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Pearson MyMISLab Tech Support

There are three ways you can receive technical support for any issues you are having with your Pearson e-text or MyMISLab module:

Phone Support:    12:00 pm EDT – 8:00 pm EDT  Mon-Fri     800-677-6337

Chat Support:        24/7     click “Chat”

E-mail:                        24/7      click “Email”


Please work with Pearson technical support resources when you are having issues, as they are the best to help you address your issues.

E-Portfolio Submit Page

Please copy and paste your e-portfolio url to this site.  Also, please e-mail your analytics report to me by email.  This final project is due by this Friday, May 4.

The class did an AWESOME job today with the faculty presentation!   Thanks!

Instructions for E-Portfolio Project

This project will have several phases to it, where you will create an ‘e-portfolio’ for yourself, using WordPress and the Temple MIS Community site to create a professional resume and portfolio of yourself, and make it available to internet users.  You will then learn how to use Google AdWords to advertise your e-portfolio to the world, and then follow up by using Google Analytics to measure and analyze the data and traffic your e-portfolio ad generates.

E-Portfolio Instructions Here:


Also, here are the instructions for setting up the Google Analytics for your e-portfolio, and generating the analytics traffic report.

How to Connect Your E-portfolio to Google Analytics

MIS 2901 Final Project

The final project for the class will involve the creation and presentation of two lectures, summarizing what we have learned this semester with the iPad and Courseload.  The presentations will delivered at two events:

  • April 26: Villanova Tech Expo & Conference (12:00 Noon at Villanova)
  • May 2:      Fox CTIL Workshop (12:00 Noon for all faculty & students)

This is our chance to showcase what you have accomplished, and to make you ‘thought leaders’ in the area of using technology to promote classroom engagement & collaboration.

Here is a draft of the presentation the Fall Honors class gave last December:

MIS Faculty Presentation Final

SAP Support Site

The site for the SAP Help desk is now up.  You can access this site at:

On this site, you can find our MIS 2901 class, and all of the information you need will be included on the class site.

The Help Desk site also has tutorials, assignment information, tips, and everything you need to manage your Project 2.

The SAP Help Desk is now scheduled from Wed. March 21 through Thurs. April 5…please schedule time to get launched on the Project, and use the help desk tutors if you run into problems.

The SAP Project 2 assignment is due in class on Friday, April 6!!  

Please turn in a hard copy of the assignment in class.  Don’t be late!!  If you have a team of two people, please make sure both names are on the assignment.

UN Seeks Oversight Authority Over the Internet

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article on the growing efforts by the UN to take control of the internet, including the power to regulate and tax. You can check the article out here:


So, what do you think? Is this a good or bad thing?

Team Rosters

Attached is a list of the presentation teams for the Spring 2012 semester.  Each team will be responsible for presenting two of the textbook chapters, from the digital textbook which will be up by the end of the week.

You will be graded on your presentaions by the following criteria:

  • Mastery of the material
  • Creativity in using technology to effectively present your material (think iPad!).
  • Classroom and peer engagement.