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Hi here is the exam study guide you can refer to when reviewing for the first exam.

Please bring up any questions you have.

Download here.


We also have some sample exam questions, that you may want to take a look.

Download here.

Hi All,

Exams are important (especially if you want to get a high score), please make an effort to come tomorrow (May 31), we will have a review session, and continue in class exercise for MySQL queries.


Please see assignment 2: MySQL #1 here.

Please see class capture here.

spend 1-2 minute and write a MySQL query that comes into your mind.

Hi, Please find the lecture notes (slides) for MySQL 2 here.

I will try to post lecture notes before class.

The IP address of the server:


mis26 – MLZIS0

mis27 – QE10KH
mis28 – 6F048I
mis29 – 2L5C8Z
mis30 – 53P847
mis31 – FTE044
mis32 – J0Z6UN
mis33 – 6GED28
mis34 – 3R4HZ9
mis35 – 92W56O
mis36 – 74E8J1
mis37 – IA4687
mis38 – W5MSF5
mis39 – 9UHOC6
mis40 – 825BS3
mis41 – 1TNP6O
mis42 – CV7116
mis43 – 1GL07R
mis44 – S5FET9
mis45 – 2MG063
mis46 – AOG47H
mis47 – 66HY67
mis48 – G2BHNA
mis49 – 51S9Y0
mis50 – 6UY8D3
mis51 – 21W3U7
mis52 – O41JZ5
mis53 – 0UX3KV
mis54 – 0N8DG8
mis55 – E411CR
mis56 – OE431O
mis57 – 8KVE15
mis58 – ER0KB8
mis59 – 2V1565

Hi All,

Just updated link for class capture today.


Hello all,

Assignment 1 is due today, please make an effort to print the answers out with your name and TUid on the answer sheet. If you are hand writing the diagram/schema(schema is for extra 2 points), please make the answer legible.

You can either hand in to me before/after class, or slip it under my office door (SP 201F), by end of day. You will lose points for late assignments.

If there is a real emergency on your end, please let me know before end of day.

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