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Week 3: Chapter 5 Blog

Here are this week’s questions:

  • Question 1:  Most of you use a Social Networking site such as FaceBook.  Facebook now has a capability which links eBay auctions to Facebook pages.  (Search for “eBay Marketplace Facebook” to learn about the capability.)   How do you think eBay Marketplace on Facebook helps encourage E-Commerce?   What are some privacy issues that may concern you?
  • Question 2:  M-Commerce has increased significantly due to smart phones such as the iPhone.  Based on your reading and web research, discuss some of the limitations that discourage the growth of M-Commerce using smart phones.

Two blog entries are required this week.  The questions are based on topics in this week’s reading assignment but you may have to do some web research to answer the questions.

  • First blog entry:  Pick one of the questions and add a comment to this blog answering the question you have selected.
  • Second blog entry:  Add a comment to this blog providing feedback on one of this week’s blog entries posted by other students in the class.

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  • In America especially people want what there nieghbor has. Envy. Linking Ebay to Facebook allows consumers to see what thier friends and other people are buying. Facebook also creates a great source of consumer feedback.

    • * Privacy Issues do arise. Many people dont want to know what and much they are spending for many reasons. People dont want to share the fact they need certain items. For Example, if you needed to buy Rogaine for your hairlose problem, im sure you want to share it with your girlfriend or business associate. I think It should a opt-in rather than opt-out.

      • I agree to this outlook – linking Ebay to FaceBook creates too much exposure to private information. In addition, this setup gives anyone an access to the information about what a friend or an acquaintance is looking to buy. The access to this type of information creates an opportunities for those individuals that make money by scamming others. In my opinion, the more information there is available, the greater the chance that someone will try to take advantage of you.

        • I believe you brought up a very good point about privacy and others taking advantage of a lot of information that is openly available. People are definitely thinking up of clever new ways to scam others, and the way Facebook allows the information to be so public will definitely stir up potential problems

      • I agree with this. I certainly would not want “Natasha Wilkins just bought whatever” to pop up in my news feed on facebook.

    • I definitely agree with this….people want what others have! In some ways it’s genius to link facebook and eBay, however a person privacy is really being exposed.

    • I agree with you, although according to facebook’s ebay marketplace there is an option that one could block people from seeing what they are bidding and watching by changing your privacy status.

  • In my opinion eBay Marketplace on Facebook greatly encourages E-Commerce….Facebook has over 1,900,000 users…Ebay was at its peak during it’s starting between 2002 and 2006…according to a few statistics Americans were spending 3.7% of their total online time on eBay, however this number is close to 0.9 now. Now most people are spending most of their time of Facebook…Statistics are saying American are spending close to 12% of their time on Facebook. This is huge for eBay, through facebook they are getting some of their customers back. Now people will be able to sell products, buy products, and see what products their friends and families want to have.

    • I agree with Vaishali here. Facebook is a huge market for eBay and eBay might have thought that eBay Marketplace of Facebook is the best way to reverse their status. Actually there are over 500 users monthly, and it is the evidence that eBay found the way to change over company’s profits. Whatever users criticize about it, it is obvious that more people is getting interested in eBay Marketplace of Facebook.

    • I agree with Vaishali as well. Those numbers in itself are evidence of the impact social networking really has in the world today. Combining forces of facebook and Ebay would definitely open doors for more business which is the bottom line for any company and will make things more accessible for buyers and sellers. I think that privacy will always be an issue when dealing with consumers and it is something that must always be accounted for when jumping into business ventures.

    • In this aspect, the ebay marketplace could be a great thing. It would be nice to see if any of my friends wanted something that I had or vice versa. This definitely makes it easier to get rid of things that you do not want olr want to sell.

  • ebay marketplace on facebook greatly encourages e-commerce. A lot of people use facebook so by displaying products from ebay on friends’ facebook pages, ebay is creating chances to advertise its site and products to more people. When someone sees that a friend has purchased something on ebay for a lower price than brick and mortar stores, it may make them want to splurge on that item as well. After the purchase, they may want to show it off by downloading the application, further spreading the influence of e-commerce.

    • I agree with the idea that there is some peer rivalry between buying similar products at good prices, but I think that Ebay is using Facebook mainly as a way to reach out to the people who do not like to use the internet as a way to buy products. If they know the person that is selling the product, then they buyer will be more confident in buying the product. This is a way for Ebay to orient new customers to their services.

      • I agree with Paul. Thanks to global insemination and a vast social network such as Facebook, companies like eBay have the opportunity to take their business to a whole new level. Prior to Facebook, individuals that knew or heard of would have to go to the eBay site and then search or browse thru and see if what they want is available. Now, with Facebook, the people don’t have to go to eBay. Instead, eBay will go to them. There are Facebook applications for almost everything even their own Marketplace. Now with eBay and the hundreds of thousands of Facebook users, the likelihood of someone buying something off of eBay just increased.

        • I agree with Tho here. I think that by going to the customer rather than having the customer come to you, your company will greatly expand the number of customers they have. Making it easier for people to use your site or buy your product is a huge advancement. A large social network which people use nearly every day can be the bridge for them to use your site as well. Its almost like eBay is having facebook do the work for them by bringing all the people together and to one place where they can then target a very large population.

        • I agree, just like any kind of advertising, the companies are reaching out to the public and their customers through Facebook and other social networking sites, encouraging e-commerce, this is almost as effective as television commercials because instead of the customers and shoppers going to the website to search for what they want, certain items that appeal to them show up all over Facebook. In the end, if your Facebook privacy settings are strong enough, there is no reason for such concern over what is seen on eBay or Facebook itself.

  • Question 2 response

    M-commerce using smart phones does have limitations and certain things that can prevent it’s growth. Some of these limitations include privacy issues, security issues, and even legal limitations. The text goes on to provide examples such as taxation and access to customer information and location. One of the interesting things I saw as a limitation was the interest by consumers in using M-commerce. Most people still feel unsafe about providing information over the Internet and on the phone, and argue that many consumers would not feel secure in providing information through mobile apps and programs.

    • I agree with Michael’s view that using M-commerce can stagger growth because of limitations such as privacy and security issues. With the ever-advancing Internet and instant gratifications accessible to the public (Bluetooth, e911, GPS) making a transaction or finding information is available instantaneously. People can view bank statements, purchase an item, and pay bills all on mobile devices while sitting on the train to work. With 4G networks, one can access large quantities of information anywhere and anytime. The dangers of personal information being unwittingly viewed and the problems with networks that aren’t transferrable defer this technology from perfecting itself and moving forward. M-commerce needs meet certain obligations in order to keep private information private, but all in all has much to offer on a large scale.

    • Though I do agree with all of the risks you have stated there is one benefit that everyone likes and enjoys about m-commerce and that is the accessibility. It does not get much easier then being able to do your online banking and other transactions right from your phone. We all carry our phones all the time, often it never leaves our side, and being able to do things without having to go to a bank, or having to find a computer is something that appeals to me and a lot of other people. This accessibility is what makes me believe that once all the bugs have been worked out that m-commerce will really splash onto the scene and it will be the next big thing that we are all using and enjoying the services it provides.

