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Exam 2 and Grades

Grades are officially posted in the MIS Community Gradebook. You have to let me know of any issues with grades by Friday December 5th. I will not be entertaining any questions regarding grades after that time.


Exam 2 (Final) will be in our regular classroom  Alter 31 at 5:30pm Monday Dec 8th. You must plan to arrive on time and be ready with a pencil. We will start immediately and everyone will have 1 hour to complete the exam.  It will be  a closed book, 40 question, multiple choice format exam with the answers recorded on scantrons that I will provide. You must bring a pencil!


Good Luck!

Grades are posted for Project 2 and Project 3 Parts 4 and 5

Grades for Project 2 and Project 3 Parts 4 and 5 have been updated. You must review you grade by the end of the Day Monday December 1st. Any grade questions related to projects 2 and 3 must be submitted to me by that deadline, the grades become permanent after that.

Here are the grading rubrics for the two assignments:

Project 3 sections 4 and 5 Rubric for MIS2101 Prof Latko for posting

Project-2-SAP-Questions Answer Rubric Latko for posting


You can find your grades once you log into this site:

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Project 2 Update (Extended deadline opportunity)

Good Afternoon MIS2101,
For many of you who tried to work on Project2  Monday evening and most of Tuesday, there have been more than a fair share of issues connecting to the online client.  I apologize that your experience with the project turned out this way. The test server that client is accessed from does not have the band width and could not handle all the traffic from usage.


The project was due on 11/11 by the end of the day. If you submitted it on time and you are happy with the submission, I will grade it as is and offer some sort of extra credit for all of you who turned it on time.


For anyone who did not finish, or submitted it incomplete or late, I will extend the deadline for Project 2 until Sunday 11/16/14 end of the day with no penalty.
Below are some new directions and opportunities for you to (1) download the SAP client on a MAC or a PC on your own personal computer,  or (2)go to any of the computer labs in ALTER HALL where the client have been installed for you (mainly Alter 602/603), or again try to use (3)the webclient (good luck with that when 240 students are trying to get on at the same time!).




Here are some extra directions to help you through this attempt.



  1. Install SAP GUI on your machine – (Guides to follow for installation) Follow this link if you would like to download and install the SAP GUI on your own machine (PC or Mac) and complete the assignment using your own machine instead of the machines in the Alter 602/603 labs.





Logging in to SAP Simply logging in to SAP can be a bit of a challenge.  You will need more than an account and a password.  See this document for tips for logging in.
I am working on getting more log in accounts. It may take a few more days. If you still have your log in I recently gave you please try it. If you need another please email me directly.


I hope this helps. I wanted to respond earlier or even yesterday but I did not have all the answers I needed until now.

Plerase note! Project 3 Parts 4 and 5 are still due next Tuesday 11/18/14. Please submit a word document with your answers for parts 4 and 5 to the same drop box we used for the earlier submission of Project 3.  Remeber we need everyone to visit the posted portfolios above and below your posted portfolio on my Project 3 Blog Page.

Any questions please email me directly at


Have a great night and see you next Monday, Prof Latko



Articles for Class 11/10/14

Supply Chain in a context we all can understand.

Apple’s Supply Chain – There are Human Costs, Too

From The Verge – Latest audit on two Chinese Apple suppliers finds labor, health violations: 



“If companies want to do business with us, they must uphold the highest commitment to human rights.” – Apple

When managing a supply chain as massive as Apple’s, company executives must be aware of the impact that its sourcing can have on certain locations and those who live in said communities. If firms fail to engage in humane business practices – as is noted in the text – their image of a company can be tarnished, or even destroyed. Over the past few years, Apple has come under intense scrutiny regarding the working conditions of factories in its supply chain. While Apple has gone to great lengths to regulate how its suppliers treat their employees, infractions remain.

According to a recent report (as described in my article), Audits continue to find infractions in the way Apple’s suppliers treat their employees. The Fair Labor Association, which Apple is a member of, found issues relating to “excessive overtime, underpayment of sick wages, and inadequate health and safety measures.” While Apple claims it closely tracks weekly labor hours, it is clear that many suppliers continue to overwork some of their employees. 

Firms must consider the human impact of their supply chain when they discuss and determine SCM planning and execution. They should also use analytics to track the well being of  those in their supply chain.


Discussion Questions:

1. What impact can poor working conditions have on supply chain execution and performance? How would supply chain analytics help track this correlation?

2. Can supply chain planning (SCP) have an impact on the working conditions of employees? Why or why not?

3. Are large companies, such as Apple, responsible for the working conditions in factories, of their supply chain, which they do not own?



Comcast Acts To Reform Customer Service

CRM is a major component in a business’s strategy to be successful. But what happens when there is little competition? Comcast, one of the largest (as well as one of the few) cable and internet providers is looking to improve upon its customer service. A Comcast executive, Charlie Herrin, has become the vice president of “customer experience” and plans to help make Comcast deliver the best customer experience possible. After being ranked last in customer service surveys, as well as having viral videos of terrible customer service on the internet, Herrin hopes to improve upon customer service pain points. In the article, Herrin does not state how they will improve, just that he wants the company to improve. This article also comes from a controversial time for Comcast, where the company is hoping for a merger with Time-Warner cable, and is also fighting the issue of Net Neutrality.


1. In a market with little competition and difficulty to switch service providers, How important did you think CRM is?

2. Based off of the past history of Comcast, What changes do you think will happen to their Customer Support process? Could there be no change?

3. In past issues, it appears that Comcast has the most problems with its call center. What would you change to improve the call centers? Would you just get rid of them all together?


Salesforce @ Temple University Nov 3rd

Salesforce @ Temple University

Learn to Build Mobile Apps


9:30am & 1:30pm

Anderson HallRoom 22  |  Temple University


Want to add one of the top paying tech skills to your resume before graduation? Salesforce skills are in high demand in the job market, and now is your opportunity to learn. 

Whether you are an experienced programmer or have never touched code before you can build web and mobile apps using the Salesforce platform.


Join us for one or both of these hands-on workshops:

  • Intro to Visual App Development: 9:30-11:30 am

In this session you will learn how you can use Salesforce to build an app without writing a single line of code.  This is a great introduction to the Salesforce platform for all levels.

  • Intro to Programmatic App Development: 1:30-3:30 pm

Do you have some programming experience but are new to the Salesforce1 Platform? In this session we’ll show you how to use Visualforce Pages to create rich user interfaces, SOQL to access data, and Apex to create classes and database triggers.

Space is limited so register to reserve your spot!

Project 3 Posted

Project 3 is now assigned and posted under the Project 3 Tab on the left side menu.


Professor Latko’s MIS2101 class on Monday Oct 27th is being hosted in the computer of ALTER 602 with Emily Dryden the TA for 2101.  Emily will be available for hep with Project 3 from 5:30pm until 8pm. This is not a free pass not to come to class. This is your chance to get help on Project 3. Emily will have a sign in sheet. We will not have a regular class lecture for Oct 27th.


Project 3 parts 1,2,3 are due on November 2nd.

Project 3 Parts 4 and 5 are due November 18th.

Exam 1 Grade Posted

MIS2101 Exam 1, Quizzes before the midterm and Project 1 grades are posted. It is your responsibility to check your grade and contact me if you have questions.  These grades posted will become permanent with no further discussion if I do not hear from you by Monday Oct 30th. No exceptions.


Anyone who scored below a 70% will get an U-G (unsatisfactory-grade) for your official mid-term report. There is still plenty of time and plenty of point to earn moving forward.


Project 3 will be assigned tonight.