital gas gauge in my car. It tells me how many more miles I can drive with the amount of gas I have, to make sure I do not run out of gas and get stuck somewhere. Without it I would probably run out of gas in random places, makes my life much easier.

  • The KPI I use on a daily basis is the time or countdown of the special event in the game. It is specific and measurable, it tell me how much time I still left to do that event, it is measure by the exact time of world time or it’s system. It is achievable because I can know how much time I left, so I can get the more special items in the game as i can in a limited time. It is relevant, in the special event I can get special items and the special items I get in the game will make me become better and stronger in the game. It is time-variant, because some special events will stay in the game a month, but some will stay for a week and some only stay for an hour, so I need to check it daily or weekly.

  • The KPI I use on a daily basis is the step counter app on my phone that tracks how far I’ve gone and how many steps it takes me. It’s specific and measurable because it tracks my location from one destination to another. My location is on all the time and the app tells me when I’m walking and throughout the day when I was the most active.It’s achievable because it tells me whether I achieved my desired goal for steps and whether I need to walk more as it also does a weekly calculation. Its relevant because it tells me if I need to walk more for the day. I like completing the steps per day so I move around more. It’s time variant because it gives me an alert daily and weekly of whether I completed the task for the day or whether throughout the week I need to be more active.

  • A KPI that I use on a daily is my Gmail account that sends me notifications whenever a new email has reached its database. It’s specific and measurable because it tells me who send the email, the time, and the subject matter of it. It is also achievable because this is where I receive updates about school, which helps make my degree journey more manageable and less stressful. Besides phones, emails are one of the top communication systems we use on a daily, especially in professional circumstances, which is why it is relevant. Its time- variant as well because college is all based on meeting deadlines and being able to manage your time efficiently to keep up with this fast-paced society.

  • One of the KPI that I usually use is a note app. It helps me track and manage daily events, such as assignment due date and test date, etc. This KPI is specific and measurable because it shows me when should I start doing an assignment before its due date or when should I plan things ahead. It is achievable and relevant because this note app provides me detailed information and processing time for my daily events. I can mark it “Finish” when I complete a task. This KPI is also time-related because I get things to do every single day, and this app will refresh itself on a daily basis.

  • A KPI I use frequently is the steps counter that comes with Health app installed in every iPhone. This helps me keep track of the exercise I’ve done on a daily basis, and tells me how much more or less work needs to be done in the gym depending on the amount of fitness I performed on that day. This KPI s time-bound because you can see it daily, weekly, or monthly as you would choose, and it is also measurable as it tells you how many steps you’ve taken and let’s you see your overall performance for the day, week or month.

  • One KPI that I use on a daily basis is book pages read per week. It is specific and measurable because I can count the number of pages. It is achievable because I can choose to read more or less pages on any particular day. It is relevant to my performance because the books are directly related to my academic classes. It is time-variant because I can count how many pages I’ve read over any given amount of time.

  • My most common KPI is my sleep app on my phone. It monitors how many hours of sleep I get each night and can tell me if I am getting enough or not. As it notices shifts in my sleep pattern it questions if it is due to me doing too much work or if it is from me being busy. It will suggest better sleep habits to me. It will also ask me questions about how I feel to see how much sleep I perform best on and how much I should be getting.

  • The KPI that I use frequently is BOA banking app on my phone. This is specific and measurable, it tells my how much money I still have. It’s achievable because I can decide how much to spend each day. It’s relevant to my quality of life because the products I buy and the meal I eat is depending on it. It’s time-variant because I can check the money I have a day, a week or a month.

  • One of the KPI that I use frequently in my daily life is the calendar on Canvas. This calendar helps me to remember and make plan on when I will have exams and what is the due date of my assignments. This KPI is specific because it directly shows me what should I do on that day or finish before that day. It is also measurable because I can make the most suitable plan for myself in order to finish my assignments and review for my exams through checking the date. This KPI is achievable because I can upload reminders for myself about what I should prepare for next class. It is relevant to my grades due to I can check whether I finish the homework or review for my exam or not. It is also time-phased because I can organize each of my day reasonably for different subjects.

  • A KPI that I use frequently in my daily life is Yahoo for my fantasy football sports league. It’s specific and measurable because it shows me where I currently am in the standings of my league as well as the average points per matchup that my team scores. It is achievable because I get to decide what players to start every week as well as what players to pick up from the waiver wire or what players I want to drop to free agency. It is relevant because it is football season currently and a ton of people, along with myself, love to play fantasy football. Lastly, it is time-phased because it gives me live updates of my players’ performances during their games and allows me to set my starting lineup days before games actually start and I am not able to change players around to starting/benched once their game has begun.