  • M-Commerce provides the ability to perform business transactions or to exchange information using a wireless, mobile device by using mobile networks. Though there are many advantages to this form of E-commerce, such as real time accessibility, convenience, etc., there are also limitations that discourage the growth on M-Commerce using smart phones. For example, Smart phones have limited capability and usability problem (eg. limited display and limited storage). They also have technical limitations, such as transmission and power consumption limitations, that can significantly decrease the ability to perform transactions without interruptions. In addition, smart phones are not heterogeneous (different operating systems, network technologies, etc.), and therefore cannot provide a uniform end user platform. Lastly, using a smart phone for business transactions is less secure because a smart phone usually is highly personalized and contains confidential information that can be stolen.

    • I agree with Baiba’s idea of the convenience and advantages to Mcommerce. Having the ability to access your emails and do work transactions through a cellular device is becoming more and more routine in today’s society, and it is nice to be able to send and recieve without being in front of a computer. I also agree with the limitations, though there is a major convenience, there still seems to be glitches in capacity and interoperability. Being inconvenienced with these limitations does make Mcommerce slightly less secure than using your computer.

    • I also agree that M-commerce has both advantages and disadvantages. From knowing firsthand the convenience of having an Iphone, it is so easy to do almost anything, anywhere right in the palm of your hands. This can be anything from buying a song on itunes to checking your email, even to transfer money. It is just like anything else, creating convenience for our society. However, there are also disadvantages as well. If you’re doing too much of this stuff in one day you’ll most likely find yourself with your phone on the charger three different times. Also at some point the space for data is going to run out, and usually not as fast as it would from a computer.

    • M-Commerce provides you with the ability to do so many things with your mobile device by using mobile networks. I think this type of product is highly convenient for the on the run person who needs to do everything and anything fast. The technology that exists now provides numerous applications and you have almost anything needed in the palm of your hands. Of course there will be some negative discouragements that are bound to come with any rising technology. Limited capability, storage problems , technical limitations, and privacy issues are just some of the minor issues that will undoubtedly exist, but will surely be worked on and played with as the years and technology move forward.

  • M-commerce is introducing a whole new department to marketing. Not only do marketing departments want to know where people live that buy their products, but now were customers are currently mobilized when they buy their products. Being able to pinpoint where people are mobilized when they buy a product, will help inform businesses where to advertise. This strategic advertising will help businesses strike an impulse buy from a customer. I wonder what other kinds of data collection/ tracking will occur through customers mobile devices.

    • I agree that this sort of data collecting will be hugely important to companies for marketing purposes but I also think it will begin to raise lots of privacy concerns. Im not so sure I would like a business to be able to see personal information about me based on a purchase I made from a smart phone or other mobile device. In this day and age it seems almost impossible to keep information private but where does the line get drawn? Is it even possible to ‘draw the line’?

    • Having the ability to pinpoint where marketers need to advertise using m-comerce is definitely going to decrease the costs and improve a company in terms of putting the funds toward the right end user and also increasing market share with the product they are advertising. Amazon for example shows a users purchase history and even has recommendations for new devices. For the most part, they always get the right products I am interested in. So sure the limitations are there but at the same time they are diminishing significantly. People just need to learn to adapt to the new technology and the government needs to regulate it to be safe enough for the end user.

  • I agree M-Commerce needs to make user feel comfortable and secure. However whenever something new is introduced, people question its ability and uses. I think the real challenge is going to be creating a user friendly app that is both compatible and easy to use on all phones. Limiting a market to just smartphones creates a huge barrier to entry for consumers.

    • Adding to this outlook, I believe that companies will not only have the challenge of creating a user friendly app that is both compatible and easy to use on all phones, but will face high competition when developing an enhanced operating system for these devices. Although the Symbian operating system has over half of the current market, the Blackberry, iPhone OS and the Google’s Android have become their closest competitors. Companies need therefore to come up with pioneering technological functions as well as an innovative marketing strategy to spread their phones. Once one company or a couple of them lead the market, it will eventually be easier for programmers to create m-commerce apps compatible to a few OS rather than many of them.

  • Along with the innovative technology of smart phones, M-commerce has increased noticeably. Devices like the Blackberry and the iPhone have made business transactions faster and more efficient. People today can access and transfer information from anywhere, at any time, just by using their phones. With these portable devices location is no longer an issue. People could send for instance a business email or receive multimedia messages from their phones while waiting in a bus. The advantages of adopting m-commerce with smart phones are certainly various; however, customers still fear they can be victims of hackers, viruses or data encryption difficulties. Security is without doubt, one if not the main reason that discourages the growth of M-commerce with smartphones. Other constraints of this service include the drawback of storage and speed of these portable devices which delay the transfer of data. Besides, the small screens of the phones limit some types of file transfer, and the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and the Short Message Service (SMS) are also constrained to a few characters and text. In addition, the coverage of the wireless broadband networks may not be efficient in remote places out of the cities and the cost of hardware and infrastructure is elevated. Current operating systems in the smartphones need to be strengthened as well. They don’t have yet the capability to multitask as it is anticipated for m-commerce. As companies develop better operating systems and enhancements in technology are effectuated, the applications for m-commerce will move ahead. With smartphones M-commerce has become an innovative technique to do business on a wireless network. Today more and more people are buying and selling products using their phones, contributing therefore to globalization.

    • I agree with this statement. While smartphones have come a long way in innovation with thousands upon thousands of apps available and coverage becoming broader, there is still a long way to go before they can replace desktops/laptops in the business world. Information is often time sensitive when making decisions and the smartphones provide almost instant access to anything you could need. With the constant push in technology and security measures to prevent hackers/viruses, comes the exact technology to counter those security measures. I always believe E commerce will have security issues, its just a matter of how severe we let them become.

  • In the past few years, the number of smart phone owners has dramatically increased. Imagine being able to check your e-mail while riding the subway home, updating your business profile while waiting for your lunch, or simply tweeting what’s going on tonight. Thanks to smart phones, individuals all over the country are able to do these each and every day. The creation of e-commerce finally paved the way for m-commerce. Want to place a bid on eBay but you’re on your way to a family gathering? No problem. Pull out your smart phone and bid away. As convenient as this may sound, there are some limitations and issues that bother some smart phone users. The first and probably most important issue would be security. While checking for the weather on your smart phone doesn’t present too much of a security problem, checking your checking’s account balance might. Sending your personal data over an unencrypted network can cause a lot of problems. Not only can your identity be stolen, but some individuals may gain access to your personal data. In addition to security, the bandwidth on these smart phones isn’t as great as using a cable connection. As a result, the data that one would receive on their smart phone would be very limited. Imagine trying to make a purchase on your phone but the information that is available for that particular product is very minute. On the contrary, going online via high-speed connection, would allow for greater information on that product at much greater speeds. Personally, I would rather stare at a 13” screen as opposed to a two-inch when I’m making a purchase.

    • I totally agree with what your saying. I personally do not have a cell phone capable of recieving internet, or “updating my business profile” for that matter, but out of the countless times i’ve ‘borrowed’ my friends I-phones and blackberrys for a minute, i’ve realized that not only is the network not up to par, it can also be a very unsafe network your using. Multi tasking is another thing that is extremely hard to do, and most of the time, cannot do. In many blackberry’s the text that you send out to people may only carry 160 characters at a time.

    • I agree with what your saying. We can use smart phone do a lot of things today, such as reading book and “updating my business profile”. At apple store, the workers are using iphone swipe credit card. Smart phone make convenience to our life.

