MIS 0855-006: Data Science Fall 2018

Section 006, Instructor: Sezgin Ayabakan

Assignment 2: Cleaning a Data Set

Assignment 2 is due Friday October 26 at 11:59PM. Here are the instructions (in Word).  Make sure you read them carefully!  This is an assignment that should be done individually.

And here is the data file you’ll need: VandelayOrders(Jan).xlsx.

When your assignment is complete, you’re going to submit both files (answer sheet in .docx or .pdf format, and cleaned .xlsx file) through Canvas

Study Guide for Exam 1

Here is the study guide for the first exam.

Couple of items for your attention:

Exam info:

  • Day: Oct 5, Friday
  • Time: Between 9:00am and 9:50am
  • Location: Alter 232
  • Closed-book and -notes. No computers.

I will hold an exam review sessions on Monday and Wednesday during our regular class time and location.

Extra Credit Assignment – Comcast NBCUniversal Analytics Challenge

Temple is hosting a university-wide data visualization contest–Comcast NBCUniversal Analytics Challenge.

Guideline for participation is posted here. Participation rules:

  • Any student currently enrolled at Temple University can participate.
    • PhD students may not enter.
  • Work individually or in teams.
  • No registration required.
  • Choose one of the three challenges and address one or more of the questions for that challenge.

You can pick any of these three challenges:

  1. Comcast NBCUniversal: How can media companies align with esports?
  2. AmerisourceBergen: Why do pharmacies buy drugs from non-primary vendors
  3. Alexion: Who are the winners and losers in healthcare funding and payments?

Follow the guideline for further details and what and how to submit your work.

Extra credit rule:

  • Once you submit, email me your submission to get an extra credit.
  • If your submission is comprehensive enough (addressing the question asked by the company), you will receive 5 points towards your lowest exam score. Simply, your lowest exam score will be increased by 5 points.
  • Last day to submit your work to the challenge is Oct 31.

Other possible benefits:

There are multiple categories to win and if you win in any of those categories you will receive a cash prize 🙂 Total cash prize is $12,000 this year.


Assignment 1: Analyze a Data Set Using Tableau due Oct 1

Assignment 1 Due is Oct 1.

Assignment 1 guideline can be reached from this link.

And here is the data file you will need to complete the assignment [In-Class Exercise 2.1 – 2015 Car Fuel Econ [Start].xlsx].

You will submit two files: 1) Answer Worksheet as a docx or pdf file, and 2) Your finished Tableau file.

When your assignment is complete, you’re going to use Canvas to submit your work. Additional detail is provided in the guideline attached above.

Office Hours

Sezgin Ayabakan, PhD (Instructor)

Office: Speakman 201B

Office hours: by appointment

ITA information

Cong Ngo


Office: Alter 240G

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30 – 3:30 pm