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Week -3: Chapter 5 Blog

Week 3: Chapter 5 Blog

Here are this week’s questions:

  • Question 1:  Most of you use a Social Networking site such as FaceBook.  Facebook now has a capability which links eBay auctions to Facebook pages.  (Search for “eBay Marketplace Facebook” to learn about the capability.)   How do you think eBay Marketplace on Facebook helps encourage E-Commerce?   What are some privacy issues that may concern you?
  • Question 2:  M-Commerce has increased significantly due to smart phones such as the iPhone.  Based on your reading and web research, discuss some of the limitations that discourage the growth of M-Commerce using smart phones.

Two blog entries are required this week.  The questions are based on topics in this week’s reading assignment but you may have to do some web research to answer the questions.

  • First blog entry:  Pick one of the questions and add a comment to this blog answering the question you have selected.
  • Second blog entry:  Add a comment to this blog providing feedback on one of this week’s blog entries posted by other students in the class.

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