      • You bring up a very good point about the size of smart phone screens vs a full size monitor. With products such as clothing, cars or even sporting cards detail is very important. The size of a smart phone will limit the buyers ability to closely look for flaws in the item in question. As opposed to a view a full monitor can provide. Therefore, a person can spend money on a product based on a distorted evalution of its condition.

    • These are some good points, Tho. Sending out information over a mobile network can be risky sometimes and there are people working everyday to try and be able to steal this information. However I believe that the biggest problem with M-commerce is simply a practical one, as you said. The speed at which you get information about a product on your computer compared to your phone makes M-commerce a novelty. There are just too little practical reasons to have the need to make purchases on a phone, with exception to some specific business situations. The normal person can make a much more informed and smooth transaction using a computer and the unlimited resources it provides.

  • Facebook is extremely widespread these days, and the fact that Facebook is linking eBay auctions to its site seems like a great advantage for eBay. Because of Facebook’s large population of users, eBay can advertise to a broader audience and increase its customer base. The downside to all this is that users may have problems with privacy. Some of the products that they purchase may not be ones that they would like others to be know about.

    • I agree with you on the issue of privacy. With eBay, users can set up a username so that they do not need to have the item listed with their name and picture. E-commerce allows people to purchase things while maintaining a level of privacy. However, with eBay on Facebook, all item listings would be connected to the person’s personal profile.

  • I think eBay linking with Facebook was a brilliant marketing move. By getting their name out there with one of the largest social networks, eBay greatly expands their customer database. Millions of people use Facebook to connect with friends and family and eBay is putting themselves in a spot that is easily accessible for all of users who will log on and see their name almost everyday. As an online company I think that eBay’s main advertising targets should be online users. By connecting to Facebook they target one of the largest groups of people on the web. Although this may seem like a great move for eBay I feel it would invade some privacy issues. Some people may not want others to know what they are purchasing online and by connecting with Facebook, eBay puts that information out there. More importantly I think by connecting an online “store” with a social network where others can see what you are buying, this will now broadcast to all your friends your social status. People who may have to buy cheaper used items because they cannot afford brand new store bought items are now being exposed to everyone they know. This could be embarrassing for some people and in a country where social status plays a major role, people could be greatly affected by this.

  • Question 1 Response

    I absolutely agree with the idea that SNS(eBay Marketplace on Facebook) helps encourage E-Commerce. There are over than 500 millions of Facebook users around the world. It’s not a just website, it has changed the paradigm of people’s way of gathering. People can watch not only how their friends live but what they buy. People might feel desire to buy something if something they see on the internet seems to be worldwide trend. eBay knows that applications on Facebook have much more impact than 30seconds of television advertising, and eBay Marketplace on Facebook is one of them.
    However, it might have some shortcomings especially related to privacy issues. People do not always want to show what they purchase if it is concerned with their illness or financial problems. eBay and Facebook should consider about privacy policies more.

  • Linking eBay Marketplace to facebook is a great way to encourage Ecommerce. There are millions of people who use facebook routinely and would not normally be exposed to many of the things on eBay unless they’re looking for it. However, if eBay can be found on facebook, there will be a lot more people buying and selling simply because of the accessibility.Also, the access to people’s input and reviews will make for a very helpful tool. As far as privacy, I can see why someone wouldn’t want their friends let alone strangers being able to view what they buy or sell. But, if someone doesn’t want to link their page with eBay, they can still have the availability of viewing and perhaps buying through eBay after they see something on their facebook. This is an excellent marketing tool for eBay.

    • I agree with Kayla, eBay is expanding their site in Facebook. There may be people out there who have never used eBay and if they see something they like or have been looking for, they now have a chance to purchasing it. People around the world love convenience and having eBay on Facebook is one way because the advertisement on Facebook may remind the person they need to look for something. People may not trust eBay but with the reviews posted they can know what they are purchasing and from whom.

  • For e-bay to be advertised on facebook encourages the idea of e- commerce. E-bay now has the capability to advertise their site on the most popular global site in the world. This can dramatically increase stocks for e-bay because now the process of buying and selling on e-bay is being shown to people in a more presentable, friendlier, and familiar way. As far as privacy issue is concerned, I know many people who, without intention, found out other’s facebook password (an example would be if someone accidently left there computer screen at the library while their facebook page was still up), then somebody else walks in and started using the same computer). If someone can access somebody else’s facebook page, there is a pretty good chance that they could also access there E-bay page as well.

    • I agree that it is easy to forget logging out of your facebook. After all everyone leaves it on while they are on their home computer. I also agree that the chances of someone using the same password for multiple sites is possible and happens frequently. The easiest solution is to make a new password for sites that involve money or paypal. Good point. I never would have thought of passwords as an issue.

  • eBay and Facebook working together is a fantastic way to encourage e-commerce to a multitude of users. It seems as though eBay has done all that they can to make their site as user-friendly as possible and encourage novice internet users to bid with confidence. It almost would seem that eBay has ‘done all that they can’ to promote this and are somewhat stuck with expanding their reach. Teaming up with facebook is sure to help them expand this reach. For a long time it was only young people using facebook but now I have older family members adding me left and right. Facebook no longer affects a small market, it affects almost everyone. With this increased reach, facebook can aid eBay in continuing their customer service oriented attitude and simultaneously reach thousands of users. With this increased e-commerce come concerns of e-privacy. Facebook has come under a lot of pressure lately regarding their privacy controls and this is something that eBay should be wary of. Along with these sort of privacy issues are the concerns brought about by whether or not users will be comfortable with their ‘friends’ being able to see what items they are bidding on, watching, or won. I’m sure this feature can be altered in your ‘settings’ but the availability would still make potential users concerned. All in all I think that eBay and facebook working together will surely be a positive thing for both companies, however issues of privacy will continue to be scrutinized and both companies would be wise to make sure their privacy settings are available to accommodate all users.

  • Although M-Commerce has been increasing significantly, people tend not to use M-Commerce because they are afraid people can track their credit card numbers or hack into their private information. People want a secure payment and simple to use. Although many mobile phones say the application they are using or the site they are on is secured- they themselves do not know 100% for sure that their information are kept safe. People cannot make face-to-face transaction and if they click the word “accept” they will not be aware of what they are agreeing too because they do not want to read the agreement. Face-to-face transactions let the person knows what they are getting themselves into. Another discourage of using M-Commerce would be that if the phone supposely dies or malfunctions- you as the consumer would not know if the transaction went through and it would be difficult in figuring out what happen and where the money went and etc.

    • I agree with what you have written. Security is becoming a really big concern for m-commerce. There are always people trying to hack into your account and scamming money from you. If there was a way to know that you are protected when using m-commerce, I think there will be a higher percentage of people who uses it. I would still prefer the face-to-face transaction because then I know exactly what I am buying, and from whom.

  • Facebook encourages the use of E commerce in the sense that everything is becoming mobile and personal in this era. Not only can you see your friends on Facebook but you can see their friends and their friends friends. Networking has become a huge part of this era and it only seems to make sense that eBay would take advantage of this. This is a great way for eBay to encourage people to get their friends into bidding on items in their marketplace and thus, expanding their market to anyone on Facebook. Privacy may be an issue to some users of this application and that can be controlled by privacy settings as the site states, or you could just not use the application. Almost anyone who has a Facebook can tell you that privacy is very limited when using a social networking site.

  • How do you think eBay Marketplace on Facebook helps encourage E-Commerce? What are some privacy issues that may concern you?

