MIS3504 Spring 2018 – Section 003

What is due for Week 7 – 2/27/2018

Individual Assignment:

Data Analysis Case:  Solutions-Plus Client Project Data Analysis

The Deliverables:

Use the ERD Blank Excel Template to:

  1. Create a Glossary of terms from the case
  2. Identify all the data entities that the Solutions-Plus Client Project Case will need.
  3. For each entity, identify all of the attributes that must be collected.
  4. Indicate the relationships between the different entities.

Use the tool of your choice (Excel template ERD Tab, Google docs, MS Access, Word, or Sketch on Paper) to create an ER or Schema Diagram to demonstrate the relationships graphically

Team Assignment:

Revised Team Project Scope based on follow class discussion:

  • In the third paragraph of the scope document’s problem statement, be sure to include the specific deliverables outlined in the Team Project Deliverables section of the class web site.
  • Review and adjust the project scope Objectives to ensure they are written as a measurable set of metrics in which your teams proposed solution can be evaluated against.
  • Please have an updated copy of the Scope document ready for review.
  • Please email me a soft copy of the Scope document of the updated document  as well

What is due for Week 6 – 2/20/2018

Individual Assignment:

Swim Lane Process Flow

Develop a Swim lane process flow based on the Discount Auto Parts – Sales Order, located on the class web site. You may use one of the two Swim Lane templates  (Excel / PowerPoint) also located on the site or other templates found on the internet.

Exercise: draw the sales process described in the sales order case

  • Actors – Who are all of the people/departments involved?
  • Actions – What are the steps they perform in the process?
  • Sequence – Map the process in sequence using the swim lane method.

Please submit the assignment in hard copy form

Week 5 Class Agenda – 2/13/2018

Turn in draft version of the Team Project Scope Document

Class Discussion on Process Flow Mapping

Review of Individual Process Mapping Case assignment due Class 6 – February 10, 2018

Studio work will be focused on a team exercise to develop a process map

Exam 1 scheduled for second half of class

Exam 1 Summary

Exam 1 will be given on Tuesday evening 2/13/2018 during the last 60 minutes of the class.

The exam will cover material in:

The four Class lecture PowerPoint Presentations:
Class 1 – Introduction to Business Analysis
Class 2 – Requirements and Stakeholders
Class 3 – Scoping a Project
Class 4 – Eliciting Requirements

Reading material found in the Seven Steps Text book
Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4

Exam will be comprised of (about) 40 questions, all multiple choice with 3  sections:

General questions from all four class discussion areas listed above

A section of questions associated with sample project scope document

A section of questions associated with a sample case focused on the project stakeholders, responsibilities and objectives

What is due for Week 5 – 02/13/2018

Individual Assignment:

Complete the JustinMind Prototype Introduction Lab – Due on 2/13/2018

Turn in a hardcopy print out at the beginning of next class

Lab can be found under the Assignment Case Material section of the website

JustinMind Prototype Introduction Lab 1

Team Assignment:

Prepare initial (draft) Team Project Scope documents based on the selected problem statements that was review at the end of the previous class.  Please turn in a hard copy at the end of next class and be prepared to review with me.

You may use the same scope document template, located on the website, that was used for the individual case assignment

Week 4 Class Agenda – 02/06/2018

Class Discussion on Requirements Elicitation
Review JustinMind Individual Lab Assignment
Class exercise in problem scoping and elicitation
Overview of Exam 1 scheduled for second half of class on 2/13/2018

What’s due for Class 4 – 2/06/2018

Individual Assignment: Project Scoping

Create a project scope document based on the Modern Electronics / Distribution Warehouse case using the project scope template that can be found on the site under Tools and Templates

Reference the PowerPoint discussion deck posted for Week 3 – Project Scope

Please submit the assignment in hard copy form at the beginning of class on Tuesday evening 2/6/2018

Link to case assignment – Modern Electronics Distribution Warehouse Case

Link to Scope template document

I have posted 2 Project Scope samples under the Tools and Template section, these samples are not related to the case assigned, just wanted to give you a frame of reference when filling out the template