Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 2101.004 – Carey O’Donnell – Fall 2016

Exam 3 Class Capture – Exam Review Session

Here is a link to the Class Capture of the Exam 3 Study Review that was held on Dec 14.  It might be helpful to review this video which covered questions about the study guide material, Swim Lane Diagrams, and ERD’s.


Exam 3 Study Prep

1.) There will be a case study & final exam review session held on Wed December 14, at 2:00 PM in Alter 603.  There will be a review of Swim Lane & ERD diagrams, as well as tips on studying for the final using the readings and study guides.  If you can’t make this session, there will be a class caption video for review.

2.) Sample Case Study:  Attached is a sample case study with answer key that you can use to practice your Swimlane Diagrams and ERD techniques.  

Here is the case study document:  exam-3-activity-01-sample-mini-case-review-new-for-spring-2017-uber-platform-1

Here is the answer key:   mini-case-review-answer-key-uber

Remember!  The final exam is scheduled for Dec 19 in AlterA031 at 5:45 PM!!  Bring a pencil for the Scantrons!


Extra Credit

Here is the extra credit assignment instruction An Hour of Code

You will receive up to 3 points added to your exam 1 grade.

This assignment is due Nov.14

1 point for each required badge: Animate Your Name, About You, Sun Earth & Code

The screenshot should look like this:  


Sample Case Studies: Swim Lane & ERD

Here are three sample case studies you can use to practice for the upcoming exam.  Each case study includes:

  • An initial narrative, that describes the business scenario for the case study.
  • A swim lane diagram, that outlines the ‘business process’ developed from the narrative.
  • An ERD, that defines the data requirements (entities & attributes) to support the swim lane diagram process.

The exam will be comprised of 25 questions; half will come from the readings/slides/study guides, and the other half will come from a case study like these samples.  The key is to 1.) read the narrative very carefully, and then 2.) base your answers to the questions about the swim lane and ERD on the information in the narrative. 





Submit Your Eportfolio Here

You can copy/paste your eportfolio link to this post….paste in the the “Reply” box and we will be able to easily access your site for grading.

The 2nd part of the assignment is the Word document showing your various screen shots, that you can submit to the site link sent out by the iT/A.  If you are confused about how to do this, then bring a hard copy of your screen shots to class and we will accept it.  But submitting the Word document to the site identified by Hana is the easiest and preferred way to submit the assignment.

Office Hours For Class Help

The iT/A assistants have set their office hour schedule for every week, which is located in S[peakman 207.  Here are the schedules:

Bridget: Wednesdays 1-3 pm

Rhea: Mondays 9-10, Wednesdays 9-10, Fridays 9-10

Hana (Xiaozhou): Fridays 1-3 pm

Please utilize these hours for any classroom assistance you need.


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