  • One KPI that I use on a regular basis Is the amount of money left in my bank account. This is specific and measurable because it is a number than can easily be found and recorded. It is achievable because I can alter my spending habits to either help or hurt it. It is relevant because I need money in my bank account in order to live my life, and it is time variant because it will change every day, week, and month depending on what I spent in that time period.

  • A KPI that I use somewhat regularly is the information found in the degree audit reporting system (DARS) on TUportal to check my progress towards graduation. It is specific because it has information about each class, when I took the class, the final grade, my GPA, and how many credits I’ve completed and how many I have left to complete, to name a few examples. All of these are measurable and they are relevant to indicating my academic progress. The information also tells me what goals I have to reach in order to graduate, such as specific types of courses I need to complete which is presented as a bar graph and is presented throughout the page with check marks indicating the courses I completed and an ‘X’ for those that I have not completed. The information is time based because the amount of credit hours is indicated for each course.

  • A KPI I frequently use is the amount of calories consumed that is tracked on the calorie tracker app. It is specific and measurable: it helps me find out how much calories each food (I consumed) contains and when I add them to the list, the app would tell me how much calories I have left (can consume later). It’s achievable: I can make better food choices by looking at the calories and try not to overeat or eat less than the required calories per day. It’s relevant since it affects my body (living style). Lastly, it’s also time-variant because I can look and how much calories I consumed everyday.

  • A KPI that I constantly use is the balance on my diamond dollars. Whenever I buy something the reciept tells me how much I have left on my card. On the website it tells me where I spent my diamond dollars, how many and at what time. This is relevant because I can keep track of my spending and determine if I need to practice better financial management.

  • A KPI I use in my everyday life would be my Fitbit Alta HR. The Fitbit tracks my sleep patterns, which I can then go through and examine via my Fitbit app. While setting up my Fitbit I entered the desired number of hours of sleep I want to get per night. This feature is specific because it tracks when I fell asleep, when I was awake during the night, and when I wake up in the morning. It is measurable because it tracks how much sleep I get during the night. My goal of the number of hours of sleep I get a night is achievable and can be altered if I feel it is too many or not enough. This is relevant to my life because without sleep I can’t function so it’s important for me track how much sleep I do get every night. My sleep data is stored in my app, which dates back to when I first set up my Fitbit. Every week and month I receive an average number of hours I’ve slept during that time period.

  • A KPI I use almost every day is the Activity App in my Apple watch. It is specific in measuring my movements, exercises, and stands. Measurable by calories and heart rate and achievable because it measures my own achievements and I can set a minimum goal that is suitable for me. Relevant because it impacts my health and time-phased to for everyday activity.

  • A KPI that I use everyday is how many glasses of water I drink a day. I am trying to keep a steady diet and routine because I am training for a triatholon. This number is a specific target number that I like to aim to drink in one day. It is measureable and time realative making it a good KPI.

  • Weight is a KPI that is good and can be used regularly to help measure how active you have been and how active you should be. Its also a general measure of health and can be used by physicians to base dosages of medicine.

  • The most regular KPI for me is the safeguard of my computer. It will automatically detect the conditions of the computer as long as I use it. While there is a virus, the safeguard will remind me to kill it. When I use computer for too long, it also will reminder me if the temperature of CPU is too high. Through these smart functions, the safeguard helps me with the maintaining of my computer so that I don’t have to buy new one so quickly.

  • The KPI that i always use is an app of my phone, it can record your step number. It is specific and measurable because i can know how far i walk per day. It’s achievable and relevant because it shows how far i have been finished, if i did not reach the goal that i made, it will remind you to complete your goals. It’s time-variant because i can check it per day or once a week.

  • One KPI that appears frequently in my life is “likes” on social media. It gives me a gauge of how much people like my photos.

  • A KPI i use everyday is a catapult in football practice everyday. The catapult measures my sprints, how long i ran for, how much my workload was for the practice. It shows if i ran over 14 mph and that determines the amount of sprints I had. If I had a high players workload that means I had a very productive day.

  • A KPI i use it on my online banking app. It is really basic and specific because it provides me information about how much money in my account, which division i spent my money in and most importantly is the different between the outflow and inflow money of my account. With KPI i can measure how much money i earn and how much i spent it in order for me to spent it perfectly.

  • The KPI I use is my daily movement and activity monitor on my Apple Watch. It is very relevant in a way that it shows me my own movement. It shows me my average Heart BPM and when I need to take a break to relax. I have a condition known as Tachycardia and this KPI helps me know when I am approaching the limit.