    I believe that eBay Marketplace is a great idea! Your friends can now see the things you purchase and will have an easier time to buy things also. It give you the satisfaction of linking your newly purchased items on facebook. Everyone loves to brag about the new things they’ve bought. Others will maybe ask about ebay and how to purchase items there also. Your friends will also see the items you put up on ebay which can give them a first chance to bid or buy. Mostly what Marketplace is doing is expanding its market to those who might not normally look at ebay, but who normally check facebook. I don’t believe there are many privacy issues because you can easily disable the feature or opt out of getting it in the first place if you don’t want others seeing ur ebay items.

  • I think ebay marketplace on facebook encourages e-commerce, because people are sharing their cool stuff on facebook, that would encourage their friends to purchase. The e-commerce could truck the the amount of sales on the facebook. The e-commerce could reduce the Advertisement cost, when people are sharing their products.Privacy issue, many people may not want some of their friend to see what they purchased. The e-commerce may increase their selling price, when many people are going to purchase the produces. Anyway, ebay marketplace on facebook could encourages e-commerce.

  • eBay Marketplace on Facebook can really help stimulate e-commerce. eBay has been declining in popularity while Facebook continues to dominant and be on the rise. Facebook has over 500 million active users so eBay is definitely making the right move by having its product on Facebook. eBay on Facebook has only 500 active users as stated on Facebook, but I’m sure this number will grow as more and more people learn about it. I was unaware of eBay Marketplace until I learned about it through this blog assignment; therefore, I’m sure many others are uninformed. A privacy issue arises with the fact that others can see one’s eBay Marketplace activity. On eBay Marketplace it states that “eBay Marketplace lets you see what your friends are buying, selling, and watching on eBay”. There is an option to turn this off, but I still find this idea to be absurd. Others should not be permitted to view a user’s actions on eBay. It was wise of eBay to bring its product to Facebook but it needs to advertise more and tweak some things in order to become more successful.

    • I agree with the comparison you made about bringing eBay back to life. Over time, online auction sites like eBay can fade into the gray by takeovers such as craigslist that are more relatable and personal. That is exactly what eBay was missing, a personality. Now with the combination of Facebook and eBay, there is personality thrown on the face of a business that is known to be trusted and successful. Sounds like a nice combo to me!

  • Thomas Morris brings up a valid point by stating that it’s possible to have one’s Facebook/eBay account accessed especially if used in a public area. There has been several times when I went to a computer at the tech center and another student’s facebook account was up and logged in. It is very scary knowing how easily a facebook account or eBay account can be signed into by an uninvited guest. With eBay marketplace on Facebook, someone can get onto a user’s Facebook then tinker with their eBay marketplace. The best thing to do is to always make sure to click the logout button on Facebook and to change passwords every month or so. Other than that, this is just the way our expanding world of technology works and this is merely one of the negatives of it.

  • I think that linking E-bay to Facebook brings up a lot of problems, having other people knowing what you are purchasing and how much money you are spending is not only invading of your privacy but is dangerous. As proven by craigslist, for example someone can infer a lot about your financial situation from your purchasing habits and this puts you at risk. I also have to agree with Gregory Javardian in the sense that it is scary knowing that if you simply close out of your Facebook and don’t log out that your account can easily be accessed by someone else and you will have no idea.

    • i agree with you.It can explain and remind people that you need to log out every time you don’t be in front of your computer.however, it can be reduce this problem is do not put so much your information in social networking.

  • I agree that there are options to limit security issues in using eBay through FaceBook. The user has the duty to use these sites responsibly and carefully.

  • Ebay Marketplace on Facebook will encourage E-commerce by making it even more accessible for people to find potentially useful items and to keep up with current trends. Ebay Marketplace will benefit from being connected to Facebooks over 500 million active users. Any situation involving putting personal information on the internet could have privacy issues. A user knows the items they purchased could be viewed by other while connecting eBay to Facebook.

  • facebook is on the rise. The ebay marketplace on facebook can really stimulate e-commerce. If people are sharing their buys and items from ebay on their facebooks, it is actually a great way for advertising which would stimulate the e-commerce. As long as ebay and facebook were marketing together, it would really stimulate and drive forward the e-commerce.

  • Limitations that discourage the growth of M-Commerce using Smart Phones are security, connectivity, the size of the device, and lack of instant gradification. Security will always be an issue in the case of putting personal information on the internet. The connectivity to the internet will mke it inconvenient if the person is in an area where they don’t recieve a signal. It takes a time for a person to recieve an iten purchased online, and the instant gradification of going to the store and recieving the item during the same time of the purchase is more convinient in some cases.

    • While I agree that security is an issue now I believe that in the future consumers will feel more comfortable purchasing goods on a mobile device. For example recently blackberries were at risk of being banned from certain middle eastern countries due to their extreme security over bbm’s. As far as internet coverage goes I think this too will be addressed in the future and wireless internet accessibility will be virtually worldwide.This will allow for consumers to be commuting on the train or other transportation means and purchase needed items via a wireless device. Of course there is no solution for immediate gratification so physical stores will always hold that advantage over M-commerce.

    • Limitations that discourage the growth of M-Commerce using Smart Phones are security, connectivity, the size of the device, and lack of instant gradification. Security will always be an issue in the case of putting personal information on the internet. The connectivity to the internet will mke it inconvenient if the person is in an area where they don’t recieve a signal. It takes a time for a person to recieve an iten purchased online, and the instant gradification of going to the store and recieving the item during the same time of the purchase is more convinient in some cases.

      Many people of older generations felt very similarly about shopping online in the early days of eBay, Amazon, and other online stores. Though as time goes on, it is adopted by the younger generations, who continue to use it and progress it forward. There are many products and markets that most people choose not to purchase online, yet that is the same for web purchases, no matter the device you are using. There will always be brick and mortar stores for certain niche markets and products where seeing the quality of it first hand is necessary.

  • I really do think that their is definit privacy issues when marketing ebay through facebook. Facebook is known as a very open sharing market and ebay is supposed to be more private. Their will be definite isssues here in the privacy.

  • I think linking eBay to facebook pages greatly encourages E-Commerce. From a sellers point of view facebook provides the tools nessecary to directly contact people he/she percieves to have an interest in the product for sale. Furthermore, users can make a more informed decision on who he/she is selling or buying a product from based on a person’s profile. However, with eBay linked to facebook still in the early stages, privacy is an issue. Facebook does not verify the credibilty of the information a user provides. Therfore, users are open to scam-artists. Also, purchasing items through facebook will allow a whole community known and unknown to see how much money you are willing to spend and what products you keep in your home. Consequently, a user’s home address might be provided in the information section of his/her profile.

    • I thoroughly agree with your comment, and believe that face book does encourage E-commerce but I did not think of the idea that people across Facebook will also be able to see your socioeconomic situation by being able to see how much money you are willing to spend on certain items. You will be able to find out a lot about a person and their personal priorities by being able to see how much they are willing to spend on certain items and this is certainly a facet of the concept of invasion of privacy.

