MIDTERM Study Tips

The midterm is multiple choice.  You MUST  bring a pencil.

Now that you have had a chance to study and mull over for yourself what would be important to know for the midterm, here are some helpful hints to guide your final hours of studying.

Some important concepts:

Defining “Information Systems”

–       their structure and role in organizations

–       types of systems, who uses them and how

–       the development process


–       including Friedman’s video (available free online through MIT World) – key concepts

IT and business trends

Types of Ecommerce and their respective business models


Some basic tips:

–       Read the chapters covered thus far

–       Review the lecture slides carefully

–       The self-study questions at the end of the chapters are good practice

–       Strive to do your best


See you Thursday evening.  Good luck!


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