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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Eliza Demo

Here’s a link to the Eliza demo we reviewed in class.  http://chayden.net/eliza/Eliza.html

You must have a Java enabled browser to run the demo.

Eliza was developed a long time ago and is primitive by today’s standards.   But it can give you some insights related to Expert Systems.  Look for the accumulation of knowledge as you interact with Eliza and the use of the knowledge later in the conversation.

How to submit project 1

Project 1 is due on Thursday September 30 before class.  Be sure you submit the project on time.  There is a significant grade penalty for late submissions.  (See the syllabus for details.)

  • The project must be submitted as a Word document attached to an email.  Send the email to me (weinberg@temple.edu) and Ashneet (tua91493@temple.edu)
  • Be sure you print and retain a copy of the sent email in the sent items folder of your email system.  This is your proof of on-time submission. 
  • Also be sure to include your name and the project title on the subject line of the email and in the attached document.  The project may not be graded if this information is missing.

Chapter 5 blog grades are posted in the gradebook

You can view your chapter 5 blog grade by clicking the gradebook link at the right of this page.  As a reminder:

  • The blogs were graded pass/fail.  Pass = 100, Fail = 0.
  • Check the comments area at the bottom of your gradebook listing for an explanation if you didnt receive 100.
  • If NR is listed as your grade, you didnt post a blog entry.

If your gradebook doesnt list any grades —

  • Check the blog email account setting.  Grades are only posted if your email account is set to your Temple (tua, tub, or tuc) account.
  • To view and change the email account setting . . . At the top of this  Site page, select My Account and then Settings.  The email account will be listed and can be changed.

Logging in to this site

As a reminder, you should use your Temple email and password to login to this site.  You will need to login to post comments.  Remember email accounts and passwords are case sensitive.

Blog entries due before class on Tuesday

As a reminder, the week 3 – chapter 5 blog entries are due before class on Tuesday.  You must submit your entries before class to receive credit for your work.  Select the appropriate category on the left of this page for instructions and to submit your entries.

Printer Ink and Chateau Lafitte Rothschild

The cost of a gallon of HP printer ink is $8000 making it more expensive than a first growth Bordeaux wine! A gallon of Chateau Lafite Rothschild costs about $2000 to $4000 depending on the vintage. The article states that HP’s profit margin on supplies is 14-16%. If this is correct, some of the cost is certainly related to the cost of producing the ink. I suspect some of the cost is also related to the cost of producing disposable cartridges (which contain the nozzles for the ink), and the allocated cost selling subsidized printers.


The second article discusses Kodak’s printer strategy vs HP’s. Kodak seems to be moving to a model where they charge more for the printer but less for the ink — reducing the cost for each printed page.