    • I agree with Anthony here. The strengths of social networking through chat, contact information, and shared networks increases advertisement and encourages interest in E-Commerce. Though buyers wont really know who they are buying from, the idea of putting a face to the product of interest would definitely encourage people to partake in E-Commerce more often. Unfortunately though, to embellish on his comments about privacy issues, facebook is a relatively unsecure website. What I mean by that is that at this point in time, virtually anyone can join facebook (Originally, it was exclusively designed to service college students). That being said, if your profile site shows your address and other contact information without privacy settings enabled, anyone can find it and have access to it. Therefore, as positive as social networking can be, it is very vulnerable to scams and privacy issues and these problems can become more severe when online monetary services such as E-Commerce are being used by people. Overall, syncing facebook and E-commerce is a smart move for sure. But to ensure a low frequency of privacy issues and scams, facebook should heighten security and add more protections to make users feel more secure.

    • I agree with your statement, there are many vulnerabilities presented by Ebay linking with a personal profile. Hackers and scammers already find ways to get around security on the Ebay site itself. With personal profiles viewable to the seller and other users it would make it even easier for them to violate their security.

    • I have to agree with you Anthony that the Ebay Facebook Application will greatly increase Ecommerce. You brought up a real interesting point about how consumers could utilize the social aspect of Facebook to check out the profiles of the people they’re buying from. I never even thought of that when I was writing my blog entry. I also like how you brought up the fact that Facebook does not verify information a user inputs for their profile. I think that this could lead to many scam artists trying to utilize this application in its early state. However when you buy something on eBay right now you can view the sellers profile and see if they’re rated as a good seller or a bad one by people who have bought off them in the past. I think that EBay is definitely going to use the same system for the Facebook application because it has already been very successful for them in stopping scams. It might be very interesting to see someone’s Facebook profile that you trust and find out that they have very negative feedback when they sell stuff on ebay,

  • I believe that the eBay Marketplace application to Facebook increases E-commerce significantly. Having the ability to auction off items, place bids, and buy and sell items incorporated into one of the most popular social networking websites in America is a very convenient way for people to spend their money or sell their items electronically. While it is convenient for those who participate in eBay type transaction, there are some issues I believe with the privacy of this idea. With eBay now being available through a Facebook application your buys and sells are posted automatically to your homepage making what you are purchasing or selling visible to everyone in your Facebook network. This eliminates the privacy factor of just buying and selling on an eBay account separately on the eBay website itself, and I this type of visibility may not be a valuable aspect of this type of E-commerce.

  • E-commerce has been increasing rapidly ever since it has come around recently. People now have instant access to all sorts of information on the internet. With social networking sites such as facebook, anyone can access your personal profile with the click of a button. Also with the click of a button someone can purchase a product online. With the combination of these two, sellers online can reach anyone with a computer. It would create a boost in sales because it would make it easier for the seller to contact the buyer. All the buyer has to do is log on to their facebook account. However, it also poses a privacy issue because the individual is not the only one that can see this information. It opens up the doors to other people to also view your account and see your personal information. With the growing market for E-commerce, safety and security issues must also be addressed.

  • Facebook is a huge social network of this time period. It is well known, and very frequently used by people such as students to connect with friends, to businesses connecting to their clients. The advertisement of eBay Marketplace on Facebook do encourage E-commerce. People are already getting used to eBay and the whole E-commerce thing, but since eBay’s links are being shown on popular pages such as Facebook, the popularity of e-commerce emerges. People will see what are available on eBay, or what their friends have bought, which will open their curiosity to find goods through eBay as well. There are some privacy issues that should be taken into consideration. Since Facebook is such a huge networking place, and it is open to everyone, one will not have the privacy to buy things through eBay without the worry that people will know what you buy. There are some pros and cons to the eBay market place on Facebook that will make people think before using e-commerce.

  • While using a mobile device such as an iPhone for M-Commerce is advantageous for a few reasons, there are also quite a few problematic issues and limitations with this idea. Obvious mobility, instant accessibility on-the-go, and “anytime” convenience are strengths for M-Commerce. However, internet capabilities on mobile devices are brought to users by different networks, browsers, products (i.e. Droid vs iPhone) and can be non compatible at times. Another limitation is the fact that mobile devices can often be lost or stolen and present a very unsettling security problem as M-Commerce holds important information about personal finances and what people are buying and selling, etc. Problems such as the ones detailed above discourage growth of M-Commerce but can be fixed over time.

  • Facebook is a one of the largest social networking in the world which more than 500 million users (survey in july 2010). People can connect by sending message, updating their information or personal profile with friend, family and people all the world. Additionally, it is very easy way to have an account in facebook which is required the users must be over aged of 13. This can explain why facebook have more users than the other social networking. I think this is a very great place to have the E-Commerce. And ebay is the world’s online market which people can sell and buy millions of items on a local, national or international. It is very good for some people who need a flexible time. The only thing they need to do is click and click the mouse and they have whatever they want to buy and sell in the world and don’t need to go anywhere. Absolutely, it is free, a great deal for everybody. However, some people don’t want to show all what they purchase if it concerns with their personal issues. In my opinion, I think facebook and ebay need to consider this problem to protect the privacy of the users. Giving the way which is users can hide or share the purchase with people.

  • I think that the EBay marketplace Facebook application has the ability to greatly increase ecommerce. The fact is whether you like Facebook or not, there are over 500 million active users of it since July of this year and over 150 million active users who are using mobile devices to constantly monitor it. This means that EBay now has the ability more easily than ever to attract the attention of consumers who are going through their day to day live and not just sitting on a computer. This application will also create more ecommerce for EBay because when someone uses the application to buy something, all their friends will see a notification detailing the item they bought; which means greater marketing ability for each individual item on EBay. Furthermore it will also allow sellers on eBay to market their items to all of their friends on Facebook, who probably wouldn’t have logged on to the traditional eBay to see what their friends have for sale. This application also brings up several privacy concerns, primarily the fact that it will be easier for other people, groups, and marketing firms to track what you are buying. The only other privacy concern I can think of is that if you sell an item for more than its worth, than all your Facebook friends are going to know about it and in some situations this could be a bad thing and affect how people view your character.

  • Question 2 Response

    M-Commerce in today’s society has plenty of advantages. Users have the ability to always be connected to the internet highway no matter where they are at thanks to the rise in 3G and 4G networking. Being a young college student I always use my smartphone. I had a BlackBerry but just recently switched to an Android device. This device has plenty of apps that are created by businesses to engage in m-commerce. For example, I have an Amazon app where I can order products on the fly and also track the package from anywhere. For the most part there are some limitations such as the graphics that are aailable and also security and taxing but it is 2010. The government realizes where the limitations are and at this time, they are currently improving each limitation so what we see today will be gone tomorrow.

    • I have the devour, which is one of the droid phones and what I like is that for as many apps that you can buy, someone has created a free one. This may or may not help the m-commerce business. On the one hand, being a college student, I don’t like to spend money, so I suffer through the kinks and limitations of the free apps. On the other, once I’m willing to spend money, I would rather have the more reliable and complete functioning apps. This is a commerce that has really opened up to more than just one type of user – business owners, college students, homemakers. There’s an app for everyone.

      • I agree the integration of the apps on phones makes anything and everything more accessible in a blink of an eye. By inventing this new system of using applications specialized to do something, business can be conducted in quicker times. The apps have opened business up to a broader area of consumers of products. However, I believe that even though some apps do not function at one hundred percent, many people are better of with them than without.

  • I think that eBay Marketplace on Facebook helps encourage E-commerce because it shows to people that their friends and peers are also taking part in forms of E-commerce. With eBay on Facebook, people have the advantage of seeing what their friends are selling. However, the main privacy issue involving eBay on Facebook is that you cannot anonymously post items on eBay since your Facebook friends can see your name and picture next to any listings that you post.

