Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 2101.002 – Marie-Christine Martin – Spring 2017

Welcome to MIS2101

Welcome to MIS2101, Information Systems in Organizations.  We will not be using Blackboard for this class.  Instead we’ll be using this site which is hosted by Community.MIS.Temple.Edu.  This site is built on WordPress, a world class open-source blogging tool.  As part of completing the assignments in MIS2101 you will gain some experience with WordPress and other technologies.

Unlike most intro courses, this course has no required textbook.  The traditional textbook has been replaced by a collection of readings and videos that are freely available over the Internet.  Another way you will find this class very different than most classes you will take at any university is that this class is “activity based”.  With this type of class there is far less traditional lecture.  We will used the time that is freed up from lectures to complete in-class activities that help students develop a deeper and more genuine understanding of the material that is discussed during our class discussions.

On this site you will find all of the required course materials including the syllabus, links to the assigned readings, links to assigned videos, assignments and access to your grades for the course.  In addition announcements will be made in class and/or on this site so it is important that you check this site regularly for announcements.

Final help desk sessions for Max Lab 3

To all, listed below are the dates, times, and locations of the last help desk sessions for Max Labs 3: 
Monday April 3: 2-4PM in Alter 602 
Tuesday April 49-11AM in Alter 603 
Wednesday April 59-11AM in Alter 602 
Thursday April 65-8PM in Alter 602 
Friday April 7: 9-10AM in Alter 602 
Monday April 102-4PM in Alter 602 
Tuesday April 11: 9-11AM in Alter 603 
Wednesday April 129-11AM in Alter 602 
Thursday April 135-7PM in Alter 602 
Friday April 149-10AM in Alter 602 
Note: both Alter 602 and 603 have computers that you can use if you do not have a laptop. 

Max Lab 2 a & b : warnings!

Warning #1:
Some students are not working in Salesforce Classic. The instructions do mention to make sure of this when the student is setting up their account, but we saw when evaluating Max Labs 1ab that many students were in the “lightening experience” version of Salesforce. Students who made this mistake know it- none of their screen shots would have looked quite like the labs.
To fix this:
1) Log into Salesforce
2) Go to the upper right corner of the screen.
3) Click the colored circle with the head & torso of a person in it.
4) Click “Switch to Salesforce Classic”
5) If the screen still doesn’t look quite right, go to the long blue oval in the upper right of the screen. Click it to activate a drop down, then click “Marketing”. 
Warning #2:
Salesforce is putting some accounts (3-5%) into Canadian date format. This hasn’t mattered up to this point, but in 2b, the data import will not work if the account is set to a Canadian date format. Please do the following to double check that they are in the correct date format:
Before starting 2b, log into Salesforce. Then:
1) Click your name that appears near the upper right
2) In the menu that drops down, click My Settings
3) Under the My Settings menu on the left, click Personal
4) Under the menu that appears below, click Language & Time Zone
5) Under the Settings menus that appear in the center of the screen, make sure the Locale one shows “English (United States)”. If it’s showing anything else, then use the menu to set it to “English (United States)”.
6) Click Save

Max Labs #2 : Help desk hours

Hi everyone,
Before long, Max Labs #2 will be due. Just like the last time around, a team of Information Technology Assistants will be running Max Lab Help Desk sessions in the weeks leading up to the submission date of the assignment. 
Many of you will find you are able to complete the assignments on your own without any difficulty, and that is great. But, if you want to attempt the assignment somewhere you know there is a person on hand who can answer any potential questions, then come to one of the many help desk sessions. 
Listed below are the dates, times, and locations of all help desk sessions for Max Labs 1: 
Monday Mar 20: 2-4PM in Alter 602 
Tuesday Mar 219-11AM in Alter 603 
Wednesday Mar 229-11AM in Alter 602 
Thursday Mar 235-8PM in Alter 602 
Friday Mar 24: 9-10AM in Alter 602 
Monday Mar 272-4PM in Alter 602 
Tuesday Mar 28: 9-11AM in Alter 603 
Wednesday Mar 299-11AM in Alter 602 
Thursday Mar 305-8PM in Alter 602 
Friday Mar 319-10AM in Alter 602 
Note: both Alter 602 and 603 have computers that you use if you do not have a laptop. 
Good luck on the assignment and feel free to stop in to a help desk session.
Sean Dougherty

Exam #2 review sessions

Hi MIS 2101 students,
For all of you, exam #2 is approaching. To help you prepare, I will be holding two exam review sessions next week. The review sessions will be held: 
  • Monday March 20th 4-5PM in Alter 602
  • Tuesday March 21st 5-6PM in Alter 602 
The two sessions will cover the same content, so there is no need to attend both. Also, the sessions will be recorded using class capture, so those who are not able to attend in person will be able to watch them. 
There will be three main parts to the review:
1. General studying advice (essentially, I will encourage you to spend a lot of time reviewing the assigned readings, videos, and powerpoints) 
2. Mini case example – I have created a mini case that is similar in structure to the mini case you will see on the exam. It will contain: a narrative, a swimlane diagram with missing components, an ERD with missing components, and a series of multiple choice questions that ask you to fill in the missing components from the diagrams. I will distribute the mini case and give you 30 minutes to complete the questions, and then we will go over it is a group. 
3. I will answer any questions you have about content covered in the course so far.

Max Lab 1 : help desk

To all,
Here’s the schedule for the Max Labs 1 help desk:
Monday Feb 202-4PM in Alter 602 
Tuesday Feb 21: 9-11AM in Alter 603 
Wednesday Feb 229-11AM in Alter 602 
Thursday Feb 235-8PM in Alter 602 
Friday Feb 249-10AM in Alter 602 
Note: both Alter 602 and 603 have computers that you can use if you do not have a laptop. 
ITA will be present to assist students with whatever issues they are having with the assignment.

Learn IT#1 : Please Approve Comments

There appears to have been a glitch with the e-Portfolio site.  As part of completing Learn IT! #1, you need to post a few comments on the sites of other students.  There was a short period of time where comments were not automatically being processed and were being marked as “Pending”.  In this case the owner of the site needs to go into their dashboard and approve the comments before they would show up on the site.  This issue has recently been resolved so, going forward, all comments will automatically be processed.

You may or may not have comments from your classmates pending.  Please login to the e-Portfolio site, go to your dashboard and approve any pending comments from your classmates.