MIS3502.001 – Fall 2018

Integrated Application Development

MIS3502.001 – Agenda for class on 11/15

In class today, I will share out my feedback on deliverable 2.

We will then walk through another example of a web API.  My intention is to provide you with one more API-related experience that might help you with the final project deliverable.

Also, please note the updated details re: delvierable #4.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3502.001 – Agenda for class on 10/25

Hello all,

We have a variety of tasks ahead of us today.  Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Start class with a review of the jQuery challenge
  • Ungraded quiz on jQuery
  • Discuss exam 2 results
  • Discuss AV club solution 5 and how it connects to your next project deliverable

-Prof Shafer

MIS3502.001 – Agenda for class on 10/18

Hello everyone,

Today we have the task of getting acquainted with jQuery.  There’s a lecture, exercise, and challenge.

It’s an important class.  If you skip it, you’ll probably be lost for weeks to come.  🙂

-Prof Shafer

Instructor Office Hours

  • Tues 3pm-4pm (SP209 Office)
  • Wed 3pm-4pm (SP209 Office)
  • Thurs 3pm-4pm (SP209 Office)
  • Other times by appointment
There are even more options for getting help on the Diamond Peer / ITA page.

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