MIS3502 – Fall 2017

Integrated Application Development

MIS3502 – follow up from 9/19

In class on 9/19 we went over the last challenge in detail.  We also talked about how the idea of “services” will play into our class project.

I discussed the notion of a “round trip” and how a web service can be used to avoid making unnecessary round trips.  This is particularly relevant to web applications orient towards mobile devices.

Teams were challenged to identify at least two elements of their envisioned project, on the POG interface, that would use a web service.

MIS3502 – Agenda for class on Tuesday, 9/18

Hello everyone,

Here’s the plan for our class on 9/18.

  1. We will review the challenge solution (you have a challenge due)
  2. You will take an ungraded quiz on PHP arrays
  3. We will discuss where this knowledge is / is not likely to come into play on the class project

Other announcements

  1. I updated the projects page with a current list of teams and team members.  Please look at it and bring any problems to my attention right away.
  2. I plan to review your project deliverable 1 submissions with the class on Thursday.
  3. Exam 1 is one week away.  Here is a study guide for it: MIS3502-Exam-1-Study-Guide.docx

-Prof Shafer

MIS3502 – Agenda for class on 9/14

Hello everyone,

Reminder: your first project deliverable is due by 11:59 pm today, Thursday 9/14.

In class today we will learn about arrays in PHP.  A corresponding challenge will be assigned.  (We will begin it together in class.) It will be due on 9/19.

See you in class.

-Prof Shafer

P.S. – Sign up for the career fair!   This means you!  http://ibit.temple.edu/careerfair/

MIS3502 – Agenda for class on 9/7/2017

Hello Students!

Here’s the agenda for class on Thursday, 9/7.

  1. We will review the PDO challenge.  As previously communicated, I will call on one or more teams at random to share/discuss their work.  Be prepared for this.
  2. You will take an ungraded quiz on PDO and we will discuss accordingly
  3. I will review the artifacts that I am expecting for the class project, deliverable #1.  Specifically, I will demonstrate how to make:
    1. A Use Case Spreadsheet
    2. Schema Diagram
    3. A folder hierarchy and zip file

So, no formal lecture this Thursday.  But, the things we will be working on are important!  Also, be advised that we will have guests in class this coming Tuesday.  Be sure to have project-related questions ready for them.

-Prof Shafer

MIS3502 – Agenda for class on 9/5

Hello everyone,

Here’s the agenda for class on Tuesday, 9/5.

  • Review some solution(s) to MVC Challenge
  • Ungraded Quiz – MVC
  • PDO Revisited (presentation)

The class will conclude with the assignment of a new challenge.

See you in class.

Prof. Shafer

MIS3502 – Agenda for class on 8/31/2017

In class today, we will revisit the MVC pattern used in web application development. I’ll spend a little time going over related a PowerPoint presentation, but I intend to dedicate most of our class time to getting everyone started on the first challenge.

I will also be passing around a sign-up sheet, on which you will indicate your project team members.

See you soon!

-Prof Shafer

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