Course Information and Material

Contact Information

Professor Carey O’Donnell
Office Location: Speakman 207d
Office Hours: Here everyday so stop on by. If you email me,
we can arrange a time to make sure I’m in the office.

Telephone Extension: 5551


AMIS Organization

Office: Speakman 207
Meetings: Room 231, 12:00PM-12:50 Free Lunch to Members!

Course Objectives
The primary objectives are:

  • Explain the role of technology as a business enabler
  • Identify and explain applications and systems in a business environment
  • Interpret the interaction between technology, customers, processes, data, infrastructure, participants, and environment an organization.
  • Understand the complexity and challenges involved in integrating the functional areas of a business
  • Understand how organizations are using new technology to innovate and create new businesses and revenue streams, and how technology entrepreneurship enables organizational change
  • Think more broadly about how systems are tools for enabling innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of social media

The secondary objectives are:

  • Discriminate and synthesize between different sources of information as part of application acquisition or development
  • List ethical and intellectual property challenges that arise from the use of technology
  • Explain the evolving role of MIS in the organization, the MIS professional, and careers in MIS