MIS2502 Data Analytics (Spring 2018)

Instructor: Jing Gong, Section 002/004

Agenda for Week 2 (Week of 1/23)

Dear all,

Below is the agenda for Week 2.

Class Schedule:

  • Tuesday — More on ERDs (primary keys, relationships, cardinality); ICA #1.2 – Creating ERDs
  • Thursday — From ERDs to Schemas; ICA #1.3 – Converting ERDs to schemas


  • Assignment #1 – ER Modeling is due on Tuesday, 1/30 before class.

(Also note that January 29 is the last day to add or drop a full term 16-week course).


Professional Achievement Point Requirement (MIS Majors Only)

Hello everyone,

I have one quick update regarding professional achievement point which applies to MIS majors.

The MIS department has instituted a professional achievement point requirement for MIS majors. Students are required to accumulate 1,000 professional achievement points to meet this graduation requirement.

As a departmental policy, starting from this spring semester, all MIS majors who take MIS2502 are required to to earn a minimum of 200 professional achievement points by the end of the semester.  Students who have earned a “C” or better but do not earn the minimum number of professional achievement points by the end of the semester will receive an “Incomplete” for this course regardless of performance on exams or class participation!

If a student earn earns the minimum number of professional achievement points within one year from the end of the semester and notifies their instructor, the instructor will update their grade from “Incomplete” to a traditional grade.

If a student fails to  earn the minimum number of professional achievement points within one year from the end of the semester or does not notify their instructor that they have earned the minimum number of professional achievement points then their “Incomplete” will be changed to an “F” automatically by the system and will be the student’s permanent grade.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to, at a minimum, do the following to earn professional achievement points:

  1. Create an e-Portfolio and have it listed with the department.
  2. Become an active member of AIS and participate in professional development activities.
  3. Attend the IT Awards Reception (spring semester only) and the MIS Department’s Career Fair.
  4. Volunteer your time for department sponsored events.
  5. Discuss opportunities to earn points for projects with your MIS instructors.

Please contact Professor Mart Doyle (mdoyle@temple.edu) for further information.

Assignment #1: ER Modeling (Due Tuesday, 1/30/2017 before class)

Here are the instructions: Assignment #1 – ER Modeling

It is due Tuesday, 1/30/2017 before class.

You will need use ERDPlus to create your diagrams (which we will talk about soon). Do not hand draw graphs. Submit your solution as a word or PDF document through Canvas > Assignments.

If you have any question related to Assignment #1 or topics we covered so far, you can post a comment here to ask for help. Other students who know the answers (including me) can reply. This way everyone can benefit from the discussion.

Using ERDPlus to Creat Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD)

Starting from Thursday, January 18, we will learn how to create Entity Relationship diagrams (ERDs) to model databases.

To create ERDs, we will use ERDPlus, a free tool that is quite easy to use.

Specifically, we will use the standalone version of ERDPlus (https://erdplus.com/#/standalone), which allows us to create an ERD within a browser.

This is a short YouTube tutorial on the site that shows you how to create a diagram, and export the diagram as an image which can be placed into a Word document. Please watch this video on your own before Tuesday, January 23.

Netflix and Data Analytics

This is the video that I was planning to show you in Monday’s class. Unfortunately, the audio in the classroom was not working. Netflix is a great example of how firms can utilize data to create competitive advantages. If you are interested in learning more, check these articles:


MIS 2502 Survey: Get to know your background

Please take a couple of minutes to complete this optional survey: MIS 2502 Survey: Get to know your background (link: https://goo.gl/forms/XWAZkAeJkUQnup542) by January 21 (the end of the 1st week). This is for me to know a bit about you so that I can adjust the materials based on your background and interests. Your response would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!



Welcome to MIS2502 Data Analytics!

Dear students,

Welcome to MIS2502 Data Analytics! This site will host the coursework for both Section 002 and Section 004, by Professor Jing Gong.

Please note that we will use this site to post up-to-date materials such as syllabus/schedule, class announcements, slide decks, in-class activities, and assignment instructions. While I will try to make announcements both in class and on the community site, it is a good idea for you to check the website regularly.

The Canvas site (Canvas.temple.edu) will be primarily for assignment submission, and sharing answer keys and videos/recordings. The grades will also be posted on Canvas.

Looking forward to a great semester!

Quick Info

Instructor: Jing Gong (gong@temple.edu)

Office Hours:
T/TH, 12:50-1:50 pm (SP201C) or by appointment

ITA: Nathan Pham (nathan.pham@temple.edu)
Aaron Cheng (acheng@temple.edu)

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