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Weekly Question #10: Complete by April 14, 2016

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on April 14, 2016. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Leave a post about your group project:

  1. What is the subject of your group project?
  2. Which of your fellow scholars are in your group?

Only one group member has to make the post (only one post per group), but for your other group members to get credit they need to be mentioned in the post.

12 Responses to Weekly Question #10: Complete by April 14, 2016

  • My group is Chloe McCormack (me), Rebecca Jackson, Melanie McComb, Nicholas Fieo, and Caroline Buckley. We decided to clean and analyze a data set that is a playlist called “Top Thousand Songs to Hear Before You Die”.

  • The subject of our group project is whether there is a difference between the efficiency of foul shots made at home versus at away games in the NBA. We will be using data from last year’s (2014-2015) NBA season because if we used data from this year it would constantly change. Some of the data we will be using is percentage of foul shots made (home and away) and percentage of foul shots attempted (home and away). The members in our group are Justin Kish, Kyle Haberman, Shane Burke, Jake Epstein and myself.

  • The subject of our group project is to predict that which team will be in the NBA finals this year. We choose the data set of assists per turnover, points per game, points differential, field goal percentage. All of those data are in 2015-2016 regular season. The group members are Bridget, Rachel, Cheng, Enshen (me).

  • The members of our group consists of Hung Quang Dang, Mike Baker, Nurrin Ajmal Nurrinanuwar, Shuguang Li, and myself. The subject of our project is determining whether or not drunk driving fatality rates have decreased with the inception of Uber.

  • Our group subject will be focused on What teams will make the 2016 NBA finals this year. Our group members consist of Bridget Warlea,Cheng Zheng, Enshen Guan, and myself.

  • Our project will focus on high school graduation rates in Pennsylvania, looking at differences by location, gender, and race. The group members are Kelsey Penney, Andrew Davis, Christian Winkler, Yan Chen, & Xiaoxue Xia.

  • The subject of our group project is the research of population and ownership of pets (specifically dogs and cats) to suggest development strategies for pet care companies.
    Our team has Ngoc-Tran Tran, Arlo Ante, Nhan H Nguyen, Jiayue Zhu and Ngoc Pham.

  • Our team is working on determining the relationship between high school drop-out rates, household incomes and crime rates in different districts in Philadelphia.

    Our team consists of:
    – Qisheng Chen.
    – Erin R. Kearney
    – Heshuo Zhang
    – Yi Xuan Zhou
    – Linh H. Dang (me)

  • Our team will present the Rise and Decline of Kobe Bryant. Our team has Kevin Bradley, Korah Sabu, Nate Tomcho, Stanley John, and Christopher Jackson

  • Our team is trying to answer the question: Where would a recent temple graduate want to live? For this question we are using crime and income data for various zip codes in the Philadelphia area. Our group is myself, Melissa Huck, Ryan Mroz, Gabrielle Weaver, and Ebony (xuying jiang).

  • Our team is using 2013 MLB baseball statistics to find out which teams and players performed the best. We also are using the statistics to identify which positions have the highest and lowest batting averages.

    James Dantonio
    Anthony Brusco
    Michael Murray
    John Barone

  • Laura Nguyen, Megan George, Samantha Reagan, Joe Guadagno. We found a website detailing Indego transportation data sets. We plan to analyze the usage duringa seasonal period.

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