Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 2101.004 – Carey O’ Donnel – Fall 2018

Exam 2 Review Sessions

Below  is a message from our iTA, Michelle:
I will be holding two review sessions for Exam 2:
  • Monday, October 22, 4-5:30pm in Alter 34.
  • Friday, October 26, 6-7:30pm in Alter 32.
I will be doing the same thing for both sessions so students can just attend one of them. The session will also be recorded on Class Capture.
As usual, I will NOT be covering all of the exam materials but rather, students are expected to come with questions. Mart has set up a link for them to ask questions in advance:
They can leave a “Reply” to the post listing questions that they would like to have answered during the review session. I will then compile these questions to be addressed during the session.
Thank you!

MaxLab Help Desk Sessions

In preparation for Max Labs 1 deliverables, a team of Information Technology Assistants (iTAs) will be holding help desk sessions to to help you all complete these assignments successfully!
All sessions will be held in Alter 602 at various times and days from 10/10 – 10/22. For the most part, two iTAs will be on hand during each session. They will not be leading any sort of instruction – they will simply be there to help you with any questions or difficulties you might have.
Although many of you will find that you can complete the assignments on your own, feel free to come to one of the help desk sessions if you want to work on the assignment knowing there is a person on hand who can answer any potential questions.
Listed below are the dates and times of all help desk sessions for Max Labs 1: 
Wednesday, Oct 17: 3-5PM
Thursday, Oct 18: 5-8PM
Friday, Oct 19: 1-4PM
Monday, Oct 22: 3-5PM
Note: Alter 602 has computers that you can use if you do not have a laptop. 

Exam Review Session Class Capture

In case you couldn’t attend the review session yesterday, here is the link to the class capture:

The slides are also attached here:

Exam 1 Review Session


Practice Case Study:

Pizza Delivery Narrative and Questions

Practice Case Study KEY:

Pizza Delivery Narrative and Questions – [KEY]


Exam 1 Review Session

Hi class – 

In preparation for your upcoming exam (October 1st), our Diamond Peer, Michelle, will be hosting a review session tomorrow afternoon, 9/24 from 4:00 – 5:30, in Alter Room 603. She will be reviewing common questions regarding the exam. Please come prepared with any questions you have, or submit them in advance as a comment on the post at this link:

Tutorial: How to submit an ICA

Hi Section 4 – 

We are going to be moving In-Class Activities submission to Canvas this semester. You will have till midnight the day of class to submit the work you did while in class. You can simply scan your activity sheet or take a picture with your cell phone (both sides of the paper must be visible) and submit the photo on Canvas. Please see the attached video for a tutorial if needed. I highly recommend downloading the Canvas Student app to make this process very easy on you. You can take a picture using your cell phone and submit it directly through the app. Any questions can be addressed in class tonight. See you all there!


Welcome to MIS2101

Welcome to MIS2101, Information Systems in Organizations.  We will not be using Canvas for this class.  Instead we’ll be using this site which is hosted by Community.MIS.Temple.Edu.  This site is built on WordPress, a world class open-source blogging tool.  As part of completing the assignments in MIS2101 you will gain some experience with WordPress and other technologies.

Unlike most intro courses, this course has no required textbook.  The traditional textbook has been replaced by a collection of readings and videos that are freely available over the Internet.  Another way you will find this class very different than most classes you will take at any university is that this class is “activity based”.  With this type of class there is far less traditional lecture.  We will used the time that is freed up from lectures to complete in-class activities that help students develop a deeper and more genuine understanding of the material that is discussed during our class discussions.

On this site you will find all of the required course materials including the syllabus, links to the assigned readings, links to assigned videos, assignments and access to your grades for the course.  In addition announcements will be made in class and/or on this site so it is important that you check this site regularly for announcements.