  • By linking eBay auctions to Facebook pages, a whole new market of users are now able to easily find and search things their friends are selling. It goes beyond this however, because once someone clicks the link, and is directed to the item for sale, they are most likely to see other items that an individual is selling, and they may even price shop around and search other eBay user’s auctions. It can create a snowballing effect on the visits Facebook users can attract to their auctions. Now as a whole, does this encourage e-commerce? In my opinion, no. This is not to say what may come out of social network integration into e-commerce sites won’t have an impact, but at the current moment, this Facebook add-on is a drop in the bucket. It has been out for over a year, and still has less than 500 users, out of the 500 million active on Facebook. It has less than a 2 star rating out of 5. At this point, social network integration into marketplace type sites is best seen in instances such as Etsy, where the site takes on responsibility for creating a social network geared towards their intended users.

    Anything dealing with companies that make revenue off of targeted advertising makes me nervous about my privacy, mainly because any information I give them will be taken by them to shove more ads my way. The recent Facebook feature, Places, takes it as far to announce where you are spending your time. It knows where you like to shop, the restaurants you eat at most often, or even where you get your morning coffee. This feature can be toggled on and off, but the concept to me goes a little beyond my comfort zone. With the addition of the eBay Marketplace, I feel like this only gives them more information about not only where I’m spending my money, but the amount of money I have to put towards various items.

  • I’m not surprised that eBay has come together with Facebook. I am surprised that Amazon hasn’t yet figured out a way to market with them. It encourages e-commerce by enabling friends to see what you are purchasing/bidding on; they may have the same interests and it will generate more bids. It is a good concept for eBay and for those that have stores in eBay. They can post all of their wares.

    However, it seems that some major kinks need to be worked out. From what I could see, it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to and many people are giving it a poor rating. Out of 116 reviews, 18 gave it a four or higher rating, and of those 8 are in a foreign country, 2 are stores listing for promotion and one gave four stars, but a bad comment. No good reviews within the last seven months.

    I do like how on the info page of eBay Marketplace it tells you exactly how to fix your privacy settings if you do not want everyone to see what you are listing or bidding on. So, they are making an effort to protect privacy, but that is difficult with today’s information system.

  • Facebook’s recent collaboration with eBay does not surprise me one bit. Over the past years Facebook has significantly reformatted its structure from being limited to college students to being an advertisement powerhouse and open to all. I think that Facebook is a great asset for eBay and eBay will see a large increase in revenue because of it. We live in a very technological advance time and more and more people are become familiar with social sites such as Facebook. At the same time more and more people are using e- commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon to purchase items due to the comfort factor. It is much easy to buy an item from your home then to travel to a heavily congested mall and search for parking and battle with large crowds. With the combination of eBay and Facebook people can be browsing social sights and have an eBay item pop up that they might buy on impulse. This will help eBay attract more customers and it will help Facebook to generate advertisement revenues. I think the problem will be if either sites impose on your privacy. This can be possible by either one of the sites to enable access to your browsing history. This would be beneficial to both sites because they can see what potential consumers are looking and accommodate those needs.

    • I totally agree with what Daniel says about the comfort factor. People would much rather buy from the comfort of their own home in front of their computer screens. Since they are already on the computer, they might buy something on impulse. I agree with this comment that Daniel brought to light because it is so easy with being one click away. You might not have the time to talk yourself out of buying the item like you would if you had to get into your car and drive to the mall.

  • I believe that Facebook encourages E-commerce by linking together auctions from ebay to people you trust on Facebook. By putting a face to the seller of a certain item, they are inviting a more open and trustworthy environment. If there is a problem with the transaction, it can quickly be resolved without any legal involvement. This allows consumers to be more comfortable about making purchases on Ebay.
    There is also some privacy issues. Some people do not want others to know what they’re buying on Ebay and prefer to be anonymous. Sometimes this can give hints as to their financial status which is usually considered private information.

    • I agree that linking ebay and facebook together will add insurance to the buyer on the back round information of the seller. Facebook has been so advanced with different advertisement and functions that this application is just one of the many add-ons that have allowed facebook to change the way they operate for the better. Used as a Social Networking at first, facebook has evolved into something that business owners and salesman must use to ensure their success. Sellers who use this e-bay function will have more sales leading to being more success because buyers will feel more comfortable buying from a seller that they have a face to match the name.

  • Linking the Social Network Facebook to the eBay auction site strongly helps encourage E-commerce. Facebook has a huge amount of followers allowing eBay to hone in on that demographic of possible consumers. Social Networking involves individuals who update and share information with one another and people seem to be very interested in sharing considering the amount of “status updates” that are generated by the second, some one thousand (blog.facebook.com). Using a tool that enables people to share what they are purchasing or biding on will facilitate others to investigate eBay. In turn, the more people on eBay purchasing and getting involved equals the more E-commerce being generated. For example, seeing a “Friend” on Facebook bidding on an iPod for $25 may incline you to take a look yourself if you were interested in purchasing a MP3 player. E-commerce is appealing to the individual because online transactions are instant and readily available. The more coverage and publicity eBay receives, the better for E-commerce.

    At first I believed that a very crucial privacy concern would be the sharing of items being bidding on that one wouldn’t want others to view. But, when looking at what the eBay Marketplace on Facebook options are, you may disable that view. Because of the choices noted on the application description, one may “opt-out” whatever he or she chooses to. I don’t feel that bidding through the eBay application would enable the privacy concern on the Facebook Network. By adding this application, what the individual wants to share is all that can be viewed. It would actually give an eBay buyer or social networker the ability to multi-task. The idea of linking of the too does seem to be a good idea, if only all of the user ratings weren’t so poor! Bringing a newer version of the application to Facebook that is user friendly will greatly encourage E-commerce.

    • I do agree wih Jillian that the availability of making transactions online in an instant really is appealing to customers. this cuts out a lot of time from having to go to a store and search for the wanted produt for the customer. It also allows the customer to multi-task when buying a product. I also do believe that the ratings system can be flawed. What is stopping somebody from giving a seller a poor rating just because they wanted to?

  • I could understand why some are trying to stunt the growth of M-Commerce. With the amount of illegal activity going on within the internet alone, I am sure the government and businesses would not want a another medium for ways to illegally acquire things. With the new 3G and 4G phones it is becoming increasingly easy to do the same activities that anyone would do on a desktop computer. Also, In most cellular devices they have GPS tracking inside them which allows the law to pinpoint you position in certain situations. Most people do not realize the privacy implications that come with this. Who is to know when the government is listening in to your personal conversations, or even when they know exactly where you are at all times.

    • I agree with Arthur, the other security concern is that the devices are so darn easy to lose and steal. A valid user ID and password could let the thief make purchases; server-resident extended user profiles often store credit card and other necessary validation information to avoid cumbersome data entry with the wireless device. M-commerce doesn’t yet factor in support for security mechanisms such as digital certificates, although work has begun.

  • I think that linking ebay and facebook could be a good idea. It is a great idea to advertise for ebay on facebook and make it available to click a link to buy items on facebook. I don’t think it is a good idea because people would not want all of there friends on facebook to see what items they have purchased on ebay. However I think that some people would not mind, and they could make an option wheather or not you want your purchases to be pulic to facebook.

