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Weekly Question #10: Complete by December 4, 2017

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on Dec. 4, 2017. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Here is the question:

Think about a data-driven service that you use regularly (i.e., Blackboard,, Facebook). Imagine you want to store the data for that service in a spreadsheet – what would each row in the spreadsheet represent? What would some of the data columns be?

(For example, stores restaurant reviews. A row would be an individual review, and some columns would be the name of the restaurant, the type of food they serve, the address, the star rating, and the name of the reviewer.)

29 Responses to Weekly Question #10: Complete by December 4, 2017

  • Amazon:

    Each row would be a product. Columns would be product name, description, price, seller, customer reviews, number of sales for this item, and number currently in storage.

  • Etsy:
    Each row would be the product.
    Each column would be the company that sells it, the product name, the country it ships from, the price, category of product, overall rating out of 5 and reviews by customers.

  • Gamestop:
    Each of the rows would be the product. Each of the columns would be the name of the game/product, the price of the game/product, the genre of the game, etc.

  • 12/03/2017
    Jeffrey Rodriguez
    Data Science 0855


    The data driven service I would use would be FaceBook. My row will consist of log in and log out frequency. The columns will be of the number of member logging in/out, the region in which they log in/out from, and last but not time frame of their last log in/out.

  • Google Drive
    Each row would represent the file stored in the drive
    The columns would represent data about the file including: its location in the drive, the file type, the file size, the date it was uploaded, the last date it was modified or downloaded, and the author of the file.

  • Amazon
    rows would be the products
    Each column would be things like price, rating, reviews, product categories, etc.

    Rows will represent the makes
    The column will represent the models, as well as fuel economy. Also, the customer views.

  • Ebay
    Rows would be goods and used items
    Column would be product name, ratings, comments, product condition, prices, etc.

  • For Amazon, the row would be product and the column would be price, name, rating, and quantity.

  • Microsoft OneDrive
    Each row would represent a file or folder.
    The columns would contain details about the file or folder being its name, sync status with computer, the last date it was modified and/or created, the type of file or folder it is, and its size.

  • Twitter
    Each row would represent a tweet from a designated account (or multiple accounts as specified)
    Columns might include the full text of the tweet, metadata such as when it was posted, the number of likes it received, the number of retweets it received, any graphics that were included, and a separate column noting what hashtags were used, if any.

  • Spotify
    Each row would be a song title
    Each column would be the artist, album, year published, publisher, genre

  • LinkedIn
    Example row would be a LinkedIn profiled user.
    Example columns would consist of user’s first name, last name, headline, current position, education, country, zip code, city/district, industry, summary, media hyperlinks, set of columns for experience and education, featured skills & endorsements, contact information, and interests.

  • Twitter or Instagram. Columns and rows would consist of the number of likes, views, how many times a particular page was searched for, retweets and the number of comments left under each post, who posted whatever information etc.

  • Spotify:

    Each row would be the title of the song
    Each column would be the artist (featured artists), album, year, genre, and length of song

  • Apple Music (iTunes)
    Each row would be the song title
    Each column would be the artist, album, year, genre, any additional information

  • Amazon
    Product would be each row.
    Description, price, brand, customer reviews, rating, and quantity of goods in stock would be each column.

  • Twitter:
    Each row would be my likes and retweets
    Each column would be the number of comments, quote tweets, retweets, and the users associated with each of those.

  • Google Photo

    Along the 1st column should be the name of the picture or mini picture,file size, picture dimensions, file type, time and date, description of picture. Inside the rows such be data corresponding with the column titles.

  • Netflix
    Netflix likely has two types of databases: users & titles.
    For their users they likely have columns including: Unique user ID,subscription type, number of screens currently active, and a record for titles viewed by the account.
    For the titles they likely have columns including: Unique title ID, film type (TV or Movie), genre, director, cast, description, and year released.

  • YouTube:
    Each row would be a video. Columns would include channel/uploader, duration, likes, dislikes, views, and number of comments.

  • Amazon

    Each row would be the product. The columns would be customer rating, amount for sale, number of reviews, number of sales, and price of product.

  • Twitter
    Each row would be the name of the user.
    Each column would be number of followers, number of following, number of tweets, number of likes, and number of media posts.

  • Something I use often is blackboard if there was a spreadsheet for this i think it would go as follows. The Columns would probably be – classes, grades. And the rows maybe would be: in class assignments, quizzes, exams, extra credit opportunities.

  • (online clothing retailer):

    Each row would be the Order # that I have placed
    Each column would be Number of Items in the order, Type/Name of item, Date Ordered, Date Shipped, Date received, Return/Exchange, etc.

  • Facebook
    The row would be posts and the column would be number of likes and shares and comments of users

  • Youtube.
    The rows could be channel names, columns could be likes, subscribers, views, comments, ads watched and ads skipped.

    I would expect and Amazon spreadsheet to include customer purchases in its rows. Naturally, there would be dozens of differing columns. A few of them would include: Product purchase, time spent searching, cost of product, customer’s name, customer’s identification number, frequency of customer purchases.

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