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MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 11/9

Hello all,

Here’s what we’ll be doing in class on 11/9.

  1. I will briefly address/discuss exam2.  (The exams are not all graded yet… so this won’t be a full review of the exam.)
  2. Introduction to MVC (Presentation)
  3. We will begin challenge 5.1 together

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 10/31

Hello everyone,

In class on 10/31 we will –

  • Go over the solution to Challenge 4.1
  • Review the process by which we upload our work to the class server.

If time permits, we will begin challenge 4.2 in class.

Please note that exam 2 is one week away.  Also, an optional project for professional achievement points has been posted.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 10/26

Hello class –

Here’s the agenda for class on Thursday 10/26.

  1. Introduce functions (Presentation) – While user-defined functions are not on exam 2 – you will need to get an understanding of them soon enough!
  2. Explore an enhanced version of the suggestion box example.  There’s a lot to unpack in this example:
    • Use of multiple forms in a page
    • Use of functions to consolidate database functionality into one place
    • Use of a self-referencing page
  3. If time permits, we will upload this exercise to the class server

See you in class.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class today

Today’s class will:

  • Start with an exercise that is eerily similar to what I asked you to do in the last challenge.
  • Once we are done that, we will go over the steps necessary to upload your work to the class server.
  • A corresponding challenge will be assigned

ALSO – Various options for exam 2 prep will be discussed.

See you in class.

–Prof Shafer

PS – This is a useful document: MISDEMO_Implementation_Steps.pdf

MIS3501.001 – Make-Up Quiz – 10/19

We will have a make-up quiz in your section (section 1) of 3501 on Thursday 10/19.

You can either take the make-up quiz or not.  If you don’t take the make-up quiz then I will assume that you are satisfied with your performance on Tuesday’s quiz, in spite of the network difficulties that began in the middle of class.

If you don’t want to take the make-up quiz, you do not need to attend class.

All of you *do* have a challenge due.  Please print that challenge solution out and either bring it to class or slide it under my office door no later than noon tomorrow. (Speakman 209D)


You will not want to squirrel away time puttering with the A602 printer when you should be taking the quiz.

-Prof Shafer

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