  • A KPI that i use everyday is the weather filter on snapchat. It is specific and measurable because it gives me the specific temperature in the area that I am at. It is achievable because all that I have to do is take a picture on snapchat and swipe to the left. It is relevant because I need to know the temperature so I can decide what type of clothes to wear. If I were to wear shorts and a T-Shirt when the weather is 45 decrease, I will be cold and may even get sick. It is Timely because I am already on snapchat anyways so I am not wasting time going to another app to find the weather.

  • My example of KPI is an iPhone app called sleep cycle. It is specific and measurable because it measures the exact time that you slept in and it wakes you up after you finish REM sleep cycle. And it’s achievable because you get to choose the time you will sleep and wake up at. Also, it’s relevant because you will feel tired If you woke up during REM sleep.

  • A KPI that I use everyday is my body weight scale. It is specific and measurable because it tells me exactly how much I way and the measure is in pounds. The scale is achievable because I can figure out whether I need to gain or lose weight, so I can eat and workout the right way to either gain or lose the weight that I want. It is relevant because I want to know how much weight i may have gained or lost over the past few days. Lastly, it is time-variant because I can look at my weight any time i want.

  • One KPI I use is the steps counter in the fitness app on my phone. This is specific and measurable because steps/miles traveled is a precise measure. It is achievable – I can change my walking routine to get more miles. It’s relevant because physical activity can improve your health. And it’s time-variant because I can look at miles walked over a week, or a day, or a month.

  • A KPI that I use everyday are my grades for all of my classes. Grades are both specific and measurable because they specify my performance in the class while using a measurement of percentage, points, etc. It is achievable because looking at my grades allows me to conclude where I stand in the class and how much better I need to perform. This KPI is relevant because my grades are very important to me and my future. Finally, it is time-variant because I can identify my performance in beginning of the semester and compare it to how I’m doing in the past couple weeks.

  • One KPI I use almost every day is the alarm clock app on my phone. This app is specific to me because I can set whatever time I want on it and it has a relevant purpose to me – to wake me up and make sure that I am not late to any of my daily activities.

  • A KPI I frequently use is the checking weather app. This app can tell me the real-time weather before I go outside. Also, I can check the whole day and the next week so that I can make prepared for the next week. It can predict the percentage of rain and the humidity. It makes me know the highest and lowest temperature of the current day.

  • A KPI I use very frequently is my PNC banking account app. It is specific and measurable because it tells me how much money I have in my account. It is achievable because it helps me not having to take cash out and instead to use money virtually. It’s relevant because it helps me pay for my expenses at school and in life. It’s also timely because it lets me know of my transaction history in case anything looks incorrect.

  • A KPI I use everyday is my Email. It’s achievable and measurable because It tells me how many emails I need to read, otherwise I may miss some important information. I can know what I should do next. Reading emails helps me make my plan. It’s relevant because I use my email to keep in touch with my friends, get announcement from my instructors, and find information about campus events.

  • A KPI I use everyday is the Yahoo Finannce App on my phone. This app presents real time stock trading that shows current performance and past performance in the form of percentages and points indicating whether a stock’s price has gone up or down in relation to where it was priced at previously. This allows me to predict market trends that allow me to gain profit. It is achievable because I can see where the stock is likely to go and make changes to my investments accordingly. It is also relevant because as an economics major and an investor I need to be able to make accurate predictions and base my future decision making off of how the market is and has acted over time.

  • An example of a KPI I use on a regularly is the calories burned counter on the treadmills, elliptical, and bikes at the gym. It is specific and measurable because it shows the amount of calories I worked of while exercising. It is achievable because I can change my work out in order to burn more calories. It is also relevant because knowing the amount of calories a burn is import to knowing if I had an efficient workout and that is important to my health. It is timely to as I can then keep track of my calories burned for the hour, day, week, month.

  • My battery percentage on my phone is a KPI I use regularly. It is Specific and Measurable, the percentage is precisely determined. Its achievable because I can use my phone more or less to get to a certain percent. The relevance is that my phone is something I use throughout the day everyday. I can check my battery every couples minutes or hours.

  • One KPI I used is an online bank app. This app is convenient because I can use it check my account. I use it usually when I buy something online.

  • A KPI I use every day is “weather” app on my phone. I check the weather to get dress and it also tells me if I need to bring an umbrella. The “weather” app helps a lot with checking the temperature and provides me conveniences.

  • A KPI I use in my everyday life is my computer’s battery life. It is Specific because it provides an exact percentage of “energy” it is at. It is Measurable because it provides an actual percentage. It is achievable, because depending on the amount I use my computer, the batter will be at a different percentage, so the more it’s used the less battery is available. It is relevant, because it tells me if I need to recharge my computer or not, and that is an item I use everyday and for almost every class. It is Time based, because the battery can be checked during certain periods of the day when I’m using my computer.

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