MIS 2901.001 – Mart Doyle – Fall 2017

Honors Extra Credit – Round 1

Each team of two must search the Internet for an engaging article that focuses on ERP systems, decision support systems, knowledge management systems, the SDLC or digital business innovation.  Once you have identified this article, check here to make sure no other team has already selected this article.  If no other team has already selected this article, post a reply to this post that includes the names of your team members, the title of the article and a link to the article.

Each of you have been assigned a number ranging from 1 to 6.  Before class on Monday, you are required to read the article below which corresponds to your assigned number.  You will be assigned to a group at random and will be expected to explain your assigned article to the group.

  1. Title of Article: Australia Has Slower Internet Than Kenya, Russia and Hungary
    Link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-03/digital-doom-threatens-australia-where-internet-speeds-lag-kenya
  2. Title of Article: The Future of ITSM: Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence
    Link: http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/industry-perspectives/future-itsm-get-ready-artificial-intelligence
  3. Title of Article: Inside the Hi-Tech Business Innovation Capital of Siberia
    Link: http://siberiantimes.com/business/casestudy/features/inside-the-hi-tech-business-innovation-capital-of-siberia/
  4. Title of Article: 15 Famous ERP Disasters, Dustups, and Disappointments
    Link: https://www.cio.com/article/2429865/enterprise-resource-planning/enterprise-resource-planning-10-famous-erp-disasters-dustups-and-disappointments.html
  5. Title: The Era of Integrated IoT Has Arrived In The Enterprise
    Link:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiscolumbus/2017/09/29/the-era-of-integrated-iot-has-arrived-in-the-enterprise/#2ea5aa954bd2
  6. Title of Article: Rethinking the Balance Between Minds and Machines
    Link: https://blogs.wsj.com/cio/2017/09/22/rethinking-the-balance-between-minds-and-machines/

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