Assignment 2 MySQL “out” Answer Keys

Hi all,

Please find answer keys for the MySQL in Assignment here. By the way, grades for this assignment were uploaded.

Please drop by my office if you still have ANY problems with writing MySQL queries to get out data/info. I am available for you guys most of the time even after office hours.

MySQL is very important and useful so I want to make sure all of you understand the basic principles.

Assignment 1: Due May 29 (ER Modeling)

Hi all,

Just post the assignment in advance so you will know what you are to be tested on.

The assignment is due on May 29th, please hand in before/after class, or slip the printed answer under my door (if there are multiple pages please make sure the copy is stapled so no page is going to be lost).

The assignment can be found here.

I am posting a sample answer here, so please follow the format.