MIS 2101.006 – Leonard Nelson – Spring 2018

Learn IT! Assignment #1 Rubric

Learn IT! Assignment #1 is evaluated based on the table and guidelines below:

The total number of points for this assignment is 13. 

Pass-High – All items completed or missing 1 item

Pass – Missing 2 to 4 items

Fail – Missing 5 or more items

Missing – Not submitted or received

Part 0 – Submission Instructions

a) File named based on instructions e.g. LastName_First Name_2101Section6_LearnIT1 and has Name/TUid in the document


Part 1 – Digital Identity

a) Take a screen shot of your profile (Hello,…, Profile, View).

b) Locate the profiles of two other people who share at least two of your Skills and Interests. Take a screen shot of each of their respective profiles.

c) Circle or highlight the common Skills and Interests.


Part 2 – Digital portfolio

a) Use your full name as your site title

b) Have at least three pages including “My Interests”

c) Delete all the extra posts and pages that were automatically added by the system.

d) Take a screen shot of the e-portfolio home page which shows the home page and the links to the additional pages.


Part 3 – Analytics

a) Screen shot of Google Analytics “Overview” page


Part 4 – Build a professional network

Screen shot that shows the activities:

a) Public message to student with similar interests (“Post an Update”)

b) Visit site of student and leave professional relevant comment (“New Activity Comment”) ([NOT REQUIRED FOR MIS MAJORS])

c) Post message about interest to ‘community of practice’ (Professional Interest Group)

d) Table explaining differences between public messages, comments and community of practice (group).

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