  • Within the last decade, company owners and executives of corporations have taken their work with them everywhere, literally. Smart phones have changed the way business is being performed outside the office. Now, these executives have the ability to transfer files, check e-mails, and perform many other operations basically anywhere imagined. With these advantages come many disadvantages. While files are able to be transferred many smart phones many not have the proper applications and capabilities of receiving all the same information. Small screens and sometimes low battery life make it hard to always access the information when outside the office. Limited space on smart phones gives owners a burden to ensure the information is saved. Lastly and most importantly, security is a major disadvantage. With unsecured networks, operators can not be certain that the sometimes confidential information has been hacked or given a virus. Security must become a major factor in future production of smart phones. While all these flaws have been mentioned about smart phones, m-commerce has changed the way businesses have been ran and will continue to change business operations for the better.

  • Facebook and ebay combining would help E-commerce a good amount but not too much. I am sure that ebays sales would increase from this. It might change E-commerce by making everything bought online public, but I don’t believe that this would happen. This idea is not good for privacy, I would not want people to see what I am purchasing, and I am sure others would agree.

    • Blake I agree with some of the things you say but Facebook and Ebay are expanding their networks by joining together. There may be some users with Facebook accounts and no Ebay accounts or the other way around. Facebook also may influence users to get an Ebay account to buy and sell products online. Also through Ebay marketplace you are able to change your privacy settings so you can hide the things you do not want people to see.

  • Facebook has become so popular that almost everyone has one now. They spend a lot of time on their facebook page. Having eBay Marketplace linked to Facebook pages greatly encourages E-commerce. When users see the eBay Marketplace on their page they can become curious and decide to check it out. Chances are they will find something they want and purchase it. It also encourages E-commerce because someone can check other peoples Facebook pages to see their wants and needs, and decide if they want to buy or sell anything. However, this brings privacy issues into play. A persons’ transactions can be seen so their information is no longer private. Someone may not want others to see what they are purchasing or selling because it could create greed and envy. I believe that eBay is using some smart marketing by using eBay Marketplace through Facebook to gain some of its customers back.

  • By combining the most popular networking and e-auction site is a great way to create a larger marketplace. If the market place is greater then there is more competition, especially for the high school kids they all want what the popular kids have, so if the popular girl is bidding on a dress all of the other girls will bid on it as well. The more people bid on an item the higher the price will get and of course the seller would be satisfied. Also, one might feel more comfortable buying from someone who is in their friends list even if they have never met this individual facebook allows people to get to know each other a little batter and creates a certain level of comfort. As to the privacy issues, there are many. The thought of knowing that all 600 of one’s friends are seeing what you are buying is a very uncomfortable situation, for the fact that many people buy things online for the reason that they don’t feel comfortable going into the store to purchase these things. Another privacy issue is that it makes it so much easier for people to heck into your e-commerce accounts and get your credit card information and other personal information.

  • Security remains the single largest barrier to adoption of m-commerce. For both business managers and customers, concerns raised in surveys include security problems related to data encryption, protecting the wireless connection from unauthorised access, hackers, viruses and the like. Small screens of most devices still limit types of file and data transfer and the use of graphics is limited.

  • EBay has done what any other good company would do, use its resources. With so many people constantly on facebook and the number of users rising each day, eBay is allowing themselves to be seen consistently. Facebook has combined so many internet capabilities into one internet site with ads, profiles, games, and now links to ebay. The attraction to E-commerce is ultimately going to be greater than it was before. This does not necessarily mean that the number of sales are automatically going to rise. It will, however, be a constant reminder to people that it is just a click away whenever they see it. It makes things easier for us, which is what everything is about these days. Some privacy issues that may concern me, however, is that facebook has almost gained access to almost everything in your life. It can already know everything about you’re life, such as address, phone number, pictures, and even favorite movies, if you’re putting it out there, and now it comes down to even knowing what you’re buying. I know I don’t like people knowing how much I spend, especially when even my parents are getting facebooks now. It seems like they have to draw the line somewhere.

    • I agree with this ebay and facebook are two of the largest companies used on the internet today. This application is bringing a lot more people to each site and also making it easier for the individuals that were already using both websites. This is greatly encouraging E-Commerce because you may see product while simply searching through your friends web pages. Its simply another way to make things easier for their customers. When you make things easier for your customers to purchase items than E-Commerce will continue to increase. I also agree security is a large issue simply because anyone who views your facebook may also view what you could be purchasing. With all the other things that facebook has access to this just makes the privacy issue even worse.

  • I agree ebay marketplace on Facebook encourages e-commerce. Now almost everyone from all over the world has an account on Facebook. And by seeing your friends purchasing any kind of product, that might bring your attention to the same product they have purchased. People always want what others have.

  • By linking social networking sites such as Facebook with a highly successful online shopping and auctioning website such as eBay, E-Commerce is sure to be boosted and encouraged to a even greater extent. The success of Facebook with people all over the world is unmatched as far as social sites go and with the application to use eBay now, people are sure to be intrigued. The buying information that will now be more public then ever will surely produce both positive and negative implications. On one hand e-commerce will benefit with the publication of so much shopping and auctioning on the facebook sites. People will be able to see what others are bidding on and they will begin to invest and bid on the same items. However negative implications could also exist. Facebook being such a prominent site obviously deals with several privacy issues. With the addition of eBay comes even more of these problems. People will be paying with various credit and debit cards, if someone gets ahold of a facebook account now will they also have the ability to use all this information. Fraud and identity theft could be two more extensive privacy problems that this application could bring to facebook.

    • I definitely agree with you and would be suspicious about providing important information, such as credit/debit cards. I think people would be alright if they were smart and knew what to look for to avoid one of the biggest downsides of E-Commerce in general; identity theft. As long as people are 100% aware of what they are doing online, E-Commerce will continue to thrive.

  • Facebook is a strong facilitator to the company of Ebay. With over 500 million active users spending over 700 billion minutes on Facebook each month, this social networking site allows businesses to market their goods and services to such a plethora of potential customers (http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics) . Ebay is no different. With people already in front of their computer, they can one-click their way onto the website at any moment. This is probably the most effective form of advertising since people are just one click away. There would be a greater possibility that people who see an advertisement on television or in the paper would not remember that they actually wanted to purchase something online.

    With any form of electronic commerce, there are always going to be security concerns. People are able to hack into someone’s account and get valuable information such as credit card numbers or social security numbers. This threat is not solely owned by Facebook and its partnership with Ebay. It happens every day on the vast internet. The benefits of Facebook teaming up with Ebay definitely out-weigh any security concern that might present itself.

  • Most of you use a Social Networking site such as FaceBook. Facebook now has a capability which links eBay auctions to Facebook pages. (Search for “eBay Marketplace Facebook” to learn about the capability.) How do you think eBay Marketplace on Facebook helps encourage E-Commerce? What are some privacy issues that may concern you?

    Ebay marketplace on Facebook helps encourage E-Commerce in many different ways.There are over 500 million active users on Facebook, people can go directly from Facebook on to Ebay marketplace to find what others are biding on and what they are buying. You can also see what your friends are selling. Facebook and Ebay are jointly working together both expanding their networks for one another and it business its a win win situation. The privacy that may concern me is that people may be able to see what I am buying but there are ways around that by just changing a few of your privacy settings.

