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Video help

If you are having trouble with Challenge 2.3 – you should look at the video review of exercise 2.3.  Who knows?  There might be some hints in there about how to approach the challenge.

MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 9/19

In class on 9/19 we will continue to explore the basic concepts found in a PHP application.  We will:

  • Review Solution to Challenge 2.2
  • Explore Loops and Counters (presentation)
  • Work on Exercise 2.3

A corresponding challenge will be assigned.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.001 – important remarks

Hello everyone,

Here are some important items I want to share with you as a follow up to class yesterday.

  1. A video review of the class exercise was posted.  Please take advantage of that.  See the exercises tab.
  2. Challenge solutions are now to be submitted electronically.  No more paper.  See the challenges tab.
  3. I get the impression that most students are not reading the textbook.  Please note that reading assignments are listed on the class schedule.  See the schedule tab.

So, for next class, you should read pages 72 – 91 in your text.  If you haven’t bee reading at all – please take a look at the previous reading assignments.

Doing the reading is one more way to help you digest this material.

-Prof Shafer

P.S. – Sign up for the career fair!   This means you!

MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 9/7

Hello everyone,

Here’s what’s going on in class on Thursday, 9/7.

  1. PHP form requests (presentation)
  2. A related exercise

Also, please be advised that:

  • The HTML quiz takes place Tuesday 9/12
  • As of this class, there is a challenge assigned.  It is due on 9/14.

See you in class.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 9/5

Here’s what we’ll be doing in class on Tuesday, 9/5.  We will:

  1. Review the solution to the first challenge
  2. Continue our introduction to web development (presentation)
  3. Work on a CSS exercise
  4. Talk about what to expect on next week’s quiz

See you in class.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 8/31/2017

Hello everyone,

In class on 8/31 we will:

  • Discuss the architecture of a web application, and the way dynamic web pages work (presentation)
  • Work through exercises 1.1, 1.2
  • Assign Challenge #1 (we will begin this in class if time permits)

See you in class.

–Prof Shafer

First class!

Here’s what we are doing today!

  • Course Introduction
  • Discuss the software titles used in this class, and the
    purpose of each one
  •  Walk through the creation of a “hello world” web

Preparing for MIS3501.001 (UPDATED)

Hello class,

Here are three things you can do to get ready for MIS3501 this fall.

#1 Install the software:

(Installation videos provide the necessary links and instructions.)

For PC Users:

  2. NetBeans IDE for HTML5 and PHP ( INSTALLATION VIDEO )
  3. Notepad++ ( INSTALLATION VIDEO )
  4. SSH client / Log in to the class server ( INSTALLATION VIDEO  )

For Mac Users:

  2. NetBeans IDE for HTML5 and PHP ( INSTALLATION VIDEO  )
  4. FileZilla  / Log in to the class server ( INSTALLATION VIDEO  )

#2 Get the textbook

Murach’s PHP and MySQL (2nd Edition) by Joel Murach and Ray Harris, ISBN 978-1-890774-79-0 (either print or electronic is acceptable)

#3 Assigned viewing

See .  Watch portions of HTML Essential Training with James Williamson.

The portions to watch are (minimally):

  • The Introduction
  • Section 1 (“The Importance of HTML” and “Basic HTML syntax” only)
  • Section 2 (All but “Understanding Content Models”)

Students may wish to watch sections 3,5,6, and 7 as well, as these will be assigned after the start of class.

See you soon.

-Prof Shafer

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