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Week -6: Chapter 9 Blog

Chapter 9 Blog Instructions

Here are this week’s questions:

  • Question 1:  Read Brief Case “Hackers, Patches, and Reverse Engineering” in Chapter 9.  Answer and discuss the second question following the case.
  • Question 2:  In the Chapter 9 section “Why Outsourcing”, the book provides some reasons why a company should outsource.  Do some web research and discuss a specific situation in which a company should not outsource.  Explain why one or more of the reasons in the book don’t apply in this situation.

Two blog entries are required this week.  The questions are based on topics in this week’s reading assignment but you may have to do some web research to answer the questions.

  • First blog entry:  Pick one of the questions and add a comment to this blog answering the question you have selected.
  • Second blog entry:  Add a comment to this blog providing feedback on one of this week’s blog entries posted by other students in the class.

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