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MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 3/23

Here’s our agenda for class on 3/23

  1. Review the SQL Quiz (because we didn’t get to it last time.)
  2. Review the solution to Challenge 4.1
  3. Look at an alternate solution to the suggestion box exercise from last class, and practice uploading it to the class server.
  4. Challenge 4.2 will be assigned

See you in class.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 3/21

Hello everyone,

Welcome back from Spring Break!  Here’s the agenda for class tomorrow.

  1. PDO Exercise 3 – Suggestion Box
  2. Discuss: How do we upload our data driven code to the server?
  3. Review the SQL quiz

Please note that Challenge 4.1 is now due THURSDAY 3/23.

See you in class.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class on 3/7

Hello everyone,

In class today we will:

  1. Explore how to use PHP with a MySQL database
  2. There is a corresponding exercise
  3. A related challenge will be assigned.

Also, please note, my office hours tomorrow (and tomorrow only) will be from 2pm to 4pm.

-Prof Shafer


MIS3501.001 – Agenda for class today

Hello class,

Remember that you have a challenge due today.  It is to be uploaded to the class server.  Do not print it.  I won’t be accepting print outs of the challenges.  I will look to find the upload instead.

Today we will:

  1. Start off with a couple reminders re: the upcoming exam on 2/21
  2. Begin to explore the database commands we will use in class
  3. Work on a corresponding excercise

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.001 – Exam 1 prep / next week

Hello everyone,

I have altered the schedule for class next week.  Please take a look at that under the schedule tab. Also:

  1. Recall that challenge 2.3 is due to be uploaded by Tuesday 2/14.  (I will only accept an upload for this challenge… so if you have it posted to the class server already, you are done.  Do not come to class with a print out for this.  Just upload it to the class server.)
  2. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend working through the videos I posted relevant to exercise 2.4
  3. Exam 1 will be held on 2/21.
  4. An exam prep exercise is now available.  (See: MIS 3501 Exam 1 Preparation.pdf and )
  5. Our class on 2/16 will focus on a review of this exam prep exercise.

See you all next week.

-Prof Shafer

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