Section 005, Instructor: Joe Spagnoletti


Welcome to MIS 0855 005 – Data Science


Course Description

We are all drowning in data, and so is your future employer. Data pours in from sources as diverse as social media, customer loyalty programs, weather stations, smartphones, and credit card purchases. How can you make sense of it all? Those that can turn raw data into insight will be tomorrow’s decision-makers; those that can solve problems and communicate using data will be tomorrow’s leaders. This course will teach you how to harness the power of data by mastering the ways it is stored, organized, and analyzed to enable better decisions. You will get hands-on experience by solving problems using a variety of powerful, computer-based data tools virtually every organization uses. You will also learn to make more impactful and persuasive presentations by learning the key principles of presenting data visually.


Course Objectives

Describe how advances in technology enable the field of data science

  • Locate sources of data relevant to their field of study
  • Identify and correct problems with data sets to facilitate analysis
  • Combine data sets from different sources
  • Assess the quality of a data source
  • Convey meaningful insights from a data analysis through visualizations
  • Analyze a data set using pivot tables
  • Determine meaning in textual data using text mining
  • Identify when advanced analytics techniques are appropriate
  • Predict events that will occur together using association mining
Office Hours

Joe Spagnoletti (instructor)

Office: Speakman 207H

Hours: (1:20-1:50, 3:00) M, W, F by appointment.


TA: Prince Patel