MIS3501.002 – Spring 2018

Data Centric Application Development

MIS3501.002 – Agenda for class on 4/19

In class today, we will:

  1. Start class with a public service announcement re: the new UX Design Course!
  2. Review the solution to the last challenge.
  3. Work through the last challenge (challenge 12) together, in class!

Please be advised that there are exam prep sessions today and tomorrow.

Today 1pm – 3pm, SP200.

Tomorrow 3:30 – 5:30pm, A602.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.002 – Agenda for class on 4/17

We will very briefly go over the last exam.  Then, we will:

  • Discuss PHP Sessions
  • Work on a related exercise

See you in class.  (Note that there is no challenge due, this class.  There is, however, one due on THURSDAY.)

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.002 – agenda for class on 4/10

Hello all,

Our class will start today with a few words from Munir Mandviwalla regarding the UX Design course.

After that we will:

  • Review Challenge 5.1 solution
  • Presentation – How to work with form data (Radio Buttons, Check boxes, Special characters)
  • Exercise 7.1

Please be advised that this Thursday’s class will be lead by Dr. Bauman. There will be a corresponding challenge, which I will post later today.

Also, later today, I will be posting your exam grades.  We will briefly go over the last exam in class on 4/17.

See you soon.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.002 – Reminders and an agenda for Thursday 3/29

In class on 3/29 I will go over the exam 2 study guide and take questions.  I will also review the last challenge solution, with an emphasis on the code that generates unordered lists, select options, and HTML tables.

With regard to the ITA-lead exam prep sessions, they are as follows:

  • Thursday 3/29 – 1pm to 3pm.  in SP200.  Students must bring their own laptops if they want to attend this session.
  • Friday 3/30 – 3:30pm to 5:30 pm in A603.  Held in A603 in the mobile computing lab… across the hall from A602 where we normally meet.

These are working sessions, so come prepared to work on an exam prep exercise.

You should have already received communication from Rebecca Jackson regarding this.  So, if you have more questions about the ITA-lead study sessions, please check your email for Rebecca’s message.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.002 – Agenda for class on 3/27

Hello everyone,

Today’s class will begin with a few public service announcements re:

  1. Professional Achievement Points
  2. Your e-portfolio on the MIS Community site
  3. Upcoming extended office hours (this coming Thursday and Monday)

Then we will move on to the main material for the day:

  1. Review of the challenge solution
  2. Review the process for uploading your work to the class server.
  3. Introduce an exercise that uses PHP functions

Please be advised that the exam 2 study guide is now available here: MIS3501-Exam-2-Study-Guide.docx

-Prof Shafer

MIS3501.002 – agenda for class on 3/22

In class today we will go over the last exercise and the last challenge.  We will upload them to the class server.

When you arrive in class, please visit

http://misdemo.temple.edu/phpmyadmin and login with the user name and password assigned to you.

See you soon.


MIS3501.002 – Challenge updated


I made an update to the challenge due next class.  See the challenges tab.  The change is this: you don’t need to upload the challenge to the class server.  We will go over the upload process when we meet next.  The challenge is due on 3/22.

Also – I posted the solution to the last challenge, as also the solution to today’s exercise.  I strongly recommend that you review those solutions and understand how they work.

–  Prof Shafer

MIS3501.002 – Agenda for class on 3/20

Hello everyone,

We have a full agenda today!  Here’s what we have:

  • A *brief* review of the SQL quiz (the class did well!)
  • A *brief* review of the challenge due today
  • An in-class exercise
  • Discuss and demonstrate how to upload your work to the class server

A corresponding challenge will be assigned.  Due next class.

-Prof Shafer

Office Hours

  • Tues 4pm-5pm (SP200 / MIS3502 clinic)
  • Wed 10am-11am (SP209 Office)
  • Thurs 1pm-2:30pm (SP200 / MIS3501 clinic)
  • Other times by appointment

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