MIS 2101.001 – Carey O’Donnell – Spring 2017

Carey O'Donnell

I am very pleased to join the Fox School and MIS Department as an Associate Professor beginning in the Fall of 2010. I have been teaching MIS courses as an adjunct at Temple for almost 10 years, and will now be based at the Main Campus. My business career spans almost 30 years, holding a variety of sales, marketing, and senior management positions with firms like Emerson, Chloride, C&D Technologies, and Invensys plc. I was a co-founder in 1997 of The Cactus Integration Group, a telecommunications engineering and deployment firm focused on power, voice, and signal infrastructure. Cactus achieved over $90 Million in annual sales within three years of its inception, and was sold to a large multinational in the Fall of 2000. In addition to my teaching, I am a co-founder and principal of Mesa Technical Associates, Inc., a turn-key solutions provider focused on power infrastructure applications for the telecommunications and utility sectors. I am married with two children. My primary hobby is restoring and flying warbird aircraft, and I am a member of a formation & aerobatic flying team known as the North East Raiders.

MaxLabs Help Desk

For anyone needing help with their MaxLabs assignment, there is a Help Desk schedule and locations where you can get technical support.  Here is the schedule this week:

Here’s the schedule for the Max Labs 1-3 help desk:
Monday Feb 202-4PM in Alter 602 
Tuesday Feb 21: 9-11AM in Alter 603 
Wednesday Feb 229-11AM in Alter 602 
Thursday Feb 235-8PM in Alter 602 
Friday Feb 249-10AM in Alter 602 

Slide Presentations





Exam 1 Activity 01 – Sample Mini-Case Review

Unit 3

Unit 3 Activity 03 – Filling in the Income Statement

Unit 3 Activity 04 – Decision Making with Neural Networks

Unit 3 Activity 03 – Filling in the Income Statement

Unit 3 Activity 04 – Decision Making with Neural Networks

Unit 3 Activity 05 – Gathering Systems Requir

Unit 3 Activity 06 – The Long Tail

Unit 4

Unit 4 Activity 01 – SCM and the Income Statement

Unit 4 Activity 02 – SCM Sourcing Planning



Exam 2 Activity 02 – Exam Prep




Class iT/A’s

This section has 3 iT/A’s, who are high-performing students who are help to help you with any issues, questions, or problems you may have during the semester.  Each student in class will be assigned to one of these iT/A’s; you will be receiving an email from your assigned iT/A shortly.

You will be given instructions by your assigned iT/A on how to submit out of class assignments electronically going forward.

The iT/A’s are:

Hana (Lead iT/A):  xiaozhou.yu@temple.edu 

Rhea tuf26364@temple.edu
Bridget bridget.silk@temple.edu

Office Hour 

Hana –  Wed, Fri 10:00 AM-12:00PM

Rhea – Mon, Wed 2:00PM-3:30PM;  Tue 1:00PM-2:30PM

Bridget – Thu 3:30PM-6:30PM

Location: Spk 207

You are welcome to any sessions above.