    • I agree with this statement. If you think about it, if you post one of your auctions on Facebook, it is in essence free “advertising” for your auction. Anybody in your network of friends can see this and could possible intrigue them to buy it.

  • When thinking about combining an E-commerce site with a social networking site, you must consider the environment in which they are being combined. Both the E-commerce and social networking markets have now officially taken over the internet and excuse me if I am stating the obvious, but this might be the best combination to take these two markets to a further level. Being a college student, investigating into what other people are doing with their lives is a regular thing for me. Getting a chance to see what they are doing with their MONEY is an entirely different thing. That issue of privacy is the only thing that bothers me. However, seeing what is popular and what is being bought or sought after can increase business and profits in a particular item.

  • The limitations of m-commerce because of smart phones are slight, and in a short time there may be no limitations for smart phones. Iphones themselves are small computers and you can view the regular websites of any company if you avoid the mobile websites and specify you want the desktop/normal website. There is individual applications for m-commerce on Iphones and the app store, as well as the Droid market. So, even now I believe the limitations posed by smartphones are small and insignificant and can/will be over come in the very near future.

    • I agree with your statement. Technology is growing at an alarming rate; the few limitation that smart phones have when it comes to m-commerce will be over come in the very neer future. I mean compare the first gen iphone to the latest one they are light years apart in mobile capabilities.

  • The EBay marketplace on facebook is an amazing opportunity for electronic commerce. Electronic commerce is the online exchange of goods, services, and money among firms, between firms and their customers, and between customers. Ebay on facebook helps encourage this by marketing their products to a huge amount of people from all over the world since millions of people use facebook everyday. It also improves communications between the seller and buyer because they can simply find the buyer on facebook chat or in a message and begin to ask them questions about their product in real time. In my opinion, this is a great collaboration. Some safety issues that concern me are scammers and the ability for someone to hack into both facebook and ebay accounts so easily once one or the other is broken into. Anpther safety concern may be scammers also trying to sell false products that do not even exist. Sellers may also be able to trick their buyers into giving them personal account information by saying that it is for the ebay marketplace.

  • I think that the eBay market place is a great way for people to be able to purchase items over the internet and having it on Facebook is a bonus because everyone is on Facebook and it is very convenient.

    • I agree with this statement because most people use facebook for many reasons, and being able to link up to ebay through facebook is wonderful.

  • Ebay Marketplace will definitely encourage and promote Ecommerce because so many people are already on Facebook so it will just make it that much easier to access and use. Privacy doesn’t seem like a big issue concerning this because Facebook already is very strict about privacy, as well as Ebay, so together it doesn’t seem like there should be any problems.

  • I don’t see too many limitations on M-commerce with smart phones. Since everything is becoming so easy and available to us via the internet, the ability to do the same things from your home computer on your smart phone on the go is just one step further in the direction that everyone wants technology to go. If people are uncomfortable using the internet at home, they will still be uncomfortable about using on their smart phones. I feel that most people will not see a problem with it and will just view it as making their lives quicker and easier.

    • I agree with you Douglas. The limit to growth here are concerns about privacy and ID theft, as anytime you are buying items online, especially with a cell phone, there is risk. I feel that since the cell phone technology is somewhat new, people will be skeptical of it until they see more people use it. One of the things that M-commerce has going for it is the ease at which people can now spend money. I know that I have bought apps on my Itouch that I would not ever buy otherwise, simply because I link it to a card that I forget about, and with a press of my finger I can spend .99cents and have fun instantly. M-commerce will only continue to develop and win over supporters.

  • I believe that having ebay on facebook is a great way to generate money for ebay. Facebook is a social networking site that is used by millions each day. Also it gives a connection between sellers and buyers that wasn’t capable before. in addition it gives costumers an chance to discuss product ideas with “friends” on facebook to see if an item should be brought. Ebay and facebook together would make more Ecommenrce.

  • Some limitations in Mcommerce due to smart phones would be to actually see the product. Most smart phones are rather small not allowing a costumer to fully see the product. If a costumer buys something and is not happy with the apperence due to the poor visual they had on a smart phone it would discourage someone from using m-commerce a second time

  • Question 1

    The amount of people that use Social networking websites, such as Facebook, Myspace, etc. grows daily. How mcuh time does an average person spend using these programs throughout the day? Any kind of advertisement on any of these social networking websites would automatically increase knowledge about those products and companies. With eBay listing auctions on these, they become more noticeable and more people will see such auctions and might be triggered to buy a product if it intrigues them. This is known as E-Commerence. This is always going to be a integerity risk to your information because if you are going to buy something, you need a source of payment which will require you to enter some kind of personal information onto the computer.

  • Security is currently the largest problem concerning the use of M-Commerce. Many individuals have been skeptical about the use of M-commerce due to their concerns of security problems related to hackers, data encryption, hackers, and viruses. Another large problem with M-Commerce has been that the use of graphics is very limited compared to buy products of the internet. People may see buy something using their mobile device and when they get the product it is nothing like what they had expected. The largest problem in my opinion is that computers are every where and everyone has them in our society. They are at the workplace and at home. Many people will just wait a short amount of time until they can get to a computer in order to make purchases just to make sure this is a product that they want. I feel that M-Commerce is a great thing and is another step to making things easier in our society however there are multiple reasons such as these that could greatly discourage the growth of the use of phones when purchasing products.

  • Millions of people are connected to facebook and login to this site everyday, usually more than once (depending on how addicted you are). Advertising for things a person would likely buy, based on their “Interests” or “Hobbies” section of their profile, is a very smart tool for ebay to increase sales. It absolutely helps encourage E-Commerce with new innovative ways of advertising and promoting ebay. It is essentially consumer to consumer interaction, connecting people together to be able to sell things more effectively. Ebay is also connecting their business more directly and intimately with it’s customers. Some privacy issues would be that ebay can see your personal information via access to your profile. Hackers and spam, which are unlikely to occur but are definitely possible, is another privacy issue that would concern me. I would also be more suspicious about who I buy from and what information I provide to other parties.

  • Web Services such as the Ebay-Facebook E-Commerce service are inherently convenient as well as intrusive. The way that these ebay-facebook hybrid services work, is very similar to the techniques used by google. What google does, and you will see this on your email or while search, is it will scan the email or webpage you have open and choose select keywords. These words will then be used to design advertisements on the sidebar that are tailors specifically for your tastes. For example, if you are reading an email and someone mentions their new watch once or twice, you will inevitably see advertisements for a new watch on the side of your screen. The ebay-facebook link is the same, where it scans your facebook pages and displays auction items relevant to the results. This is a very well known privacy issue, as it is questionable that ebay/facebook scans and records whatever you’re looking at, and then uses that information to target you for sales. However intrusive, this method is extremely effective and will continue to be used to continue the growth of e-commerce.

  • Its a smart move linking facebook and ebay. This is a prime example of synergy and globalization. Both parties in this case facebook and ebay win. Ebay can look at your likes and suggest products that might be of interest to you. It can also notify you about products you have purchased considering a great amount of people check there facebook more often than email. Because of all this more people will be tempted to purchase something that they would not purchase if they did not check their facebook. So as a side affect e-commerce increases. Facebook benefits in this case monetarily for letting ebay do this. The big question that comes into play here is privacy. Not many people want their friends and family knowing what they are purchasing especially if its something personal. These people I am sure would not want their ebay history all of their facebook. I am sure though that there will be a setting and you can make all of that private so no one see’s it, only you.

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