Data Centric Application Development


MIS3501 Presentations

Date Presentation
1/17/2017 class01_course_intro.pptx
1/18/2017 class02_php_intro.pptx
1/24/2017 No slides.
1/26/2017 class04_php_form_requests.pptx
1/31/2017 HTML QUIZ
2/2/2017 class06_php_conditional_statements.pptx
(updated with 2 minor edits)
2/7/2017 class07_php_loops.pptx
2/9/2017 No slides / Snow day
2/14/2017 class09_Intro_Databases.pptx
2/16/2017 Review for Exam 1
2/17/2017 Exam 1
2/23/2017 SQL Exercise (Halloween Masks)
2/28/2017 SQL Exercise 2 (Kickstarter)
3/2/2017 SQL Quiz
3/7/2017 class15_PDODatabaseConnnections.pptx
3/9/2017 class16_PDO_Part2.pptx
3/14/2017 SPRING BREAK
3/16/2017 SPRING BREAK
3/21/2017 class19_MySQLBackupAndRestore.pptx


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