MIS 2101 – Moustafellos

ePortfolio Grades – part 1

Today I posted your grades for the first part of the ePortfolio assignment.

The grades posted are an “in progress” grade based on the work to date.  This is not an absolute grade for the project – only an indicator.

This is the first of 3 parts.  The most significant part is the 3rd part where you interpret the results you receive from Google Analytics.

Anyone with a 9 – consider it a warning of where you could end up.  Continue to improve your sites, fill in any missing information and do a great job with the remaining 2 parts.

Everyone has an opportunity to recover.


Submitting Assignment #2

Several of you have asked how to submit Assignment #2.  Please bring a print out of the relevant screen shots to class on Thursday.  If you print double-sided it should only be 1 sheet of paper.

Thanks.  See you Thursday

Class on Thursday 3/22 – The Supply Chain Game!

Due to a scheduling conflict, I will not be in class on Thursday.  Professor Richard Flanagan will be covering the class on Thursday.  It will be a fun-filled evening as he directs you through the “Supply Chain Game” – a learning tool originally developed for Rohm and Haas.  Please show Rich every courtesy and make him feel welcome.  Besides – the material covered will be on the final exam….


SAP passwords and help desk schedule

Many of you have asked about the SAP passwords and help desk.

This is the message I received from the person coordinating access:

“Due to technical difficulties the SAP site will be up and running March 21, 2011. The Help Desk will take place from March 21st to April 5th.”

NO SECTIONS HAVE THE INFORMATION YET.  Anything you see on the site is old information from last semester.

Below is the link to the list for our section for those of you who would like it before the 21st.  This is the passwords and the help desk schedule

SAP_StudentAccountAssignments_Sec 03 SP12

Assignment #1 Review with Cristina

Cristina will be available on Monday 3/19/12 from 2:45 to 3:45 in SPEAKMAN 205D on the second floor of speakman, to review anyone’s project one grades.

No need to make an appoint just show up between 2:45 and 3:45

Eportfolio Helpful Hints

Hi Class,

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving emails regarding your e-portfolios.  Here are some tips to help make sure you are on the right  path:
  1. Make sure the photograph being used is business professional.
  2. Keeping it sweet and simple is best.  Try not to have long congested  paragraphs!  Your e-portfolio should be easy on the eyes and not a book.
  3. Remember: future employers use e-portfolios as an extension  of your resume.  Make sure you are representing yourself in a positive and business professional manner.
  4. Keep your layout consistent throughout your site- it shows professionalism.
  5. Highlight your best attributes which will help you stand out (i.e.  academics, clubs, community service, previous and current employers,  etc.)
  6. When it comes to hobbies and interests, keep it to topics you would include on a resume.
  7. Keep in mind that e-portfolios help employers view a students achievements, resume, and interests.  From there, employers select the  individual he or she would want to employ.  Make sure your e-portfolio  showcases “the best version of YOU”
  8. Make sure you are following the requirements provided by Professor Moustafellos regarding your e-portfolios.
  9. There should be at least three reasonable sections- but try to do more than the minimum requirement!
  10. Why have search?  The “search” key holds no purpose- therefore, do not have one.
  11. Makes sure that you have hit the five main requirements which are a (1) professional picture, (2) some info and a greeting on the welcome page, (3) 3 righthand tabs with info of your choice about career aspirations or activities etc., (4) A full version of resume, (5) a printable pdf link to your resume
I will also check each e-portfolio and send individual feedback, but making sure the following tips above are satisfied will ensure you are  on the right path.
Keep up with your e-portfolios!

ePortfolio questions

Many of you have had questions and technical issues regarding the ePortfolio process. To make things easier and to alleviate some of the stress about this assignment, CAREFULLY READ the following:

1.  The assignment due date will be Sunday 3/18 at 5:00pm

2. Please consult the ePortfolio site for information.  Most of your questions can be answered by using the resources available to you.  Look specifically at the “Samples and Resources” tab (at the top of the page), the link to “Problem creating blog” (on the right column) and also the “Common Mistakes” (on the bottom).  Here is the link:


3. Elias Hessler is the MIS Department’s ePortfolio resource and “help desk”.  Elias will come to class on Thursay to talk about the process and general qualities of a good ePortfolio.   You may contact him with technical questions and for advice.  Please DO NOT CALL OR TEXT HIM.  He will only respond to emails.  He can be reached at elias.hessler@temple.edu

4. When you think your portfolio is ready to submit (by Sunday 3/18), email it to Cristina.  She will review it and let you know if it is complete.  If it is not – she will notify you.  If it meets the criteria she will forward it to me.

5. When you email Cristina the SUBJECT LINE MUST SAY:  MIS 2101 ePortfolio Preview. If you do not include this subject, it will not be filtered properly in her mailbox and will not be recorded.  Cristina’s email is:   tuc73996@temple.edu

6.  The following comments were sent by Laurel Miller in the MIS Department regarding submitting emails to be posted on the MIS Community Site.  NO one should submit their portfolios to her at this time.  They are not ready to meet the departments criteria.

“I received about 15 entries today of which only 1 had actual content in it (and was minimal at that).   The rest created a link and submitted that without any content on their page.  Many students are not looking at the samples and resources tab on the e-portfolio site.  This pretty much spells out what they should and should not include on their site so it is important for them to look at it. 

Please reiterate to them that they should only submit to the e-portfolio site if they really put time and effort into creating their page and they have some real content on there.  They should not submit if they just put a picture up and their resume and a link to where they work.  This is not enough to get posted.  I want to see descriptions of the work that they have done at their places of employment or pages dedicated to their internships and projects that they have worked on.  I want to see examples of class work (doesn’t have to be only MIS stuff).  I want to see descriptions of volunteer work or hobbies/interests.  There needs to be some real depth to these in order to get approved now.”

Hopefully this answers most of your questions.



PROJECT 3 PART 1: helpful tips

Project 3 is to create a digital portfolio as a means to manage your online identity.  Part 1 of this assignment is to create the portfolio, followed by analyzing it through Google Analytics.

The first part is due March 15th.

Below is the process to create your e-portfolio and then submit it.

  1. go to http://community.mis.temple.edu/eportfolios/
  2. click on the link http://community.mis.temple.edu/blogs/create/
  3. create a site name (usually your initials and last name like JCMoustafellos)
  4. create a site title (use your whole name James C Moustafellos)
  5. select the option to have it be searchable
  6. click OK
  7. use the information available on the tabs at the top of the page to create and build you site

When you are done, send the url of your site to Cristina Vigilante at tuc73996@temple.edu.  Cristina will look over your site and if it still needs work, send you suggestions.  If your site meets our minimal standards she will pass it on to me.  I may make additional suggestions for improvements but once I get your site you have completed Part 1 of the assignment.

The page also talks about getting your site posted.  Wait until the end of the semester for that as the criteria are significant and your site will be rejected if it doesn’t meet them.  By the time we are done, your site should be fine and accepted on your first try.

MIDTERM Study Tips

The midterm is multiple choice.  You MUST  bring a pencil.

Now that you have had a chance to study and mull over for yourself what would be important to know for the midterm, here are some helpful hints to guide your final hours of studying.

Some important concepts:

Defining “Information Systems”

–       their structure and role in organizations

–       types of systems, who uses them and how

–       the development process


–       including Friedman’s video (available free online through MIT World) – key concepts

IT and business trends

Types of Ecommerce and their respective business models


Some basic tips:

–       Read the chapters covered thus far

–       Review the lecture slides carefully

–       The self-study questions at the end of the chapters are good practice

–       Strive to do your best


See you Thursday evening.  Good luck!